Friday, August 23, 05:16:40 PM

made little sense

Thursday, August 22, 06:42:59 PM

I gave it 4 outta 5, because the storyline is definitely there...I did enjoy it. Wished the effects were better

Sunday, August 18, 08:50:32 AM


Thursday, August 15, 10:37:55 PM

I enjoyed how the tales were brought to life in this movie set around Halloween in a haunted house. A nice change from the typical slasher movie.

Thursday, August 15, 07:40:02 PM

It was an alright movie overall and it’s more creepy than “scary” it even better if you’ve read the books

Thursday, August 15, 04:29:47 PM

I loved the fact that it was old fashioned scary, more about being frightened than made sick with blood and gore.

Thursday, August 15, 09:52:46 AM


Wednesday, August 14, 04:01:34 PM

I liked it but I enjoyed reading the books too growing up. I feel the books were a bit more scarier though.

Monday, August 12, 08:49:26 PM

The movie HUNT release has been postponed and this movie should have been cancelled

Monday, August 12, 09:16:47 AM

Great horror movie especially for those who appreciate literary value in a story.

Sunday, August 11, 01:41:48 AM

I thought it was entertaining. These scary movies all follow a pattern and I thought it was done well for this kind of movie.

Saturday, August 10, 08:39:38 PM

La mejor película

Saturday, August 10, 07:28:12 PM

Terrible film, boring absolutely no scares, total disgrace to the books. Should've been anthology of short stories like creepshow. Instead a lame movie is what you get. Wait for dvd.

Saturday, August 10, 01:05:04 AM