Monday, September 2, 07:25:19 PM

Neat little scary stories. I liked it. Definitely aimed for younger audiences but fun all the same.

Thursday, August 29, 07:46:34 PM

Loved this movie from beginning to end! Pure classic horror that kept me at the edge of my seat. Yes, it was scary indeed! If you like the television series Are You Afraid of the Dark then you will enjoy this movie. I hope more movies like this will be made in the future and can't wait for part 2 of this :)

Monday, August 26, 11:59:36 AM

Worst horror movie I've seen this year, total flop. Just re read the books..👎👎💩

Monday, August 26, 11:04:32 AM

My issue with this movie is that it should not have been a movie, but a TV series, or broken up into several short films. The stories deserve a lot more screen time than they could receive from a 1.5 hour film. As it is, the movie is basically a watered-down version of IT, with a lot less suspense and characters for whom I could not bring myself to care about.

Friday, August 23, 05:16:40 PM

made little sense

Thursday, August 22, 06:42:59 PM

I gave it 4 outta 5, because the storyline is definitely there...I did enjoy it. Wished the effects were better

Sunday, August 18, 08:50:32 AM


Thursday, August 15, 10:37:55 PM

I enjoyed how the tales were brought to life in this movie set around Halloween in a haunted house. A nice change from the typical slasher movie.

Thursday, August 15, 07:40:02 PM

It was an alright movie overall and it’s more creepy than “scary” it even better if you’ve read the books

Thursday, August 15, 04:29:47 PM

I loved the fact that it was old fashioned scary, more about being frightened than made sick with blood and gore.

Thursday, August 15, 09:52:46 AM


Wednesday, August 14, 04:01:34 PM

I liked it but I enjoyed reading the books too growing up. I feel the books were a bit more scarier though.

Monday, August 12, 08:49:26 PM

The movie HUNT release has been postponed and this movie should have been cancelled

Monday, August 12, 09:16:47 AM

Great horror movie especially for those who appreciate literary value in a story.

Sunday, August 11, 01:41:48 AM

I thought it was entertaining. These scary movies all follow a pattern and I thought it was done well for this kind of movie.

Saturday, August 10, 08:39:38 PM

La mejor película

Saturday, August 10, 07:28:12 PM

Terrible film, boring absolutely no scares, total disgrace to the books. Should've been anthology of short stories like creepshow. Instead a lame movie is what you get. Wait for dvd.

Saturday, August 10, 01:05:04 AM