Thursday, March 14, 08:14:29 PM

Overrated boring movie.

Friday, December 14, 01:58:08 PM

Could not be a better time to rerelease this masterpiece, with so much hate happening around the world. We have to remember that evil doesn't go away, but that if we all do our part, we can help keep it at bay.

Friday, December 14, 12:55:46 AM

Oh for goodness sakes!! Save your money & rent the movie!! It's been out on DVD since 1994. Why pay exhorbitant movie rates to see a 25 yr old movie. It's a fantastic movie but save your money & rent it. Showing this in big theatre on big screens is for suckers & fools.

Tuesday, December 11, 07:01:52 PM

One of the best films of all-time. Very difficult at times to watch but would recommend to all who have never seen it.

Saturday, December 8, 05:18:45 PM

Loved this movie since it first came out . Bravo for the re release , the story has to be repeated over and over.

Saturday, December 8, 08:58:28 AM

I saw this the first time around, while living in Europe, where there was a concentration camp, and many had 1st hand experiences of the Nazi occupation and horrors. You could hear crying in the theatre, and many rose to say the Kaddish (prayer for the dead). It is an important film in these times of rising, and ignorant anti-Semitism....especially important for younger people to see, and understand about reckless hatred.

Friday, November 30, 05:11:39 PM

This puts you directly inside the Holocaust. For that reason, it's not for everyone - but it is (for good or bad) completely unforgettable. Oscar-winning and beyond words.