Thursday, October 6, 09:31:59 PM

Reminded me of a screwball comedy from the 1930s. Lots of gags that recalled Abbott & Costello et al, yet a very strong plot. Any picture that makes me laugh out loud is good, and this is an well spent two hours. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, October 5, 12:28:05 AM

Very funny and entertaining, as Brits do so well.

Saturday, September 24, 10:48:08 AM

A good, funny, well-developed mystery. Colorful characters and rapidly moving plot.

Friday, September 23, 12:56:14 PM

Well-developed characters, a well-acted, exciting plot, and a setting that accurately reflects the period make this movie worth watching. It was fun viewing an Agatha Christie novel on the big screen. I highly recommend this film to movie lovers!!

Sunday, September 18, 09:14:33 PM

Liked the characters, performances were great. Different than the usual Agatha Christie type of movie.

Saturday, September 17, 10:24:36 PM

An Agatha Christie spoof. Dry, British-style humor. It's very good. Resembles the movie Clue. For mystery fans only. If you don't love this type of thing, you won't get it. Fast and funny.

Saturday, September 17, 08:05:19 PM

DO see it ! Good mystery story will keep you guessing the whole time. I did enjoy it.

Saturday, September 17, 01:19:47 AM

I didn't want this move to end!

Saturday, September 17, 12:08:13 AM

Best film I've seen in a while

Saturday, September 17, 12:06:40 AM

I enjoyed the plot. The acting is really good and enjoyed the characters as presented, which reflects good direction. This film will make you laugh and have a good time. You'll stay tied to the scene for the full movie

Wednesday, September 7, 07:48:36 AM

Running for 68 years, 'The Mousetrap' stood out. "See How They Run" is set during the celebration of the play’s 100th performance, and while the mood is postwar, pre-sexual revolution Britain, the artists behind the camera took a playful approach to the representation of those middle ages of the 20th Century, the 1950’s. This is an era close to Dicks-Mireaux’s heart. It’s not so much the shapes but it’s the transitional social world, the change from the 1940s into this new world of the 1950s. What you get is a contrast of shapes which are quite well-defined and flattering on a lot of people. You've some latitude with some aspects of the design, like some of the furniture is not strictly 1950s but other aspects of it, like technology, have to be. So, it’s interesting knowing where you draw the line and which bits you’re going to be really authentic with and which bits you've some creative freedom with. We've a big contrast between the Stoppard and Stalker world to the theatre world, elevated with their colors and choices and combinations. A murder mystery with deliciously smart humor set against the backdrop of arguably the world’s most famous murder mystery is a gem of an idea that plays enticingly between fact and fiction. It's a big leap to take on this kind of period project about a British literary icon. About the transition from TV to film. The script comes off the page as funny, smart and witty and has all the kind of the range of comic elements. It’s a pretty zany plot with some poignant moments. It’s a satirical and farcical look at the murder mystery genre. (2,5) Written by Gregory Mann