Saturday, May 18, 06:51:26 PM

Extremely funny and entertaining for both adults and children 8 & up

Sunday, May 12, 07:48:55 PM

Idiot candy. Seriously stupid. Not suitable for children or adults.

Sunday, May 5, 08:18:33 PM

The one comic book movie this year you must not miss! Loved all the call backs to the classic tv series.

Sunday, May 5, 08:12:04 PM

Fun movie, well done and very enjoyable. Liked it better than I was expecting to.

Sunday, May 5, 05:44:28 PM

A very enjoyable super hero flick . Lots of action ,lots of laughs . Unfortunately the movie stopped playing halfway through, so my review is on the first half only. On the bright side Scotiabank theater polo park compensated everyone with 2 courtesy passes for each patron . Bravo Scotiabank theater it was a good move on your part .

Saturday, May 4, 03:56:39 PM

Loved this movie! Funny and action packed. Not a moment of disappointment. I will however disagree on its rating. I truly believe that it should be rated PG 13. Some of the scenes were to scary. If you have sensitive little ones you might want to reconsider.

Friday, May 3, 10:36:10 AM

This movie is amazing. It is a movie that actually deserves its RT score

Wednesday, May 1, 07:53:10 AM

It will keep you laughing, hard!

Wednesday, May 1, 01:12:49 AM

The bumbling super-hero with super powers to be discovered. Some very funny moments as he has to explore what his newfound powers are & gain control over them. More of a comedy with some terrifying creatures & intense moments, so not really for young children. This is actually funnier than some of the declared comedies. :) Thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm still laughing thinking about the movie. But, it still not a comedy in the general sense because of the overall theme. R H

Monday, April 29, 10:27:27 PM

Very funny with dark scenes.

Monday, April 29, 06:34:08 PM

NOT FOR KIDS. Really evil scenes. I never walk out of movies, but I walked out of this one.

Monday, April 29, 12:47:57 AM

Funny. Could be better.

Friday, April 26, 09:53:28 PM

Comic book movie of the year! 5/5

Thursday, April 25, 01:16:33 PM

My kids and i enjoyed this movie, very funny. It had a good story line. the scene in the father's board room was very intense, I think for small children but it was still a great movie.

Wednesday, April 24, 04:16:43 PM

funny & entertaining! enjoyed it a lot.....lots of laughs

Tuesday, April 23, 05:02:34 PM

I wld have gave it 4 stars Not for kids under 18 yrs old Adults tht dont believe in demons.......i do agree with the person that had this part in his review i thought that part with the board room in the father company was sickening even for myself ........but beside that l love the movie as it hit the right notes, for people saying about the comedy in Shazam that pretty much what the comics are about, that humor as some body told me that read the comics, would see it again

Monday, April 22, 10:21:56 AM

Very funny. It humorously caught the tension between family members. Loved the exploration of super powers. Well done@

Sunday, April 21, 11:47:27 AM

Was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. Wasn't expecting it to be so entertaining and humorous. Well done!

Saturday, April 20, 04:32:43 AM

I enjoyed this movie. I am going tomorrow to watch this movie again.

Friday, April 19, 09:53:36 PM

This is no superhero movie just a wannabe. Only a comedy for small children.

Friday, April 19, 01:50:03 PM

Funny movie for kids and adults alike. Maybe only the smallest children would be afraid of the 7 sins monsters but anyone who can handle Harry Potter can easily handle this. The authors have a good understanding for teenagers. I would do exactly the same ridiculous stuff if I was 14 and got superpowers. :D

Friday, April 19, 06:48:42 AM

Great comedy movie.

Friday, April 19, 06:46:30 AM

This movie was very funny. Who cares if was not for adults.

Thursday, April 18, 09:02:09 PM

Awful, truly awful! Childish but definitely not for small children. Probably best described as a immature Young Adult movie 1 - 1 1/2 Stars. RAN

Thursday, April 18, 04:26:13 PM

Excellent movie. I can’t wait to watch the sequel.

Thursday, April 18, 12:33:38 AM

Ok but definitely not for adults

Wednesday, April 17, 07:42:40 PM

Loved this movie........Faithe Herman did a great job as Darla Dudley

Tuesday, April 16, 08:49:22 PM

Funny comedy of a super hero with the heart of a teenager. I loved how he united with his fosters brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, April 16, 08:47:03 PM

Say Shazam!!!!! Lol

Tuesday, April 16, 07:52:37 PM

Ok for little children but this is no suoer hero movie. Just a mediocre boring comedy.

Monday, April 15, 09:46:41 AM

Such a fun movie, very entertainning! surprise it only made approx. 250M so far, what are you waiting people, go see it. I would go see all the Marvel and DC movies at the box office, if you are not, than you are not a true movie fan.

Sunday, April 14, 10:37:27 PM

Faithfully adapted from the most popular comic super hero of all time. During the Golden Age this Captain Marvel was number one and Superman was number two and I have to say this movie surpasses all other super hero movies.

Sunday, April 14, 02:59:52 PM

Amazing funny.

Sunday, April 14, 12:10:58 AM

A very fun movie. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday, April 13, 09:50:21 AM

Never laughed so hard. Loved it! Going back next weekend

Saturday, April 13, 09:23:20 AM

What a ride! Here's hoping there's a SHAZAM! cameo in the upcoming Joker movie.

Friday, April 12, 12:22:15 PM

There is only one word to describe this movie: FUN! And it has tons of laughs, action, and some drama too. Those kids were very good actors. All in all, this movie is why we got to movie theaters.

Thursday, April 11, 11:00:09 AM

I went to this moving thinking it would be ok, but boy I was wrong. Shazam is a great feel good and fun movie. I left the theatre laughing and so glad I went. A must see for any kid, and any adult with that kid sitill inside.

Wednesday, April 10, 08:49:15 PM

Finally DC gets one right, and Marvel is beginning to tank. For die hard comic book fans, Captain Marvel is still Billy Batson, I hope after this, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, DC sees the value in original comic book storylines, not every superhero is the dark knight.

Wednesday, April 10, 02:02:50 AM

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie! Glad they decided to only do one Origin story in this movie and save Black Adam for another film. Casting was great and the effects were fantastic. Great to see that DC has taken a turn for the better and now are focusing more on the story. This movie is definitely worth watching on the big screen!