Saturday, June 8, 03:09:24 PM

True story about a man who beat odds in a difficult country to help patients from all over the world. Really worth watching.

Wednesday, June 5, 10:59:23 AM

The pressure Dr Ming went through as a young boy & yet with the encouragement of his parents, he pushed through hard obstacles to achieve & step into his God-given occupation! Amazing life! And he’s still giving back to those in need! God bless this man & his courageous, encouraging friend who serves along side him. Great movie of courage & perseverance & the faithfulness of God if we keep seeking!

Monday, June 3, 04:36:38 PM

I have seen twice, the more time I saw, the more I felt touched. It is so encouraging people, especially toward younger generation, to carry the faith with God and go for "There is a will, there is way", Things will work it out for good. Tough childhood of Dr. Wang turned out to be a successful practice and helpful to patients, what a wonderful result!!

Thursday, May 30, 10:06:32 PM

Excellent- inspiring. Very well cast and produced.

Wednesday, May 29, 12:07:12 AM

Such a powerful movie. It humbles you and gives you a great deal of appreciation for Dr. Ming.

Tuesday, May 28, 07:26:47 PM

The fact that it is a true story. It is so well presented. You never know what a person goes thru.

Tuesday, May 28, 06:17:45 PM

So glad Dr Ming’s emotionally stirring and inspiring story was recorded for us. It is a must see movie—excellent quality production. Can’t wait to see it again.

Monday, May 27, 07:59:40 PM

Dr. Ming’s story is uplifting and shows how hard work and perseverance is worth all the pain when you know that your goal in life is righteous. He has changed the world for the better. Brought sight to young orphans. And Americans should remember that our freedoms are precious and appreciate what we have.

Sunday, May 26, 01:31:11 PM

The things he went through, his persistence and desire to be helpful to people, and then what he accomplished are so motivating and inspiring. We are very blessed to have people of such integrity and intelligence come to our country.

Saturday, May 25, 12:31:47 PM

A must see! I loved everything about this movie. Powerful, beautiful, compassionate, great movie-God inspired!🙇🏻???

Friday, May 24, 11:04:24 PM

Very inspirational and movng. This movie is a must see.

Thursday, May 23, 11:48:57 PM

A movie that expresses itself in the humanitie & sacrifice vs CGI & violence.. The movie reveals Dr. Ming life in America & the inner turmoil of flashbacks when he lived in china that helped shaped him. I found the movie emotionally powerful. Here's a movie with an audience of ~5, & the CGI blockbuster in IMAX with a 3/4 packed theater. SIGHT doesn't get much publicity, but is a blockbuster in its own right of human relationships. If you want your soul stirred, you will want to see SIGHT. It was only by chance I saw this movie; I'm glad I did.