Sunday, August 27, 03:35:20 AM

Wonderful funny movie. The cast was great.

Sunday, April 2, 06:45:37 PM

It was a blast, enjoyed it very much!

Monday, February 13, 02:30:42 PM

Amazing movie! It actually surprised me. Usually, I'm not a huge Illumination fan (I'm more of a Disney person myself), but Sing has to be my favorite non-Disney animated film! I immediately fell in love with the characters and it was a very emotional and inspiring film and it definitely made me laugh out loud many times, even at the simplest details. The voice actors were great! In general, I can't say there's anything I didn't like about it at all.

Monday, February 6, 09:39:50 PM

Wonderful family movie!

Tuesday, January 31, 04:43:08 PM

Love it Wes a Great movie hope to make another one ???

Friday, January 27, 01:57:30 PM

I loved this movie I felt it was a great because it tells us to not give up on our dreams

Thursday, January 26, 10:07:27 PM

Pleasantly surprised - saw it with the pre teen grandkids who loved it.

Sunday, January 22, 03:53:02 AM

Entertaining enjoyable movie with interesting character portrayals.

Saturday, January 21, 03:06:36 PM

Great characters

Sunday, January 15, 07:48:51 PM

Really happy movie with catchy feel good songs. great entertainment. but alas it is animation with critters and thus cannot win any awards...

Sunday, January 15, 07:15:13 PM

I loved this movies, it was adorable and it made me want to sing along. The songs in the movie were also very good, I really enjoyed this movie.

Friday, January 13, 08:17:06 PM

cute movie with surprise voices! loved Rosita!! kids will love this!!

Friday, January 13, 06:06:17 PM

Very funny animated movie. It was like an animated American Idol. Music was fantastic and he plot was excellent. Some nice curve balls in there. You really hoped the "down on his luck" theater owner would get it right in the end and save his theater. I enjoyed very much and my 6 year old loved it. He was singing the songs afterwards. He even stayed awake for the whole thing which is a challenge with a young child.

Wednesday, January 11, 07:15:32 PM

this Movie is so good I give it a 100 what you guys give it] XD] lets see it

Wednesday, January 11, 07:14:08 PM

I likes it I give it a 100

Tuesday, January 10, 01:58:21 PM

It also had a very good message

Tuesday, January 10, 01:56:50 PM

What i liked about this movie is that it was funny

Monday, January 9, 01:06:35 PM

I watched this with my great grand girl, she was delighted, we laughed so much, what a delightful way to spend an evening highly recommend this very up lifting movie

Friday, January 6, 09:25:05 PM

Great uplifting story!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 05:43:35 PM

I LOVED this movie

Tuesday, January 3, 03:02:44 PM

great movie, lots of lol, not need 3d.

Monday, January 2, 07:50:53 PM

Do not waste your time taking small kids to this snooze fest. My 5 year old son was bored out if his mind.

Monday, January 2, 12:50:04 PM

f**k yeah this is awsome

Friday, December 30, 11:35:09 PM

This movie was fun delightful and insightful. The conflict was clever and the music was fun to hear. the kids come out positive and better to do good things just to try. good job

Friday, December 30, 02:00:49 PM

Amazing and awesome and I like the characters of sing

Thursday, December 29, 08:42:07 PM

Thought it was great. Funny and heartwarming. Not sure if it meets the standards to be great for kids and adults though..only reason I didn't give it 5 stars.

Wednesday, December 28, 09:48:10 PM


Wednesday, December 28, 07:26:30 AM

For an adult, I enjoyed this movie. However, it was not worth seeing it in 3-D. As I was watching I forgot it was in 3-D because nothing was standing out.

Tuesday, December 27, 08:39:22 PM

So, my wife and I are Seniors, and surprisingly most of the audience were adults and we found it thoroughly enjoying. Lots of laughs, chuckes and warmth from the audience; and a plot we could actually follow and a feel good ending.....actually uplifting after most of the crap we see consisting of sex, violence, sadism, political correctness etal. Great acting and singing by the characters but just small cameos from reptiles, cetaceans, amphibians.....mostly furry animals in the leads except a chameleon with a glass eye. Fun, worth our time and kudos to whomever put it together as it was quite enjoyable; and that is from a humans view.

Tuesday, December 27, 02:47:43 PM


Monday, December 26, 05:13:53 PM

Love it

Monday, December 26, 08:48:51 AM

Very good movie...8 of us went...Kids and adults and we all loved it

Sunday, December 25, 08:48:05 AM

Enjoyed the singing, usually don't like musicals and liked the story too.

Sunday, December 25, 12:34:49 AM

Great movie. Great voices. Just great everything

Friday, December 23, 10:36:33 PM

I loved everything