Sunday, October 14, 11:06:07 PM

Okay, compared to the original, it doesn't hold water (sorry for the pun lol) but really, bringing it up to date, it was really well done. Yes, some things were a bit far fetched but what part of movies aren't nowadays. Take that away, The Rock did a great job as he has done in recent years, and honestly, it was very up to date with technology and such. I really enjoyed it. I give it a solid 4.

Saturday, September 22, 10:23:19 PM

Full of BS who cares that is what made this an awesome movie. Edge of your seat kind of movie and the action fantastic. Loved the special effects

Thursday, September 6, 02:12:49 PM

How can people rate this a 4 or 5 its so full of BS .

Monday, September 3, 11:57:55 AM

Usual format. Wife and kids in danger. Evil person. Big fire in big building. Yet it carried the thin plot fairly well and the 'effects were effective'. Good distraction movie. Takes your mind of reality. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 15, 05:58:12 PM

Love this movie b st I have seen in a long haveing the Rock in it helped .lots of action.

Tuesday, August 7, 08:54:53 PM

Loved the movie....lots of action. Some of the height scenes I had to close my eyes...too real for my taste.

Sunday, August 5, 06:56:09 PM

The quality was great. Great actors and scenes. Truly enjoyed it

Sunday, August 5, 04:16:28 PM

Another good action packed movie starring the Rock. The first two thirds of the movie keeps you guessing about what’s happening, then the final third of the movie ties the whole thing together. Definitely a strong and two thumbs up ending......... :)

Thursday, August 2, 06:09:21 PM

This is Tower Inferno meets Died Hard for sure - The Story & scenes are believable by the great special effects & Dwayne Johnson doesn't disappoint as well as Neve Campbell back on the scene - It keeps you rooting for the good guys to escape the disaster that is unfolding on the screen we are watching!

Thursday, August 2, 12:16:06 PM

The first real gem of the summer.

Wednesday, August 1, 05:39:29 PM

Great movie! Excellent acting and action. You could tell Dwayne worked very hard. Also loved Neve Campbell- extra bonus!

Tuesday, July 31, 08:05:24 PM

Great action!

Monday, July 30, 11:54:18 AM

low budget story line more like; Flat line_______¡

Monday, July 30, 11:43:19 AM

Very unbelievable

Wednesday, July 25, 09:32:30 PM

Great action and the story line was quite good. Dwayne Johnson was his usual charming self and has turned out to be a very decent actor, plus you have to admire the strength and physique he displays. I quite enjoyed the movie, it kept my attention for the full time.

Wednesday, July 25, 04:43:35 PM

Really oustanding Cool Kickbutt movie

Monday, July 23, 12:40:31 PM

WOW! Nonstop action. Love Dwayne. Towering Inferno and Die Hard mashed together.

Monday, July 23, 12:20:02 PM

Great movie. Loved the suspense! Didn't even seem like it was over 2 hours once it got going! Would definitely see it again.

Sunday, July 22, 10:43:59 PM

Entertaining, plenty of action, a good story line to keep you in suspense and who doesn't like to see the Rock. Worth the money in 3D.

Sunday, July 22, 07:28:07 PM

Great great love The Rock

Sunday, July 22, 10:23:32 AM

Very entertaining, lots of action

Sunday, July 22, 07:53:35 AM

Good entertainment. Like Schwarzenegger generally, Total Recall & Predator, the Rock is not going to let the fans down with a good action/adventure film.

Saturday, July 21, 08:59:18 PM

Can't belive ppl are giving this a 4 or 5 stars.. I love the Rock but this was a disappointed movie... very cheesy you knew what was going to happen before it was going to.. they tried to hype it too much make it more action and more suspense then it was and ruined the movie. First movie of the Rock I almost walk out.

Saturday, July 21, 05:16:58 PM

A lot of action!!! Great movie

Friday, July 20, 07:45:20 PM

Rock is the greatest

Thursday, July 19, 07:45:09 PM

Action packed, the Rock does not disappoint. Kind of like the towering inferno from years back but one man hero. Good way to spend a hot afternoon keeping cool.

Thursday, July 19, 11:38:38 AM

Action packed non-stop movie! Loved it!

Thursday, July 19, 12:04:46 AM

So believable

Wednesday, July 18, 10:06:29 PM

What a great movie - loads of actions and really good story.

Wednesday, July 18, 07:14:39 AM

It's not meant to be believable, it's entertainment!! I enjoyed the height scenes and action!

Wednesday, July 18, 12:35:19 AM

I can't believe that many people gave this a five. It was ok. No character development whatsoever. You could barely tell it was 3D and it actually ruined the picture as the background was blurry. Disappointing.

Tuesday, July 17, 07:49:55 PM

Very suspenseful movie, had to close my eyes a few times because the heights scare me. Dwayne Johnson has balls of steel doing those stunts. Neve Campbell looking hot as f**k. See it in 3D.

Tuesday, July 17, 04:59:26 AM

The suspense is taut, the action hyper-realistic.

Tuesday, July 17, 04:57:50 AM

This movie is NOT better than BAYWATCH, but it's still better than 99% of the garbage coming out of Hollywood these days.

Monday, July 16, 08:58:04 PM

This is a great popcorn movie. Lots of special effects and non stop action. My only complaint was the couple behind us who would not shut the f###@ up. I had to turn around twice to tell them to shut up. Please people, if you are going to a theatre to see a movie , please remember to respect the people around you and shut the f##@ up!!!

Monday, July 16, 08:30:13 PM

Better than Baywatch .....not as good as San Andreas

Monday, July 16, 05:36:15 PM

lot of action stunts, a little unbelievable,but it is what it is

Sunday, July 15, 04:44:06 PM

Amazing movie. The movie was intense with the height. Crazy

Saturday, July 14, 10:18:03 PM

Watch this in a theater to see the epic action scenes . To see how tall that building is you have to watch this in a big screen.

Saturday, July 14, 04:11:10 PM

A fast paced action packed movie right from the beginning. Great acting from Dwayne Johnson and loved Neve Campbell as his wife. The kids were excellent as well!!!