Tuesday, October 16, 07:34:03 PM

This movie is Amazing

Tuesday, September 11, 08:25:40 PM

Worth it

Sunday, September 2, 03:58:33 PM

Agree with many others, A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & MONEY !!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 10:24:23 AM

What a waste of money, not scary, boring and stupid

Sunday, August 26, 01:21:21 PM

Missed opportunity. Would be good if Sony never made it and Blumhouse did.

Tuesday, August 21, 03:28:10 PM

Not scary at all.

Monday, August 20, 12:20:55 AM

Not very entertaining at all

Sunday, August 19, 05:26:05 PM

Terrible movie...

Thursday, August 16, 06:57:42 PM

Was with unpredictable scenes ...made me jump a few times. Recommend seeing it...Movie Watcher I am

Wednesday, August 15, 07:54:20 PM

slow mixed up story. slender man character confusing at times, not recommending this movie at all

Monday, August 13, 07:38:57 PM

No back story for the lore of this legend. Very slow build up and not very engaging.

Sunday, August 12, 07:29:51 PM

I liked the fact that the movie sticked to the actual theme of the lore of Slender Man and the beginning was perfect for the setting. But then this "ritual" made it fall apart in my opinion for it's nothing like how the origins of Slender Man is, he's suppose to be a supernatural being that preys on those who find or come in contact with him through other's or by luck. "The 3 bells tole" in my opinion sucks for the theme and doesn't really relate to Slender Man at all, they've truly could've chosen something better that could've had something to do with the forest? Or perhaps from Slender Man himself? Adding on to that, it feels more like a game than a summoning or a ritual, like bloody marry or something. But something that was alright was the CGI, the hallucinations were alright, some of them were a bit distasteful in my opinion and the story as well, just like "Always Watching A Marble Hornets Story". What could've been better and scarier if they had done special effects makeup instead of all the CGI, a good example would be "The Void" (2017). It's on Netflix and YouTube if you're curious on what I meant as it being an example. But all in all, I'm not fully satisfied with this movie, but hopefully someone will make a more accurate Slender film or any "Creepypasta" type films in the movie industry in the future.

Sunday, August 12, 06:11:20 PM

This movie was terrible in my opinion. I have nothing positive to say... So, please don't waste your money.

Sunday, August 12, 01:11:44 PM

Who says Slender Man isn't real. "Crazy People" see things we can't. Ignorance is bliss!

Saturday, August 11, 08:38:04 PM

I love it

Friday, August 10, 07:09:27 PM

Just addressing the two comments, and with all due respect for the deceased and their family, if we follow that train of thought, then most horrors shouldn't be made either because of the many murders done because "the devil made me do it" mentally. Not to mention all similar movies using evil or related issues to scare.

Friday, August 10, 06:48:00 PM

Inappropriate subject for a movie... given the attempted murder in Wisconsin a few years back.

Thursday, February 15, 02:02:55 PM

In light of the recent events in which two young girls killed their best friend because slenderman told them to, I don't think this movie is the best choice for any movie theatre. Sony should be ashamed of making money off of tragedy. I work in a mental health facility and have the seen the effects of what this fictional character does to teens. Teens who have seen trauma will gravitate to this type of character and believe they are real. You tube and blogs about this character are perpetuating a dangerous idealogy. Let the boycotts begin!