Tuesday, December 6, 04:13:38 PM

stupid ending. like the other guy said i couldn't figure out, was it reality or in her mind. I think it was reality because they want to make a smile 2 if it does well at the boxoffice

Saturday, November 19, 06:23:59 PM

Liked the movie Was scary The ending is good. I see opportunity for .." to be continued "

Wednesday, November 2, 12:39:33 PM

lots of jump scares...

Tuesday, October 25, 03:34:53 PM

The general plot of the movie is honestly not that great, and the ending is simply confusing, i think it could’ve been much better, but they just didn’t make it roll. It was all just a confusing mess just like this review.

Sunday, October 23, 01:23:47 PM

Really depends on what you watch a movie for, and why. More than enough jump scares, but not the point of the film. If you try to understand what a movie is trying to say, the confusion is part of the point, and will leave you with something worth thinking about and discussing with friends and loved ones after watching. Looking forward to more from Parker Finn.

Friday, October 21, 04:02:40 PM

The movie is not perfect but it is enjoyable. It will make you wince, flinch, and also laugh. It is original and I will not spoil it much but it is worth seeing just for some original concepts.

Friday, October 21, 08:58:39 AM

I saw it at the Roxy theater and they stopped selling tickets bc hmm I WONDER WHY??? When I checked in they put me in my own room and it was pitch black, nobody in the room, it was so loud even louder than the other movies. And omg it scared me a lot and no horror movie has scared me so much to the point that i ran out having a panic attack and crying

Friday, October 21, 12:14:29 AM

I didn’t like it 😕

Thursday, October 20, 02:12:51 PM

the scary parts were only for a second or two and not long enough to scare anyone. don't waste your money on this flick

Friday, October 14, 01:03:13 PM

If you want to be scared - this movie is non-stop. I kept waiting for a ten of fifteen minute break of boring exposition, but no - it's constand scares and it's so scary because it's other PEOPLE - not a monster, other people close to you. And the smiles are very creepy.

Thursday, October 13, 02:02:19 AM

I loved this movie, it was both enjoyable and traumatizing. If you like scary movies I highly recommend you go see this one.

Tuesday, October 11, 10:34:55 PM

I was not expecting much, but Smile was a solid horror film. Good story, good acting, eerie atmosphere and the other patrons seemed to find it scary as I saw many looking away during intense scenes.

Monday, October 10, 07:10:25 PM

A little slow but it was okay. She should have gone to see the Winchesters. Sam and Dean would have been able to help her.

Wednesday, October 5, 10:19:25 AM

I scare so easily and this movie wasn't scary at all. Literally not even a tiny bit. It was a waste of time smh

Wednesday, October 5, 10:00:33 AM

Michael Ritchie's beauty pageant satire is sure different from how I remember it.

Tuesday, October 4, 09:29:10 PM

Lots of confusing scenes. ie 'Is this happening or is it just in her mind'?. And an equally confusing ending. Whole movie was a mess Not a guy-type movie. Babe sort of reminds me of an old girl friend.

Tuesday, October 4, 09:15:20 AM

I was so excited about seeing this movie and it was a big bomb! It was not scarey at all. What a disappointment, don't waste your time and money for this "movie".

Sunday, October 2, 06:35:25 PM

I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Scary movie won't leave you disappointed. Kinda reminded me of the movie THE RING.

Friday, September 30, 05:41:58 PM