Tuesday, August 2, 02:53:04 PM

Love sonic 2 i will get it on dvd Love it

Wednesday, May 25, 10:24:33 PM

Great movie Fully money back Kids loved it

Tuesday, May 24, 12:41:38 PM

I see Jim Carey is taking a front seat which is good. If he is "retiring" at least he's doing what he does best with funny quotable lines (BFFAE! lol). It's a good sequel to the franchise at least equal to the first which is a good thing.

Thursday, May 19, 07:04:46 PM

a little over the top. First Sonic way better story and funny with donut lord. This film has a lot of flashing. Good movie for fun.

Sunday, May 1, 05:05:43 PM

Enjoyed. the massive amount of creative technique by the animation staff.

Monday, April 25, 04:04:44 PM

everything about this movie was amazing

Monday, April 25, 01:35:02 PM

dont like

Monday, April 18, 11:55:35 AM

i personally really liked it. i saw it in 4D and it was very fun and felt very real. i give it a 5/5.

Monday, April 18, 12:03:46 AM

This movie's the best.

Sunday, April 17, 08:22:34 PM

Life is serious enough we need humor even if it is silly!

Saturday, April 16, 11:19:39 PM

Good movie for kids, and funny!! My kids liked alot!

Tuesday, April 12, 05:08:27 PM

The best Sonic movie EVER!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 03:32:59 PM

i liked how knuckles and tails were there

Tuesday, April 12, 11:12:54 AM

The movie had good and bad scenes. Very good kids movie but it wasent my style. But Knuckles was bad ass fo sho

Monday, April 11, 02:32:38 PM

Carrey hasn't been this good in years. 5/5

Sunday, April 10, 03:43:10 PM

Exceeds every expectation; SONIC 2 is the movie of the year.

Saturday, April 9, 07:10:53 PM

I loved Sonic it was the best - 6 year old. Five stars - was great! - 8 year old

Saturday, April 9, 01:08:54 AM

This movie was awesome, saw it today in theaters. James Marsden was great as his role in the film along with Jim Carrey as DR. Robotnik. All five stars.

Saturday, April 9, 01:03:06 AM

Just saw this in the theater and it was awesome , the final battle was great too. liked the super sonic scene. 5 stars.

Saturday, April 2, 12:51:00 AM

Even more challenging than the first.

Thursday, March 17, 04:55:21 PM

I liked knuckles the most.I disliked how big sonics hands are.