Wednesday, August 23, 06:01:12 AM


Tuesday, August 22, 11:51:34 AM

A MUST watch. EXCELLENT movie about the dark & evil truth permeating our world. The word must be passed on. What we were shown in the 2 hours, is fact.And it is sad and incomprehensible. THIS IS happening as I write this comment. It is factual. The only politics involved is that of the correct goverments that allow easy passage through their routes, like in Colombia, an easy way to get by. It is pure greed and evil. No adult shall be allowed to do what they perform on kids!! There are 2 million kids atm who are in that trafficking end. :-( ........Dear GOD! have mercy. My heart goes out to the children #1, and to their parents.

Monday, August 21, 11:03:16 AM

The whole thing sucked, they really stretch the truth, half of it’s right wing BS

Monday, August 21, 09:26:00 AM

Ask yourself why CNN doesn't do any stories about this. Why Hollywood tried to block it. Why Epstein 'committed suicide' (when there was no way he could have). How many times did Bill Gates go to Epstein's island. How many times did Bill Clinton go. Why Disney caters to kids. What do CNN, Hollywood, Disney, Gates and Clinton have in common? They are LIBERALS trying to protect this $150 billion dollar business

Sunday, August 20, 05:34:07 PM

This story was told with sensitivity and realistic detail. Everything possible should be done to save children forced into this abuse and I would support death penalty for child sex traffickers and their patrons.

Sunday, August 20, 12:23:13 PM

Heart wrenching true story. A must see.

Sunday, August 20, 02:20:04 AM

Told the truth. Hope all Americans see it T make them aware.

Saturday, August 19, 08:08:23 PM

Excellent movie!! Sad to see the naysayers comments just because they've been told is about conservatism. It is not!! It's about the evil that surround us. Unfortunately, political views by left leaning reviewers trump any sense of their reality world.

Saturday, August 19, 04:25:27 PM

I only go to the movies once a year on average and this film was worth the wait. Based on a true story it shows the dark side of human nature and the evil that is happening all around us. The message that resonates from the film is clear-though it seems dark on every side we all have a part to play in opposing evil. God expects nothing less from us

Saturday, August 19, 04:01:38 PM

Very sad and disturbing but everyone needs to see and keep your eyes open to what's happening in society.

Saturday, August 19, 03:32:45 PM

Tells a horrific true story. It very enlightening and told well. Great acting.

Saturday, August 19, 11:55:41 AM

Great writing, great acting and a mind blowing true-life storyline that will twist your knickers! Please pay for your movie though, so others can go for free🙏. Paying it Forward Sends Lumber to Heaven👍

Saturday, August 19, 11:19:29 AM

Sound of Freedom Inspirational - Call to Action defend Children Now, everywhere, in Schools, in streets, in Church, in Family, in Government, in Business FIGHT ALL EVIL AGAINST CHILDREN NOW

Friday, August 18, 09:22:55 AM

It exposes facts of what is happening in our world. We need to be aware and teaching our children (age appropriate) to be aware .... what evil is around us and big $$$$ corruption. thanks to Tim Ballard and his team!!!

Friday, August 18, 08:31:55 AM

I liked the whole portrayal of these horrific situations concerning OUR children. It's believable, despicable and has to be told. Thanks to all involved in bringing this to light !!!!

Thursday, August 17, 05:13:43 PM

One of the most important movies of our time! It is masterfully done. There must be a reason this film is scoring 5 stars and doing so well despite not even mentioned in the mainstream. Anyone has the freedom to do actual research about the truth which is portrayed in the film and not just read headlines. A negative review probably hasn’t seen it, may have a mental disorder or God forbid even worse is not wanting to expose this evil!

Thursday, August 17, 03:09:51 PM

Moving, sad, terrifying but hopeful..knowing there are real heroes in this world and that with the massive awareness this film is bringing we can all help stop these horrendous crimes being done by some of the worlds most powerful people.

Thursday, August 17, 02:23:13 PM

I love true stories of heroes..especially those whose exploits I've been watching for years. Hopefully this ignites worldwide support to end human trafficking.

Thursday, August 17, 12:34:04 PM

One in a while, a movie comes along that resonates with a particular fanbase, resulting in a box office smash! Sound of Freedom is that movie! Much like The Birdcage in 1996, the same fanbase has now shown up and given us one of the most important movies of our time! At points, I was on the edge of my seat, hoping that Nathan Lane might make an appearance. Alas there was no need, because we had such a critical darling in Jim Caviezel to wow us. Bravo!

Thursday, August 17, 12:18:30 PM

The TRUTH of our time!!! What side of the line do you land on? i have never in 67 years been drawn into a movie like i was this one. GOD's hand obviously is seen in the making of this movie, the acting & directing, even getting into theater!!! GOD Teaches me in His Word, GOD's Children are NOT for sale, period! Now what are you going to do about it?

Thursday, August 17, 09:26:10 AM

It is the most powerful movie I have ever seen! I was impressed by the message and how well done this movie is. The collection of unknown actors blew away any of the Hollywood list of actors I have seen in the past years. A must see!

Wednesday, August 16, 01:23:58 PM

There were no creepy visuals or verbal descriptions so you can still appreciate and enjoy the movie without worrying about having to see or hear graphic depictions of the unthinkable details of child sex trafficking. I have heard this movie was made by Christians but it did not have the low quality feel that many other movies made by Christians have. It was not 'preachy' and anyone will enjoy it whether they are a believer or not. For example, I think God's name was mentioned once. Warning, you will probably feel like donating to one or more organizations that help to fight child slavery and it's effects after watching it. The dialogue, acting and cinematography in this movie was excellent.

Wednesday, August 16, 11:45:41 AM

I would rather watch the Saw movies over this. They are more realistic in real life than what is being portrayed here.

Tuesday, August 15, 08:51:12 PM


Tuesday, August 15, 05:27:18 PM

Telling the story of this evil that is plaguing our country. God’s Children are Not For Sale!! Not Ever or any where.

Tuesday, August 15, 02:17:26 PM

It is true, well done and everyone needs to know this.

Tuesday, August 15, 02:17:25 PM

It is true, well done and everyone needs to know this.

Tuesday, August 15, 12:03:04 PM

It is moving, it is horrifying to see & hear about the unbelievable abuse & exploitation of thousands of helpless,innocent, children by pedophiles ,& those supplying them, for vast sums of money! This is the story of one brave man & his fight against it. We should ALL be fighting against this appalling crime. A must see movie for anyone with a shred of decency & compassion.

Tuesday, August 15, 10:09:19 AM

The clarity of bringing out the child trafficking problem and the desire to make money off the innocent. This is a true wake-up call for all of us!

Monday, August 14, 10:44:38 PM

So true and mainstream media wants to ignore this

Monday, August 14, 03:39:01 PM

A true movie of what is really going on behind the scenes , here in America and around the world. I hope many eyes have been opened now to the pure evil that has been infiltrating our children for far to long!

Monday, August 14, 09:57:55 AM

That's right, a conspiracy theory. The tens of thousands of kids who go missing every year in the US and the hundreds of thousands worldwide - all conspiracy theories created by their friends and families, as are the hundreds of arrests for child sex trafficking. They don't just disappear...

Sunday, August 13, 11:54:26 PM

This is what open borders means. Every state in the US is a "Border State" thanks to the elite jerks in power who think they own us. Maybe this movie will wake up a few more millions. I am praying for the tipping point that will push humanity into taking back our world from the evil jerks who are now in power.

Sunday, August 13, 05:26:03 PM

Jim Caveziel is awesome! Great movie! A must watch!!!

Sunday, August 13, 03:19:53 PM

This film is based on a true story. If you don't like the truth don't see this film then let your young children play outside alone. So, you want to ask me how can I believe these horrors exist ? Suffice to say. I am a C.A.S.A. Court appointed special advocate for abused children

Sunday, August 13, 10:30:28 AM

This movie exploits at-risk children and traumatizes viewers. It is designed to red pill you. Tim Ballard is a grifter, the films financial backers are real life pedophiles and it's QAnon adjacent. DON'T SEE IT!

Saturday, August 12, 10:32:19 PM

It’s an experience in hard reality, not a story arch.

Saturday, August 12, 09:21:53 PM

I loved this movie

Saturday, August 12, 09:21:08 PM

Nice to watch a movie that has meaning… loved it

Saturday, August 12, 06:59:41 PM

I think it highlights the importance of strong border control and emphasizes why it's necessary to scrutinize all situations in which children are involved in border crossings. I'm spreading the word and have seen the movie several times with different people at each showing. It's been a challenge because, incredibly, the theatre near me is selling out for the shows days in advance. GREAT sign!!