Tuesday, July 4, 06:47:14 PM

This is a shocking awakening for all parents to keep our babies close. Especially in places we think are safe... schools, daycare, churches, kid-friendly events, amusement parks etc... The feedback I got from many parents... I can't watch things like that it's too sad and impossible to believe....but if evil is never exposed and good people don't look and speak up.....it will continue to grow and multiply and perhaps right up to your doorstep someday.

Tuesday, July 4, 06:32:56 PM

It was a sell out! The movie was difficult to watch because of the content but an eye opener. Everybody should see to be educated on what’s happening in our own country. The fact the movie was blocked five years before the it was allowed to be shown says volumes.

Tuesday, July 4, 04:54:35 PM

Excellent movie that exposes the dark world children are exposed to. Everyone should see this movie. Thank God there are real men willing to put their own lives on the line to save children. Truly, GOD'S CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE was a line in the movie that summed the movie appropriately. M

Tuesday, July 4, 03:01:31 PM

intensely dramatic, loved it

Tuesday, July 4, 02:57:28 PM

Amazing story of good overcoming evil in one small corner of the world. This story needs to be multiplied over and over until all of our children are safe.

Tuesday, July 4, 02:13:48 PM

Superb movie and documentary bringing to light the horrors of child sex trafficking. This movie should break everyone's heart and motivate us to do everything we possibly can to put an end to this evil. Please read the information about Operation Underground Railroad and how you can help in the fight against the child sex trade.

Tuesday, July 4, 01:55:52 PM

Jim Caviezel was the only known actor. Yet the acting was superior to any of the Hollywood so called stars. Most Hollywood films are loaded with special effects, take them away and it would be apparent how lousy the acting really is. Sound of Freedom has no special effects just a great cast, a great story. At the end of the movie Caviezel asks to spread the word, give tickets out as gifts. Then he stuns the audience by saying the movie was ready 5 years ago but powerful people did their best to block it just like Passion of the Christ. Now why would powerful Hollywood people try to block a true story of one man who puts his life on the line to save children? The answer is Hollywood is loaded with Satanic people who are pedophiles and perverts. So are the majority of our Politicians.

Tuesday, July 4, 11:03:54 AM

Do it for your children and grandkids!! It’s a very scary world!!

Tuesday, July 4, 10:31:50 AM

I’m appalled the previous comments of didn’t understand. All you have to know is GODS CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE God bless pray for the children and our country.

Tuesday, July 4, 09:20:09 AM

I didn't really understand it - looks like it got chopped up a bit in editing. But the scenery was nice and the lead actor was pleasant to look at. Give Jim more roles based on that.

Tuesday, July 4, 08:40:57 AM

Awareness awareness that slavery particularly young children is bigger today than slavery in the 17th , 18th centuries. Why is the US Gov. allowing the children trafficker to flourish by open boarders in the South to have 85,000 kids without parents to be traffic in the US. God bless these individuals men and women who are making a difference

Tuesday, July 4, 08:04:39 AM

Heartbreaking crimes against humanity. I will never forget Gods Children. We need more sounds of freedom all over the world.

Tuesday, July 4, 04:42:04 AM

Compelling story about the need for self-sacrifice to rescue endangered children.

Monday, July 3, 11:28:15 PM

This film was executed well with great acting! Unfortunately most people who viewed the film, already know the dark truth. A must see for those asleep. Yes……..it is heart wrenching, but awareness is the first step to help stop this evil. Need to stay to very end to listen to message…….Spread the word…….Get involved. God bless these heroes in saving the children….our future. PRAY!

Monday, July 3, 11:05:14 PM

Excellent movie/documentary but it barely scratches the surface. I’m just glad the truth is finally coming out. To think the USA is #1 in human trafficking is nauseating

Monday, July 3, 10:18:44 PM

The movie was very realistic and entertaining even though it was about a very sick subject.

Monday, July 3, 09:33:40 PM

Finally, the truth is being told regarding the hideous crime of sex trafficking. This film truly broke my heart regarding what these children that are snatched endure. Thank you Angel Studios for presenting this film to the world. I applaud you and God bless you.

Monday, July 3, 09:22:10 PM

Brings this whole issue to life and exposes the evil of the sex trafficking trade.

Monday, July 3, 08:38:42 PM

God speed to the people who are being held as sex slaves. I agree,“This must end”. Read about Operation Underground Railroad

Monday, July 3, 08:32:18 PM

Jesus is all about justice. This is a powerful movie that tells the reality of child trafficking. "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Monday, July 3, 08:22:10 PM

It is about time this evil and corrupt business was exposed. Everyone needs to be made aware that is really happening right here in the USA. It could be your child!

Monday, July 3, 07:45:23 PM

Great actors and true story. Excellant. Moving. Theater Applauded. Stay for the message at the end.

Monday, July 3, 07:01:50 PM

Everyone should see this movie.

Monday, July 3, 07:01:49 PM

Eye opening. Very well done. Wanna talk about slavery and victimization? Here your chance.

Monday, July 3, 06:25:03 PM


Monday, July 3, 06:19:34 PM

Excellent movie. A must see. Biden, Mayorkas, and everyone in the Biden administration should see this movie.

Monday, July 3, 06:10:58 PM

Real, raw!

Monday, July 3, 05:34:10 PM

Love it!! Powerful Great Work

Monday, July 3, 02:26:13 PM

This is a subject all need to become more aware of. Thanks Jim Caviezel for making this movie in thevmidst of so much turmoil to bring awareness to masses.

Monday, July 3, 01:23:37 PM


Monday, July 3, 01:14:56 PM

A Must See! Powerful bringing light to the truth that has been hidden for too long!

Monday, July 3, 11:30:47 AM

They don't show this because it isn't a fluffy summer movie. Movies are mostly made for kids and teens. Adults get screwed by Hollywood.

Sunday, July 2, 06:35:57 PM

The truth about so many missing children has to be told. Human trafficking is a multibillion dollar industry surpassing the airline industry (as a point of comparison). Governments are doing little to combate these atrocities. This in power know what is happening and in some instances are accomplices.

Sunday, July 2, 12:30:45 PM

It was at least half an hour too long and could have used more humor.

Wednesday, June 28, 10:54:09 AM

such a great action movie of a movement you can support to help save the most innocent of God's creation, our children.

Tuesday, June 27, 03:03:49 AM

A truly eye opening look into the world that ten of thousands of children are trafficked into each year and what a few brave men can do. I have paid for others to see it. If you cant afford to see check with angle studios for free tickets

Saturday, June 24, 10:16:37 PM

This movie needs to be shown to the people. Will go down in history as a legend among movie greats

Saturday, June 24, 09:15:40 PM

If it doesn't grab your heart and make you want to do something about this, then you need to check your heart. Kudos to all the people involved-not in the movie, but those actually doing this! Get your churches involved.

Saturday, June 24, 11:16:57 AM

Horrific, Heartwarming, Gripping, Life changing movie that will not disappoint the most hardened movie goer!

Friday, June 23, 01:07:05 AM

Why is this movie not shown in major theater's, what are they trying to hide, ????