Wednesday, October 10, 04:25:30 AM

Loved it!

Sunday, November 30, 12:16:29 PM

Still my favourite Spice Girls movie.

Saturday, April 19, 08:20:16 PM

Theater was packed; I didn't realize the Girls still had such a massive following, but they do.

Wednesday, August 30, 08:59:17 PM

i love the spice girls they are soo awsome!! i wish they would sing again!!

Friday, September 23, 01:53:35 AM

I think that the spice girls are good i was about 7 or 8 when i started liking and i am 15 now and i still like them i watched there movie and i still like it love that movie

Wednesday, August 25, 01:15:49 AM

I`m from Caracas-Venezuela, i`m 20 years old and i love spice world!!!! It`s very good and funny. SPICE GIRLS ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!! 4EVER.

Tuesday, October 7, 04:47:47 PM

extreamly bad

Friday, August 30, 02:31:28 PM

I think spice world was a good movie for those little girls who "know" the spice girls. It was not the best plot!!