Tuesday, March 24, 04:51:36 PM

great movie, one of the best spider man movies.

Tuesday, December 17, 07:24:15 PM

great movie but the first and the third were way better then the second.

Friday, April 4, 10:06:06 PM

One of my all time favorites it is as intense and action packed as it is smart and visually appealing. Tobey Mcguire gives us another all star performance as Peter Parker/Spiderman and Doc Oc is fantastic as both a main character of the film and it's villain. Go Spidey Go!!

Saturday, January 29, 05:14:42 PM

spider-man 2 outdoes the original by 10 leaps and bounds!!! it's a tie between this and part 3 as the best of the trilogy!!!

Sunday, June 6, 05:46:02 PM

action movie? more like soapopera 1 was alot better

Sunday, May 3, 11:52:17 AM

Another amazing well done spider-man movie, good story jst a bit too much story and not enough action:P

Sunday, October 15, 10:22:14 AM

I liked Spider-man more than I liked Spider-man 2. Something was definately missing from this one. There was just not enough action, it was all talk. I liked the ending, but I was very disappointed.

Saturday, September 16, 11:15:55 AM

i love spider-man so i bought 1 and 2 in DVD fullscreen special edition.

Friday, October 28, 06:22:09 PM

SPIDER-MAN 2... My son and I went to see spider-man and spider-man 2 in theatre and we think that spider-man 2 was the best.when it came out on video I got the two of them for my son .you got to see his bedroom he got his walls covered with spider-man and DOC OCK posters ,from cartoon to real life.and he also collected Spider-man action figures,and Spider-man soundtracks.My son just love Spider-man.We think youre doing a great job.cant wait to see the third one.I know you will make my son very HAPPY BOY.MOM- BELL ISLAND NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA.

Thursday, October 27, 05:15:12 PM

What I think of spider-man2 is that its amazing and the special effects are unbelieveable and Alfred Molina was a excellent choice for doc ock and the way that the arms were moving and I agree that this one is alot better than the first one and I cannot wait for the third one I bet its gonna be awesome and i heared that there is gonna be parts 4,5,6,7 is that true if it is true i cannot wait you done a amazing job and Toby Maguire is an excellent choice for spider-man from the biggest spider-man fan Robert young October 27 2005.

Sunday, October 16, 08:12:28 AM

that`s a good film. I can`t belive it

Tuesday, July 12, 06:43:06 AM

SM2 was so boring just kidding incrdibly superb

Thursday, June 2, 11:20:46 AM

Its cool

Thursday, May 12, 11:13:38 PM

An inprovment of the frist one, but yet steal sucky.

Tuesday, May 3, 05:46:55 PM

i like the movie because i love spiderman he is really cool and he make lif fun buy

Sunday, March 27, 07:25:30 PM

This is the best movie that i ever seen.

Friday, March 18, 01:28:52 AM

Even better then the original, which is something for a sequel

Monday, February 21, 10:16:59 PM

it was mind blowing same as tha 1st one but wicked

Sunday, January 16, 10:44:57 AM

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best movie ever made!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 09:31:51 PM

excellent, simply amazing, great action,great acting, great comic relief the pathos i felt for the man behind the costume, peter parker is mainly what kept me attached to the movie Now i dont want to jump to conclusions, but if the third one ends up being much better than this one, who knows, we might have another return of the king (again i dont want to jump to conclusions)

Friday, January 7, 02:00:01 PM


Friday, December 10, 04:15:15 PM

It`s better than the first one.

Friday, December 3, 11:19:05 PM


Tuesday, November 30, 10:31:21 AM

Spider Man 2 is in my opinion the best comic superhero movie ever made, it has everything, suspense, humore, romance, Action and the plot doesn`t just focus on action and more acion, it goes deep into the charectors to where your rooting for them at the end and you feel what there going threw every step of the way. Spider Man 2 is definetly in my top ten movie list of all time. Five out of Five stars.

Sunday, November 28, 04:31:09 PM

worth every penny

Sunday, November 28, 09:37:30 AM

I think spider man 2 was amazing it was so kool wit all of the speacil effects great action and great story

Tuesday, November 16, 12:42:06 PM

i say that Spiderman 2 is da bomb

Sunday, November 14, 12:12:19 AM

i think the show was amazing

Friday, October 29, 08:57:23 AM

Spiderman 2 was superb.

Wednesday, October 27, 04:52:14 PM

i think everyone above has said it spider man 2 is amazing

Thursday, October 14, 05:27:24 PM

the best movie i`ve seenso far

Monday, October 11, 01:40:59 PM

spider man 2 movie rocks

Monday, October 11, 10:26:37 AM

its awesome, the best movie of the summer

Tuesday, October 5, 09:58:27 PM

This movie was a disgrace to the first one. When did spiderman become superman ? A pathetic attempt to make even more money. TERRBILE

Friday, September 24, 12:30:08 PM

Just. Plain. Amazing.

Thursday, September 9, 12:57:35 PM

It was a excellent movie to go and see.

Wednesday, September 8, 01:13:18 PM

Excellent movie - a cartoon movie with a real story about real people. Toby Maguire is awesome.

Monday, September 6, 07:44:21 PM

Incredible movie. Everyone who saw it says it`s better than the first and they were right. Fisrt off, Tobey Mguire`s role as Peter Parker was much more moving than the first, you really end up feeling sorry for Peter when everything in his life becomes terribly wrong. Secondly, there was more plot, third there was more humor and action. It`s no wonder why it accumilated som much money. I`m just a little scektical about spiderman three, becuase this one raised the bar.

Sunday, September 5, 05:55:30 PM

mazing movie.. Spiderman- 2 is... itz sooo cool.... Any1 who says itz the worst movie ever has no good taste in movies.

Saturday, September 4, 03:43:50 PM

Fantastic movie! First one was good, but I felt they screwed up with Green Goblin`s costume(metal mask was so weak). Doc Ock was perfect! I`d even give Molina a nomination for his performance. Great to see Spidey with his mask off too. And we know Raimi won`t cheat us like Richard Donner and the old Superman movies by making Mary-Jane forget all she knows with a kiss.Not even spinning the world back would work!