Wednesday, May 22, 10:13:39 PM

What we need is more mature people leaving comments. You can't escape the "trump mentallity" even in movie reviews.

Sunday, April 3, 02:20:00 PM

Great movie. Tom holland is great as spider man in all of his three movies. 5 stars.

Tuesday, December 17, 07:20:26 PM

tom Holland was not good as spider man 1 star

Sunday, December 8, 04:49:03 PM

movie was bad Zendaya was a bad mj and tom Holland was not a good spiderman . his character was weird and ending was not that great.

Sunday, December 8, 04:42:15 PM

Not a good spider man and dont think tom holland was that great as spiderman i think jake johnson was beter as spiderman in spider man into the spiderverse.

Wednesday, January 24, 08:05:00 PM

This movie was awesomely amazing and hilarious! I loved it so much!

Thursday, December 28, 09:14:43 PM

By far the worst Spider-Man movie.

Sunday, December 10, 11:47:06 PM

This movie was very good. I thought this movie sucked from watching the trailer. It proved me wrong. The movie was so funny. If the producers did a sequel to the movie in a few years then it will be great too. The cast was great.

Saturday, November 25, 10:44:10 AM


Saturday, October 28, 01:15:14 PM

It was very good better then I expected lots of action and a good story line very well done

Thursday, October 26, 07:37:33 PM

Totally bored until the last 20-30 minutes. Probably because I've seen the 'dumb teen screwing up to impress people' bit a billion times.

Monday, October 23, 08:07:22 AM

Enjoyed it more than the previous Spider-man movie as the ending was better and this film was more funny, The Vulture villain here was very interesting rather than having some gigantic monster creature to fight as in too many super hero films. Liked Robert Downey Jr. here as well as Michael Keaton and Marisa Tomei . Tom Holland makes a good spider-man although perhaps too young for a super hero. Hope he doesn't fight Bat-man in some future movie.

Wednesday, October 18, 12:38:14 AM

Written for (and I suspect, by) tweens! The plot and dialogue is moronic. Parker's love interest is unbelievably annoying on almost every conceivable level, and his friend is an idiot. Anyone over the age of 12 will have an incredibly tough time sitting through this brain-dead pap.

Saturday, October 14, 01:25:29 AM

This movie shows us the adventures of a hero struggling with real life problems.You gotta see this movie.The quality is so close to spiderman 2

Monday, October 9, 11:08:34 AM

This was a children's after school special. Horrible waste of money. Should be rated a 1. Avoid this one.

Wednesday, October 4, 01:57:05 PM

I love that Marisa tomei played the role of aunt may!

Wednesday, October 4, 01:55:15 PM

At the ending of Spider-Man homecoming I wonder if aunt may knows that her nephew Peter Parker is Spider-Man!

Wednesday, October 4, 01:53:23 PM

I love spider man homecoming it's one of the best movies of 2017 and one of the best heroic movies of 2017, next to Wonder Woman, Logan and guardians of the Galaxy volume 2!

Wednesday, October 4, 01:44:41 PM

I like spider man homecoming film it's one of the best movies made in 2017!

Friday, September 29, 11:40:23 PM

I was expecting a lot more based on the reviews. This movie definitely aimed at younger demographic. It also should have been called "Young Spiderman" or "spidey boy".

Friday, September 29, 04:56:13 PM

so laughed while watchin it,thanks again Marvel

Friday, September 29, 04:53:25 PM

glad rdj was in it

Friday, September 29, 04:50:37 PM

tom holland is bae

Friday, September 29, 04:50:15 PM

vulture is badass

Friday, September 29, 04:49:59 PM

so many intense moments

Friday, September 29, 04:49:45 PM

I was obsessed with this movie

Thursday, September 28, 03:36:29 PM

Movie was lousy.

Thursday, September 28, 01:09:22 PM

best superhero=spiderman

Thursday, September 28, 01:07:33 PM

very fun to watch

Thursday, September 28, 01:02:43 PM

great movie

Thursday, September 28, 12:57:23 PM

killer soundtrack

Tuesday, September 26, 10:07:22 PM

Child's movie. Inmature.

Tuesday, September 26, 12:35:51 PM

My money back please.

Tuesday, September 26, 09:14:44 AM

so glad spiderman is in MCU

Tuesday, September 26, 09:09:10 AM

better than any dceu movie

Tuesday, September 26, 01:58:49 AM

Nothing new from this movie except the story got changed.

Tuesday, September 26, 01:53:01 AM

They should leaved the original story intact. The reboot was lousy.

Tuesday, September 26, 01:47:03 AM

admire spidey

Tuesday, September 26, 01:45:20 AM

Amazing movie

Tuesday, September 26, 01:41:55 AM

best origin movie after ironman 1