Friday, June 30, 09:16:44 AM

It's AWESOME!! Best movie of 2017, great cast and performance with some humour. Keeps you entertain even FAN or not, you'll have a good time. Highly recommend to family and friends.

Friday, June 30, 09:03:30 AM

Thought that the movie was spectacular and amazing. Fun, full of heart, and lots of action. Villains were great as well as the twists and turns and the new take on a youthful Spiderman. Looking forward to more.

Sunday, June 25, 09:26:15 PM

I want an Aunt Mae movie; she's sexy and deserves an origin story of her own.

Sunday, June 18, 11:21:30 AM

Is this Spider-man the middle school years?

Wednesday, June 7, 02:10:43 AM

Looks like another spidee disappointment! I'll wait and possibly watch after it bombs at theatres. At least it won't be as bad as Batman vs Superman.

Thursday, March 30, 10:32:44 AM spidy after 2002

Thursday, December 1, 11:55:39 AM

Bring back Bill Murray.

Tuesday, November 29, 09:50:24 PM

cant wait for this MOVIE!!!!