Tuesday, September 26, 01:38:48 AM

vulture is badass

Tuesday, September 26, 01:38:18 AM

villain was cool

Tuesday, September 26, 01:37:52 AM

3rd best movie,after logan and GotG 2

Tuesday, September 26, 01:33:22 AM

best reboot ever

Tuesday, September 26, 01:32:13 AM

fun to watch

Tuesday, September 26, 01:32:02 AM

better than spiderman 1

Tuesday, September 26, 01:29:47 AM

perfect spidey

Monday, September 25, 04:26:51 PM

Lousy movie. Glad is going to take down soon.

Monday, September 25, 10:48:31 AM

go spidey go

Monday, September 25, 08:26:04 AM

the best hero ever

Friday, September 22, 10:12:00 PM

They keep rebooting this movie in the wrong way.

Wednesday, September 20, 06:52:10 PM

Probably the movie needed to stay with the original story. I am disappointed with the reboot.

Wednesday, September 20, 06:51:03 AM

Movie was boring.

Tuesday, September 19, 05:20:50 PM

Never again.

Tuesday, September 19, 04:17:58 PM

not hot babes like gal gadot so zero

Tuesday, September 19, 12:18:13 PM

The movie was an epic fail.

Tuesday, September 19, 02:20:41 AM

I did not like this movie. Very expense to watch a movie like that. Renting when comes on Vudu? No way.

Tuesday, September 19, 02:17:29 AM

The story was not so great since they decided to change the original story. The actor voice was terrible. Good moves but he was made for dancing and no acting.

Monday, September 18, 10:16:35 PM

I will not recommending this movie.

Monday, September 18, 09:23:30 PM

They changed the whole story. This is the problem with Disney. Next time they will chose a Batman dancer.

Monday, September 18, 05:21:30 PM

The story was empty of emotions.

Monday, September 18, 02:59:12 PM

I am very offended that some one is using spider man to insult women. I am feeling sorry for the user because he hates women. Reviews should more focus on the movie not the gender. Shows what kind of person keeps given 5 stars reviews just insulting females.

Monday, September 18, 02:22:29 PM

Sent back the actor where he belong. TV series Disney Channel for toldlers.

Monday, September 18, 02:20:35 PM

The movie was not so great. I am very disappointed.

Monday, September 18, 01:53:38 PM

The movie wasn't the best spider I've seen. Needed to be more exciting, save the world, get another actor.

Monday, September 18, 11:39:01 AM

Lousy movie

Monday, September 18, 11:35:27 AM

No more reboots with the same guy.

Monday, September 18, 11:34:53 AM

Horrible movie.

Monday, September 18, 02:30:42 AM

very good

Monday, September 18, 02:30:00 AM

The 2nd best hero movie of 2017(logan is 1st)

Monday, September 18, 02:29:28 AM

spectacular spiderman

Monday, September 18, 02:29:08 AM

awesome movie

Monday, September 18, 02:29:00 AM


Monday, September 18, 02:27:01 AM

amazing movie

Monday, September 18, 02:26:49 AM

Spiderman single handly is gonna defeat Bat+Sups in box office..Wow

Monday, September 18, 02:22:36 AM

I admire it way better than wonder b***tch in every way.Except for being overrated and having a female lead:D

Sunday, September 17, 10:11:04 AM

I love it

Sunday, September 17, 01:16:07 AM

The movie was terrible. The reboot was not so great. The actor looked like an amateur. Please don't do more reboots with the same actor.

Thursday, September 14, 04:03:56 PM

He can't stand a W woman. Lol wow.

Thursday, September 14, 04:01:30 PM

The movie was confusing and boring.