Thursday, September 14, 02:15:21 PM

Best adaptation of spidey since spiderman 2.Very fun to watch movie unlike dull,sjw crap wonder woman

Thursday, September 14, 02:12:11 PM

Lot better,funnier and more entertaining than that silly,generic,boring,depressing feminist cgi-crapfest called w.woman

Wednesday, September 13, 06:06:26 PM

Disney movie. Lol

Tuesday, September 12, 08:56:31 PM

The actor was terrible. No talent.

Tuesday, September 12, 08:54:54 PM

The worst movie of the year.

Tuesday, September 12, 05:28:58 PM

Best. Spiderman. Ever.

Tuesday, September 12, 12:28:34 PM

The movie was super boring.

Monday, September 11, 09:09:07 PM

Almost gone. No more spider boring.

Sunday, September 10, 09:06:12 PM

It's time to lose Spider-Boy and give us an Aunt May origin story.

Sunday, September 10, 07:19:21 PM

Boring movie. The reboot was a mistake.

Sunday, September 10, 11:24:34 AM

I absolutely loved this movie !! the plot was fresh and it had a nice mix of comedy, action, and drama. I'd definitely recommend this movie ?

Sunday, September 10, 02:45:25 AM

Terrible story. I will not recommend this movie. Save your money.

Sunday, September 10, 02:40:48 AM

Very Good Movie. Highly recommend.

Saturday, September 9, 12:20:09 PM

Wasted my time.

Friday, September 8, 05:07:13 PM

No a great movie.

Friday, September 8, 10:43:14 AM

It was too silly and hard to follow.

Tuesday, September 5, 09:56:42 PM

I regret going to watch this movie.

Tuesday, September 5, 12:40:45 PM


Monday, September 4, 09:17:48 PM

A epic fail movie.

Monday, September 4, 08:39:09 PM

Nightmare movie.

Monday, September 4, 02:41:17 PM

I thought I was watching 99 cents movie for $20 dollars I spent going to such a lousy movie.

Monday, September 4, 02:02:35 PM

The movie looks like made from a Disney movie but behind the studios. Seriously the main actor ruined the whole story. No more sequels please.

Monday, September 4, 07:50:58 AM

I agree with below really does suck...

Monday, September 4, 07:46:52 AM

Almost 50 % of viewers hate it because it cost too much Quid to see it and it ...Sucks...

Sunday, September 3, 08:31:11 AM

Spider-man needs to growing up.

Saturday, September 2, 05:47:15 PM

Too much political correctness bs

Saturday, September 2, 04:04:44 AM

Nope. My money and time got wasted in this movie.

Friday, September 1, 06:12:57 PM

This movie was entertaining, nothing more. Went with and for my son, so it was a must see in that regard. Cinematic quality? I don't think so... but what the heck, you're coming to watch a tweens movie here! It was Ok for that purpose, and some of the scenes were pretty funny! The gadgetry was interesting, what with alien technology remains powering devices for the evil-doers... you can't make this stuff up... er, I mean, you can make this stuff up! Never-the-less, my son liked it that's all that matters!

Friday, September 1, 04:13:45 PM

Bad acting.

Friday, September 1, 02:52:09 PM

A disaster movie where the actor who was doing the role of spider-man was acting like a kindergarten kid.

Friday, September 1, 12:43:53 PM

Just a good looking face without talent.

Thursday, August 31, 10:28:21 PM

Bill Murray will always be Spider-Man.

Thursday, August 31, 02:23:25 PM

Lame story.

Thursday, August 31, 02:43:06 AM

Go away boring movie.

Wednesday, August 30, 11:44:28 PM

Cartoon Network movie. Glad today is the last day.

Wednesday, August 30, 07:44:40 PM

great movie. perfect spiderman. the last two spidermen were soooo bad. spiderman is supposed to be a young kid. so this was perfect.

Wednesday, August 30, 04:42:15 AM

Bad choices actor.

Tuesday, August 29, 10:51:27 PM

Lol he was dancer. Spider went down the drain.

Tuesday, August 29, 09:17:38 PM

The boy playing Spider-Man was terrible. The only good actor in this film was Michael Keaton. When he appeared on screen it suddenly became a film, but when he was off-screen---blech!

Tuesday, August 29, 12:58:08 PM

Venom in the after credits! Sweet! Not sure why Danny Devito is playing him though?