Tuesday, August 29, 10:01:29 PM

It didn't say how he got his powers!

Tuesday, August 29, 09:17:38 PM

The boy playing Spider-Man was terrible. The only good actor in this film was Michael Keaton. When he appeared on screen it suddenly became a film, but when he was off-screen---blech!

Tuesday, August 29, 12:58:08 PM

Venom in the after credits! Sweet! Not sure why Danny Devito is playing him though?

Tuesday, August 29, 12:56:07 PM

Highly inappropriate violence and nudity for the younger crowd!

Tuesday, August 29, 11:03:47 AM

Best spiderman movie so far. There is no weird dance scenes. There is one core villain not half a dozen like some of the spiderman moves. Spiderman looks and behaves like a teenager not a 30 year old pretending to be a teenager. The cast is multi-racial truly representing NYC instead of cast where the only people of colour are evil. Aunt May is played by a person that could actually be his aunt not his grandmother. The movie accepted the fact the everyone knows how he got his powers and doesn't feel the need to retell the same story.

Sunday, August 27, 11:10:41 PM

Send the actor back his old job. He belongs to the dance world. No the acting world.

Sunday, August 27, 08:16:44 PM

Vincent Chase Aquaman is better

Saturday, August 26, 09:13:59 PM

The ending was amazing because I could go home and rent a real movie.

Saturday, August 26, 09:09:50 PM

Well they are correct, the ending was the best part. That's when I knew my misery was over

Saturday, August 26, 01:30:15 PM

When I go to a movie I go to watch a well made movie not to see an actor. He does not have any talent.

Friday, August 25, 10:05:12 PM

lol The best part was the ending? Wow.

Friday, August 25, 10:04:19 PM

I went to seeing one time. The movie was wasted. Terrible. The actor is lousy.

Friday, August 25, 09:33:19 PM

God Mellinials are smart. Bonus he's cute? Really? And the while theatre liked it? Did you survey them? This movie sucks, bonus I had a free coupon. Bonus Tom's voice more annoying than Bane tee hee hee selfie selfie

Friday, August 25, 03:52:53 AM

Only two people were sitting when I went to see this movie. One was snoring. Lol Tom should quit. Bad actor.

Friday, August 25, 12:18:11 AM

Went to go see this with a group of friends and the theatre was full, everyone loved this movie and we were all laughing most of the time. Tom Holland is a great actor (bonus: he's also pretty cute) and really liked the Iron Man + Happy cameo. Highly reccomend this movie!

Thursday, August 24, 02:34:32 AM

The acting was a disaster. Please no sequels.

Wednesday, August 23, 10:43:23 PM

This is a movie for the kid at heart. If you are going to see this movie any other way, you'll probably be disappointed. I like that they went back to the Spiderman of the comics where he was a teenager and not an adult. I thought the acting was good and it was a Disney-like feel-good movie. I highly recommend it & would see it again.

Wednesday, August 23, 03:17:24 PM

I prefer to watch a Cartoon Network.

Wednesday, August 23, 01:09:18 PM

Better than the rest of them

Wednesday, August 23, 12:21:01 AM

No green goblin or uncle Ben

Wednesday, August 23, 12:20:31 AM


Tuesday, August 22, 08:00:09 PM

An amazing wasted time.

Tuesday, August 22, 05:08:23 PM

This movie was "Amazing"!!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 05:04:31 AM

The movie was made to show on TV. No for a big screen.

Sunday, August 20, 08:26:04 PM

I liked this movie people need to get a life

Sunday, August 20, 06:38:59 PM

Make a movie yourself? Lol how about when this person writes a post that makes sense

Sunday, August 20, 06:38:15 PM

Yes because zendaya acting like a weirdo is what I want to see lol

Sunday, August 20, 12:03:34 AM

How can you say the cast was not good like really they had zendaya plus toms a great balance of tobey and Andrew

Saturday, August 19, 01:08:49 PM

no good movie

Friday, August 18, 08:55:15 PM

No good acting.

Friday, August 18, 07:07:18 PM

No not chicks

Friday, August 18, 08:51:52 AM

Cartoon movie.

Thursday, August 17, 08:56:02 PM

This is a movie junior high kids would love its fleek

Thursday, August 17, 08:55:30 PM

Tom is neither dreamy nor good

Thursday, August 17, 08:04:55 AM

There goes 2 hours of my life I would have been better off licking cement

Tuesday, August 15, 11:03:02 AM

Spent $12 dollar per ticket. $2.86 per gallon to drive to the movie theater. $6 zap combo. My time to see a crapy movie. I could go to watch Nut 2. I heard the movie was funny. This movie was like watching a Cartoon Network program.

Tuesday, August 15, 07:34:29 AM

I'm speechless cause I spent 16 bucks on crap

Tuesday, August 15, 07:33:47 AM

Omg they don't need to make another one this was bad

Tuesday, August 15, 07:33:01 AM

Yeah that's why people go to the movies, because the actors and directors worked hard at it

Tuesday, August 15, 02:01:40 AM

A movie to watch one time.