Monday, August 14, 07:09:48 PM

Boring movie.

Monday, August 14, 04:45:58 PM

I would go watch it again!

Monday, August 14, 04:45:40 PM

I would not go with my kids to watch it because they are still really small and will get scared but it was a really good movie my wife and I really enjoyed it.

Monday, August 14, 04:44:11 PM


Monday, August 14, 04:43:24 PM

Really good movie. go watch it right now before it's too late

Monday, August 14, 04:42:32 PM

I'm speechless... All I can say is AMAZING

Monday, August 14, 04:42:01 PM

You guys really need to learn respect. people worked their butts off for this movie and all you do is bring them down.

Monday, August 14, 04:40:34 PM

I don't understand why there are so many negative comments on this movie. I thought this movie was very interesting and emotional.

Monday, August 14, 04:34:15 PM

This movie was great! I really recommend to watch it. I'm sure the directors and the actor himself worked really hard for this movie and it was worth it. I'm watching the movie again at the movie theater it's so worth the money! They did a great job that's why i'm rating it 5 stars I hope there will be another movie. keep up the hard work...

Monday, August 14, 03:27:14 PM

Horrible movie.,

Sunday, August 13, 09:55:44 PM

Tom is a solid 1 out of 100

Sunday, August 13, 01:37:28 PM

I don't give 5 stars to a babe actor. Gezzz. This is why give one star.

Sunday, August 13, 11:23:42 AM

Yeah that's a legit reason to give a movie 5 stars, because the main guy who can't act is a "babe"

Saturday, August 12, 06:32:10 PM

The worst movie from spider man. Please don't make sequel.

Saturday, August 12, 04:50:57 PM

I have never been interested in the marvel movies but I got forced to see spider-man homecoming and I am so glad that I went and saw it because I loved it and lets be honest Tom Holland is a freaking babe!! I loved it so much that I am going to see it again with my friends!!!

Saturday, August 12, 01:38:54 PM

Tom Holland is going to ruin too the next coming Avengers movie.

Saturday, August 12, 11:06:31 AM

Tom holland sucks

Saturday, August 12, 10:49:16 AM

The actor should've stayed in his original passion. Dancing. He is a dancer. He totally ruined the entire movie.

Saturday, August 12, 08:52:10 AM

A very disappointing movie. The girls playing Spiderman's romantic interest and the actor playing his chum were all hopelessly poor actors! Surely whoever did the casting could have found actors who can act! And I hated the "home video" beginning which was just irritating. If I could, I would have asked for my money back! Don't waste your money or time going to see this!

Friday, August 11, 10:30:30 PM

The movie was average.

Friday, August 11, 06:05:42 PM

I was surprised by how fun this was to watch! And I adore the Sam Raimi versions.

Friday, August 11, 12:32:24 AM

The spider man killed the movie.

Thursday, August 10, 10:44:40 PM

It's awesome except the villain sucked

Thursday, August 10, 04:57:14 PM

Where was the Mr. Jamieson? Where was uncle Ben? Where was Harry? SO MANY plot holes

Thursday, August 10, 12:17:58 AM

Movie was boring. I thought I was watching one of those Disney programs. Lol

Wednesday, August 9, 06:40:48 PM

Adding one of the advengers did not help the movie.

Wednesday, August 9, 05:30:42 PM

Tom Holland did an awesome job.

Wednesday, August 9, 04:21:22 PM

This reboot was horrible. Please don't add this new spider man with the Avengers. He should go back to do dancing He is not an actor.

Wednesday, August 9, 11:07:52 AM

sooooo baaaaaaaaaad

Wednesday, August 9, 11:01:20 AM

The movie did not have a real story. I though I was watching the Cartoon Network. Lol

Tuesday, August 8, 11:55:05 PM

No stars.

Tuesday, August 8, 09:34:41 PM

No more sequels please with the same actor.

Tuesday, August 8, 09:21:06 PM

The movie was a terrible wasted time and money. ;(

Tuesday, August 8, 08:53:50 PM

I loved this take on Spiderman. Seeing how he grows into the awesome hero we all know and love!

Tuesday, August 8, 08:27:41 PM

My money back. Terrible movie. Bad reboot. Next time chose a more experience actor.

Tuesday, August 8, 11:07:57 AM

It was great everyone is lying

Tuesday, August 8, 08:54:05 AM

If they make a sequel they need to change the actor.

Tuesday, August 8, 07:55:35 AM


Tuesday, August 8, 12:26:43 AM

Actor was very inmature and his voice was terrible. The story was like quilt. Made by several pieces. No beginning not end.

Monday, August 7, 09:24:07 PM

As much as the fanboy idiots seem to be trying to put this movie down, it was great. The current Spider-Man is a much more accurate portrayal of the Spider-Man in the comics (Spider-Man is a kid guys, not a 30 year old man like the other movies) and they nailed the sense of humor. Michael Keaton portrayed a more believable villain as well, rather than trying to take over the world or something, he's a down-on-his luck guy who saw an opportunity and is trying to keep his crimes under the radar to avoid the attention of the avengers