Wednesday, August 9, 05:30:42 PM

Tom Holland did an awesome job.

Wednesday, August 9, 04:21:22 PM

This reboot was horrible. Please don't add this new spider man with the Avengers. He should go back to do dancing He is not an actor.

Wednesday, August 9, 11:07:52 AM

sooooo baaaaaaaaaad

Wednesday, August 9, 11:01:20 AM

The movie did not have a real story. I though I was watching the Cartoon Network. Lol

Tuesday, August 8, 11:55:05 PM

No stars.

Tuesday, August 8, 09:34:41 PM

No more sequels please with the same actor.

Tuesday, August 8, 09:21:06 PM

The movie was a terrible wasted time and money. ;(

Tuesday, August 8, 08:53:50 PM

I loved this take on Spiderman. Seeing how he grows into the awesome hero we all know and love!

Tuesday, August 8, 08:27:41 PM

My money back. Terrible movie. Bad reboot. Next time chose a more experience actor.

Tuesday, August 8, 11:07:57 AM

It was great everyone is lying

Tuesday, August 8, 08:54:05 AM

If they make a sequel they need to change the actor.

Tuesday, August 8, 12:26:43 AM

Actor was very inmature and his voice was terrible. The story was like quilt. Made by several pieces. No beginning not end.

Monday, August 7, 09:24:07 PM

As much as the fanboy idiots seem to be trying to put this movie down, it was great. The current Spider-Man is a much more accurate portrayal of the Spider-Man in the comics (Spider-Man is a kid guys, not a 30 year old man like the other movies) and they nailed the sense of humor. Michael Keaton portrayed a more believable villain as well, rather than trying to take over the world or something, he's a down-on-his luck guy who saw an opportunity and is trying to keep his crimes under the radar to avoid the attention of the avengers

Monday, August 7, 03:42:45 PM

Had this movie been like the ones with Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfied then I would not have taken my nine year old daughter to see it. I did enjoy the previous versions of Spider-Man and this new kid friendly one was good but far from great. The acting overall was sub par. This felt like something for the Disney channel and not a theatrical release. The main thing is that my kid really liked it!

Monday, August 7, 03:05:34 PM

Movie was boring.

Monday, August 7, 11:17:21 AM

Bad acting. Horrible story. The kid who represents Spider man needs to learn how to work in a movie.

Monday, August 7, 12:44:06 AM

A totality wasted story.

Saturday, August 5, 11:27:14 AM

Ok movie. Kids liked it. I found the acting left a lot to be desired and the plot too predictable. Not sure why this Spiderman is portrayed so immature and not able to hold his own so that he has to be rescued/mentored by Ironman (irritating). I like the old Spidey!

Friday, August 4, 11:04:15 PM

I agree with the previous review. A black widow would more fun to see in the movie. Lol Spider woman.

Friday, August 4, 06:17:16 PM

Awful. Tom Holland sucks as an actor. Why is Aunt May hot??? Ironman was an annoying nagging dad. Michael Keaton was a pathetic villain that was not believable in any way. Huge waste of time and money.

Friday, August 4, 03:50:59 PM

Probably the movie would be a good one but the main actor ruined the whole story.

Friday, August 4, 02:51:18 PM

Best 2017 spiderman

Friday, August 4, 12:45:25 AM

The worst movie of the year.

Thursday, August 3, 06:10:34 PM

Lousy acting.

Tuesday, August 1, 04:24:22 PM

No so great.

Tuesday, August 1, 02:24:24 AM

Worst movie of the year.

Monday, July 31, 02:26:11 PM

Best comic book movie since Condorman.

Monday, July 31, 12:32:49 PM


Monday, July 31, 08:29:39 AM

Epic fail 2017

Sunday, July 30, 07:57:48 PM

It was so good and funny I would so watch it again

Sunday, July 30, 07:10:49 PM

Nope. I should listening my friends. Bad movie.

Sunday, July 30, 02:13:28 PM

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best superhero movie of the year 2017!.

Sunday, July 30, 01:45:48 PM

The movie was boring. The actor was horrible.

Saturday, July 29, 02:10:50 AM

My money back please. Terrible acting.

Friday, July 28, 08:19:16 PM

Great movie different from the other Spider-Man movies. Had a balance of how witty peter is and how serious he is at parts. Made me laugh.

Friday, July 28, 06:53:54 PM

Lame movie.

Friday, July 28, 06:53:27 PM

No so a great movie. A regular chip Movie.

Friday, July 28, 04:54:27 PM

Amazing movie

Friday, July 28, 02:36:53 AM

What a boring movie.

Friday, July 28, 12:46:18 AM

Nice and it's also badass