Thursday, July 13, 10:35:54 AM

Apparently losers such as yourself giving it 1 star

Thursday, July 13, 03:04:33 AM


Thursday, July 13, 12:35:12 AM

This was a terrible movie. Campy, cheesy like Adam West playing Batman or Japanese Teen Titans Saturday morning cartoon. Michael Keaton's Vulture only interesting character. First half wanted to get up and leave but guy I went with fell asleep. Only thing missing was Spiderman wetting the bed. And no, I don't post multiple times, first time ever and this movie was bad enough to warrant lowest rating possible.

Thursday, July 13, 12:25:51 AM

Solid movie

Wednesday, July 12, 11:06:48 PM

The movie was funny and full of action. Spiderman was tied into the other Marvel characters very well. Fun to watch.

Wednesday, July 12, 10:51:05 PM

a few plot holes and needless changes prevent this from getting a 5 rating from me. Great movie though!

Wednesday, July 12, 10:42:06 PM

It wasn't an origin story, it already took place after Captain America: Civil War where Peter already had his powers and so that means Uncle Ben has long since been deceased as well

Wednesday, July 12, 08:45:23 PM

They writers stayed true to some key story pieces to the original but did a good job of taking a well known story and changing it up, I found that refreshing. I appreciated the humour they added to the story, thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Wednesday, July 12, 06:42:35 PM

I thought they really captured the original Spider-man.

Wednesday, July 12, 06:35:44 PM

Best movie I've watched in a long time! Absolutely in love with this Spider-Man! Tom holland portrayed Peter Parker and Spider-Man amazingly!

Wednesday, July 12, 05:33:14 PM

Pretty sure everyone who gave this movie a bad review is either the same person or a troll. Movie was awesome. Funny AF and highly entertaining, exactly what you want in a marvel movie

Wednesday, July 12, 01:39:12 PM

As far as the movie goes, it was good. Good action sequences, plenty of humor, and a decent pace. Didn't care for how they wrote up Flash Thompson or MJ (is she even watson??). Initially I didn't care for how the vulture looked in the trailer, and disappointed he was lacking one of his main attributes, the power to absorb life to reduce his age. But I did like the spin they took on how the bad guys got their powers/weapons. A nice take that doesn't involve Oscorp R & D. I look forward to seeing Holland again as Spider Man in the next Avengers and Homecoming 2

Wednesday, July 12, 12:57:48 PM

Tony you should of taken the suit back from him.

Wednesday, July 12, 09:36:27 AM

Went to see Spider-Man, stayed for Aunt May.

Wednesday, July 12, 08:11:45 AM

thumbs down to the one star people it pretty much the same person putting one stars or just others cant face the truth it was a good movie, films critics give it rave reviews 42.86 percent give it a five star to the low percent of one stars as their onions don't hold any value of legit reason of calling it a bad movie, just nit picking the stupid, I would like to these ones make a better film, ya right not bloody likely, so as the saying goes their no counting for taste

Wednesday, July 12, 04:28:55 AM

Reboot and reboot with bad acting. Terrible movie.

Wednesday, July 12, 01:43:01 AM

Tom Holland and Michael Keaton were good in their roles but that's the high point of this movie I'm afraid. Tony Stark's cameos will make you DESPISE him.

Tuesday, July 11, 11:25:43 PM

Really hope that people learn not to go and pay for the next 2 movies of this trilogy. But then again...... Humans are stupid.

Tuesday, July 11, 11:23:25 PM

Just how bad can they make these movies and still make money. Acting is weak, CGI ready needs a wake-up call. Just a whole lot of nothing. No idea why they even feel this is necessary.

Tuesday, July 11, 11:12:57 PM


Tuesday, July 11, 10:20:51 PM

This movie disappointed me. Maybe your kids will like it. Itnot that good.

Tuesday, July 11, 09:25:02 PM

Bad and a boring movie. The actor needs to retake acting classes.

Tuesday, July 11, 07:26:32 PM

Sorry kid, but you can't fill Bill Murray's tights.

Tuesday, July 11, 05:06:00 PM

I AGREE with below me...Took 2 sons ...neither liked it ...popcorn ,pop plus tickets for adult plus 2 kids $$$$$$$$ at least the movie should be at least HALF decent...embarrased at how much it cost.

Tuesday, July 11, 04:57:08 PM

Below me ...yes indeed why listen to the low star ...just spend your pesos and then it's a bit late...This was not a horrible movie but much did it cost to see...oh yeah

Tuesday, July 11, 12:08:02 AM

don't listen to the low star review, again people nit picking the stupid and the insults because people like it....please specially the person giving it a 6 out of 10 and the others the Tobey Maguire spider movies..... giving it a 9 out of ten ????? are u serious ?????? those were the crap of crap, Spider-Man: Homecoming was the best of them all because the other except amazing spider man were garbage, go see the film for your self and make your own opinion

Monday, July 10, 11:04:24 PM

I rate this movie a 6 out of 10......Maybe the next one will be better......All the other Spiderman movies get a 9 to me!....The suit that was givin' to him by Tony seamed to control his movements.....he was almost never thinking for himself.....and the story and a few of the characters were changed...FLASH is suppose to be an jock....not a jerk....sorry...I call it as I see it!!...Don't get me was pretty good....just not good enough!

Monday, July 10, 02:32:35 PM

Kids might enjoy it, but adults will want something with a little more heft.

Monday, July 10, 07:50:21 AM

It was very funny! A must-see!

Monday, July 10, 01:01:42 AM

It was only ok. In the process of trying to save people, he was actually more destructive, and it became annoying after a while. They apparently dont like the Washington monument or the Staten Island Ferry. Spidey was off his powers, and if you're going to get the bad guys then get the bad guys.

Sunday, July 9, 07:17:02 PM

Excellent movie a lot of action.

Sunday, July 9, 04:36:32 PM

Wasn't a huge fan of this movie kind of fell asleep during certain parts of the movie

Sunday, July 9, 07:35:36 AM

Don't quit your day job, Peter.

Saturday, July 8, 11:42:19 PM

Best comic book movie since Green Lantern.

Saturday, July 8, 06:09:15 PM

Nice movie but mostly for kids.

Saturday, July 8, 01:50:56 PM

closest you can get to a perfect "comic-book/superhero movie".

Saturday, July 8, 02:54:18 AM

Was a very well done movie - story line - acting - special effects - were believable & made it worth watching!

Saturday, July 8, 02:36:34 AM

Loved the new Spiderman character. The others were great. This one could play the character for a long time. Well worth going.

Saturday, July 8, 02:25:04 AM

For the person that made reference about all the races. I never noticed. I loved all the characters. Excellent actors. So funny.... btw... I am over 60 and remember going to high school and didn't see much difference then in this movie. Like I said... never noticed...

Saturday, July 8, 02:14:53 AM

Movie was so good. No repeat of story. New, interesting and lots of twists and surprises. A must see.