Saturday, July 15, 11:10:06 AM

Loved this movie! I thought they did an excellent job on a original story, it wasn't just a copy and paste origin story with new actors.

Saturday, July 15, 08:51:05 AM

Lousy movie.

Saturday, July 15, 05:11:07 AM


Friday, July 14, 09:31:12 PM

I love people who don't know the difference between their, there, and they're lol they are worse than this movie

Friday, July 14, 04:28:18 PM

yep luv the one star bandit giving spider man the single star, not fooling anybody here, give it up leave and stop coming here rating this movie looking like it different person, go out their and make a $175 million dollar movie and see u how u fair, probably wouldn't make it past the first week, like the saying goes opinion are like u know what everybody got one

Friday, July 14, 11:41:59 AM

My kids were so bored we went home and watched Straight Outta Compton again.

Friday, July 14, 11:32:41 AM

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure was more fun than this.

Friday, July 14, 11:31:34 AM

I can't agree with the critic who said the High School Musical movies were more fun than this. In fact, the High School Musical movies were much, much more fun than this.

Friday, July 14, 11:30:03 AM


Friday, July 14, 11:29:34 AM

So I went to see Spiderman and came out seeing a teen drama? How could Stan Lee like this crap?

Friday, July 14, 10:08:10 AM

I love the fact they are taking a shot at new villans and not just continually using green goblin

Friday, July 14, 09:37:02 AM

A high school musical movie will more fun than this amateur movie.

Thursday, July 13, 10:26:06 PM

I thought this was high school musical

Thursday, July 13, 09:20:01 PM

Where was green goblin? Oscorp? Mary Jane? Uncle Ben?

Thursday, July 13, 09:12:59 PM

Not bad considering how many times they've taken a kick at this material. Who knew about Aunt Mae, though? Nice!

Thursday, July 13, 08:45:14 PM

I brought my kids to this movie, it was offensive

Thursday, July 13, 08:16:44 PM

Can I give it zero stars? Peter Parker? More like peter no talent high pitch kid

Thursday, July 13, 06:01:38 PM

Came out from the movie and I though movie was terrible. Zzzz.

Thursday, July 13, 02:23:30 PM

Whats with people giving one star? This is an incridible movie.

Thursday, July 13, 02:22:38 PM

Funny movie great for the whole family. Full of action. You'll never get bored.

Thursday, July 13, 02:21:32 PM

Mind blowing!!! Peter Parker ?? Looking forward for more spider man. Must watch movie one of the best movie this year.

Thursday, July 13, 02:20:08 PM

This movie is awesome! Worth the money. Hubby and I enjoyed it

Thursday, July 13, 10:35:54 AM

Apparently losers such as yourself giving it 1 star

Thursday, July 13, 03:04:33 AM


Thursday, July 13, 12:45:32 AM

Whoops I meant 5

Thursday, July 13, 12:45:00 AM

Man this movie was great. Who are these losers giving it one star?

Thursday, July 13, 12:35:12 AM

This was a terrible movie. Campy, cheesy like Adam West playing Batman or Japanese Teen Titans Saturday morning cartoon. Michael Keaton's Vulture only interesting character. First half wanted to get up and leave but guy I went with fell asleep. Only thing missing was Spiderman wetting the bed. And no, I don't post multiple times, first time ever and this movie was bad enough to warrant lowest rating possible.

Thursday, July 13, 12:25:51 AM

Solid movie

Wednesday, July 12, 11:06:48 PM

The movie was funny and full of action. Spiderman was tied into the other Marvel characters very well. Fun to watch.

Wednesday, July 12, 10:51:05 PM

a few plot holes and needless changes prevent this from getting a 5 rating from me. Great movie though!

Wednesday, July 12, 10:42:06 PM

It wasn't an origin story, it already took place after Captain America: Civil War where Peter already had his powers and so that means Uncle Ben has long since been deceased as well

Wednesday, July 12, 08:47:12 PM

Where was the he story how he became Spider-Man? Where was uncle Ben?

Wednesday, July 12, 08:46:29 PM

If you like this movie then you probably liked waterworld

Wednesday, July 12, 08:45:23 PM

They writers stayed true to some key story pieces to the original but did a good job of taking a well known story and changing it up, I found that refreshing. I appreciated the humour they added to the story, thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Wednesday, July 12, 08:43:10 PM

Aunt Mae gets 5 stars

Wednesday, July 12, 08:26:27 PM

Clearly the one star people are saving humanity. People find this movie funny? Really? Are you the same people who watch Honey boo boo?

Wednesday, July 12, 06:42:35 PM

I thought they really captured the original Spider-man.

Wednesday, July 12, 06:35:44 PM

Best movie I've watched in a long time! Absolutely in love with this Spider-Man! Tom holland portrayed Peter Parker and Spider-Man amazingly!

Wednesday, July 12, 05:33:14 PM

Pretty sure everyone who gave this movie a bad review is either the same person or a troll. Movie was awesome. Funny AF and highly entertaining, exactly what you want in a marvel movie

Wednesday, July 12, 01:39:12 PM

As far as the movie goes, it was good. Good action sequences, plenty of humor, and a decent pace. Didn't care for how they wrote up Flash Thompson or MJ (is she even watson??). Initially I didn't care for how the vulture looked in the trailer, and disappointed he was lacking one of his main attributes, the power to absorb life to reduce his age. But I did like the spin they took on how the bad guys got their powers/weapons. A nice take that doesn't involve Oscorp R & D. I look forward to seeing Holland again as Spider Man in the next Avengers and Homecoming 2