Tuesday, December 17, 07:23:44 PM

way beter then spider man homecoming

Sunday, December 8, 05:05:27 PM

miles morales was cool and cool movie.

Sunday, December 8, 04:43:21 PM

Movie was really good spidergwen was cool to. movie is entertaining and all of the charters are good . the ending is good as well.

Sunday, December 8, 04:39:32 PM

Best spider man movie ever and liked jake johnson spider man. the ending is great but just wished all the characters stayed to fight.

Monday, November 18, 11:45:37 PM

the end for the movie is good .

Tuesday, May 14, 11:07:26 PM

I’m obviously in the minority here, but I did not like it. Felt like a kids animated movie - couldn’t wait for it to be over

Tuesday, April 9, 11:30:07 PM

As an adult, painful to sit through. But my kid liked it

Thursday, March 28, 02:11:34 PM

Best movie ever seen in a very long time!

Sunday, March 24, 02:19:10 AM

Really enjoyed this one!

Thursday, March 14, 07:02:55 PM

Loved this movie. Good script. Great animation. Cameo from Stan Lee in animation Form.

Saturday, March 2, 12:24:23 AM

Great Movie all around. Best of all the marvel films.

Tuesday, February 26, 07:29:51 PM

This was extremely well done, The actual comic art comes to life, in movement and in story !

Thursday, February 21, 06:38:52 PM

This is a must see movie - incredible animation that is so creative and artistic with great voice acting too. Very original.

Friday, February 8, 10:49:36 PM

Best movie ever

Friday, February 8, 01:34:05 PM


Friday, February 8, 01:33:29 PM

one word terrible

Thursday, January 31, 09:24:06 PM

ONE WORD.........AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 11:20:05 PM


Wednesday, January 23, 05:13:31 PM

Fun to watch.

Wednesday, January 23, 09:59:19 AM

At first I thought it was 3D, but hey those visuals were executed like I've never seen before. Makes every other super hero movie look like garbage. Stunning.

Tuesday, January 22, 09:51:20 PM


Sunday, January 20, 12:00:13 PM

I paid good money to watch this toon. Kinda stupid. Save your money and watch it in Netflix kids

Saturday, January 19, 08:35:35 PM


Saturday, January 19, 01:58:47 AM

Lots of action keep me watching I was totally into the movie

Wednesday, January 16, 04:28:01 PM

Brilliant. Beautiful Animation. A wonderful introduction of the Spider-Verse to a whole new generation.

Monday, January 14, 12:52:08 PM

I love spider man

Friday, January 11, 09:53:44 PM

One star really! Do you work for dc or are you rating the wrong movie! Nicklaus Cage bets toby m any day!

Friday, January 11, 09:44:49 PM

Scene after end credits!!!! Great movie

Friday, January 11, 09:24:35 PM

Stupid Cartoon

Friday, January 11, 05:22:39 PM

took the grandkids, 6 & 8, wasn't sure, but it turned out to be very entertaining, good story. Worth seeing.

Wednesday, January 9, 09:30:08 PM

Please don't watch is movie totally doesn't have toby McGreger he is amazing Spider-Man is only i watch

Wednesday, January 9, 10:23:47 AM

Great Movie

Monday, January 7, 03:58:07 PM

Love this movie...even more than the original

Monday, January 7, 01:32:40 AM

entertainment for the weekend with family

Sunday, January 6, 11:42:32 AM

Yes, it’s a cartoon. But the animation technology is astonishing. It’s a work of genius. Don’t miss this: it’s the equal of recent Marvel movie. Fast paced and well-written. I’ve seen it twice, Might go again.

Saturday, January 5, 12:37:02 PM

Best Spiderman Movie ever. Soundtrack dead on. For a 60-year-old, I loved it.

Friday, January 4, 07:27:02 PM

When I first heard about this Movie, I immediately thought it was fan fiction. But after watching the movie for myself, it Left me wanting more! I Love the Comic Book Art Style, Peni Parker is my favorite Character, Spider-Ham grew on me, Spider-Gwen was cool. Although seeing a female Doc Oc left me scratching my head a little. Still, I highly recommend this movie to all Spider fans.

Friday, January 4, 06:19:06 PM

Best Spider-Man movie to date! Watched on the edge of my seat, laughed practically the entire time. Great story, amazing animation. A must see!

Wednesday, January 2, 09:29:52 PM

Loved it

Wednesday, January 2, 03:29:29 PM

Excellent animation and story.