Monday, February 24, 03:09:47 PM

I was very surprised it was as good as it was

Thursday, January 9, 05:25:45 PM

It was just a fun movie to watch! Thank you...

Wednesday, January 8, 06:48:23 PM

This one is so good, you will want to see it again as I did

Wednesday, January 8, 12:25:01 PM

Movie for older kids, little too much action. Cute story of two opposites bonding on a mission a little far out.

Tuesday, January 7, 03:31:58 PM

Cute movie but more for the older child. Animation was great, but a lot of over-the-head story telling for a child.

Tuesday, January 7, 11:13:52 AM

The story was great. the humor. the Animation. The pigeons were wonderful

Friday, January 3, 08:58:06 PM

Lol. Political things in this movie? Where? I thought was very funny. What ever stays in the Submarine. 🤣

Friday, January 3, 12:56:30 AM

Too much political correctness innuendo. Even the kids noticed. Animation great.

Wednesday, January 1, 04:37:19 PM

Amazing movie. 😂

Tuesday, December 31, 08:31:12 AM


Monday, December 30, 10:26:08 PM

Movie was great. Good storyline for adults and great animation for kids. For the one and two star reviewers..... where did you thing you were going... Schindler"s List? Come on. It's a kids show. Lighten up:-)

Monday, December 30, 06:18:36 PM

Loved it! Very funny and entertaining.

Friday, December 27, 09:00:31 PM

Very funny movie. 🤣

Thursday, December 26, 10:32:29 PM

Love the sense of humor Enjoyed the various colors used

Saturday, December 21, 09:35:20 AM


Friday, October 25, 11:00:51 PM

what did you expect Will Smith in it

Tuesday, October 8, 04:46:42 AM

What a letdown!