Tuesday, January 31, 04:42:22 PM

I fell asleep during this movie. And then the ending had a MODERATE build up and then the actual ending was such a let down. Not scary and not a thriller. SAVE YOUR MONEY

Tuesday, January 31, 12:42:01 AM

Great performance by the lead actor, but unfortunately just kind of bland. The concept was great - a mentally disturbed person with multiple personalities kidnaps people - but then it just kind of goes nowhere interesting and actually gets kind of boring in some parts. And worst of all, the movie never really did build up much in the way of suspense or scares. I was really hoping to like it because I really liked M. Shyamalan's first few movies (Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs), but he's been on a steady downhill spiral ever since and just can't seem to recover. He did ok with The Visit a year or two ago (except for the bad acting by the younger leads), but it's like he's developed a case of movie-making E.D. and needs some kind of movie-making Viagra to get back to form.

Monday, January 30, 04:38:24 PM

The movie was a very interesting movie it was very creative of how they made the main character have many different personalities and the movie was tecnecly a thriller but the ending was not a really good ending.

Sunday, January 29, 07:45:05 PM

The movie is just ok. Some parts of the movie was so boring.

Sunday, January 29, 04:16:20 PM

Pleasantly surprised. Not normally a fan of his movies. Very well done, kept me on the edge of my seat- great storyline

Sunday, January 29, 08:45:46 AM

Great job by the lead actor; very freaky, a plot you don't see very often. Had me on the edge wondering how things were going to play out. Would have liked a little more resolution for the ending however.

Saturday, January 28, 06:12:06 PM

Bad movie. I prefer watch something on TV rather to spend my money in gasoline to going a junk movie. Positive part. The sitting are was great. Popcorn was good.

Saturday, January 28, 01:23:15 PM

Nothing new and brilliant front this movie. Looks like a copy or copies from others movies. I took couple naps in some scenes.

Saturday, January 28, 03:40:47 AM

Absolutely Brilliant ! M. Night Shyamalan Did A Terrific Job In Writing And Directing This Film. His Best Film Since Signs Starring Mel Gibson. This Film Is Full Of Suspense And A Thrill That Will Have The Viewer Wondering What Is Going To Happen Next. However, There Are A Few Flaws Regarding Short Story Lines Within' The Film. James McAvoy Was Absolutely Stunning In His Performance, Portraying Several Different Characters Seconds After Seconds. Overall, 5 Stars. Great Plot, Great Acting And Of Course, Great Film By M. Night Shyamalan. Highly Recommend ! 4 Thumbs Up !

Saturday, January 28, 12:19:47 AM

Loved it! Kept me interested, suspense and good story line. Amazing acting by the male lead. I'm sure there will be a split 2

Friday, January 27, 06:53:36 PM

Good movie to take a nap.The rest was boring and stupid.

Friday, January 27, 06:50:31 PM

What he still making movies? I thought he would stop after directing the Avatar. Terrible lousy movie.

Friday, January 27, 06:06:51 PM

Awasome movie. IMDB.CINEMAS4U.US

Friday, January 27, 01:54:13 PM

TERRIBLE!!!!! Nothing was done regarding the uncle who was a pervert. Poor acting regarding the 3 girls, then the African-American girl had to walk around in her panties and bra (really). I didn't see 23/24 different personalities. I think i only saw about 6-7 of them. I fell asleep twice, this was a boring movie until the end of the movie.

Friday, January 27, 09:09:19 AM

Absolutely love this movie.

Friday, January 27, 05:25:40 AM

A bad reboot.

Friday, January 27, 01:53:21 AM

Very good.

Thursday, January 26, 09:32:25 PM

Funny stuff!

Thursday, January 26, 01:16:17 PM

Not what I was expecting at all - edge of your seat excitement and adrenalin rushes throughout!

Thursday, January 26, 12:03:12 PM

Great acting by James McAvoy! Movie itself was intense and liked how it ended.

Thursday, January 26, 12:16:26 AM

Boring movie like the rest of his movies.

Wednesday, January 25, 12:48:46 AM

Good, not 5 stars good though, and also not 1 star bad. Don't get these people reviewing it at all. 4 or 3 stars would be a good rating and there aren't even any 3 star ratings yet for it.

Tuesday, January 24, 09:58:37 AM

The story is great for the first half, then they seemed to have mailed in the second half. I can't believe people are actually giving this movie 5 stars. C'mon the ending is boring and makes no sense. It's just a set up for a second movie too. Oh well at least it is a unique plot. Not like most of the movies made today. Seems like they are mostly coming out with all re-makes.

Tuesday, January 24, 09:25:16 AM

Very good movie. Some parts are slow. James was amazing! The other three girls' acting was poor. There are a lot of potential to make this movie to reach its climax!

Monday, January 23, 07:25:42 PM

Actually a decent movie ! Thought it would suck.... but it passed. I like that there is some truth to the movie, the power of the mind !!!

Sunday, January 22, 01:08:08 PM

EVERYTHING!!!!!! The concept of multiple personalities is the key. EVERYONE CAN RELATE!!!! We all have them best movie since texas chainsaw masacre

Saturday, January 21, 04:16:08 PM

The film sustains tremendous tension, and that's the main mission here. James McAvoy is excellent in the lead role(s). I thought the ending was a bit disappointing, but it is what it is.

Friday, January 20, 05:57:16 PM

M Night is back an James McAvoy is excellent. Loved it!!

Sunday, January 15, 11:58:10 PM

Wondering where he plagiarized the story. Like many he had already directed. The Avatar from the Cartoon Network is one of many. Probably the movie was scary but nothing out of the world.

Friday, January 6, 11:26:33 AM