Tuesday, March 31, 11:14:36 AM

not bad .

Tuesday, March 24, 12:35:03 AM

harrison ford is really good as han solo.

Sunday, February 18, 01:07:05 PM

original is better

Sunday, February 18, 01:05:43 PM

pretty good. if you saw the originals in childhood, you'd relive the memories, like when finn said, no, that's garbage. (other ship explodes) we will take the garbage., then it shows the milleneom falcon. CLASSIC!

Saturday, February 10, 05:28:16 PM

This newest trilogy is my favourite. I think it´s even better than the original. The new characters work together with the old ones amazingly. It has the Star Wars atmosphere we remember from the original trilogy but of course also modern effects.

Thursday, May 19, 09:36:37 AM

better than the previous episodes shot recently

Sunday, May 8, 10:11:42 PM

Sad. Watch the original. This is basically the same film...just much worse.

Saturday, May 7, 11:16:19 PM

Loved it! Definitely brought back memories of Childhood when you see the original cast! It was a great meeting of old and new.

Wednesday, April 27, 10:32:47 PM

Not a rehash and not like episode four. Go rewatch the prequels that you probably hate as well. Yawn

Monday, April 18, 12:35:54 AM

Very disappointing. Typical Star Wars Hype. Same movie as the original classic. Same characters except they are older. What's the big deal.

Sunday, April 17, 07:19:49 PM

Rehash of episode 4.

Sunday, April 17, 04:43:06 PM

How 'bout someone in the movie business has a new idea. This was so much like the orig I thought I was watching it

Saturday, April 9, 06:57:27 PM

Re-hashed original Star Wars plot Bigger Death Star, Bad guy a relative...

Friday, April 1, 07:04:20 PM

Good to hear Harrison Ford may be back for the sequel.

Wednesday, March 30, 07:04:25 PM

There's a slight goofiness in the way this movie carried on. Actors were all oddly goofy. Well, WAlt disney is the boss now...Goofy...get it?.. ha ha Boring, too long for the kids. Not great at all. Major let down. Killed franchise. Next movie will be even more of a let down.

Tuesday, March 29, 02:40:35 PM

Best Movie EVER!!

Wednesday, March 23, 05:33:44 PM

Meh. Ok action film, bit long. Felt it was a let down from all the positive reviews.

Tuesday, March 22, 02:11:55 AM

Not close to greatness of the many reviews. See it yourself. Wasted my time. My right to write this. My family ALSo felt let down by this mix of has been actors with no names. The bad guys were laughable. Good to scare kiddies though. Lol.

Monday, March 14, 10:41:29 PM

never mind the bad reviews, their for sure are the people or star wars fans that do nothing but pick it apart to the ridiculous, are their flaws ???? yes of course their is as I saw the film and pick out some myself but like it never the less, if all your going to do is pick at it and compare apples and oranges to the Force Awakens and to star wars film of the past then u do it a disservice and u don't enjoy the film for what it is a good movie, is it perfect???? no!!! either was the others as it is the ideas of star wars as a whole that makes it amazing, see the film for your self and never mind the baloney of the tribute reviews

Saturday, March 12, 09:24:08 PM

The main purpose for this movie was reaching out to another generation. Watching their intensity while the action unfolded, I saw the same excitement in them that I had at their age for these stories. Congratulations!

Sunday, March 6, 05:19:47 PM

Let down

Thursday, March 3, 08:21:32 PM

Well done and awesome! Really out done themselves!

Saturday, February 27, 03:27:38 PM

Not Star Wars material by any stretch of the imagination. The inclusion of a few shots with Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and a silent cameo from Mark Hamil certainly doesn't save this story. George Lucas's genius badly needed. Abrams directing is not as awful as in Star Trek though. He did a much better job here. But it is good entertainment and good Sci-Fi. This is aimed at today's kids who will grow up with a new Star Wars story and wont really ever know what the true one is, because the first 6 movies will seem so "alien" to them. Disney is in for a lot of $$$ which is their ONLY motivation. Respecting Lucas's legacy though? Who cares!

Saturday, February 27, 12:31:29 PM

Yes I am a fan yes I went to the pictures to see it and yes I was massively disappointed. Why? Well this just episode 4 with a different cast. There is NOTHING original in this film. Female lead is playing Luke, Male lead is playing reluctant hero Han, Han is playing Obi Wan the Baddie is playing Darth Vader. The same death star getting blown up in just about the same manner as episode 4. They might have well just called this a Star Wars reboot. I have seen some lazy film making but this takes the biscuit.

Friday, February 26, 07:51:59 PM

Tribute has to stop multiple reviewing on this site. The point is for a person to give one review not have them here to argue others views. The dumbos reading this and going to respond with the how great the movie is can take hike. Hope you are getting paid bozos Avg movie. 2 stars. Lead actress was good. Excellent marketing Disney. Congrats on that trash. Bye

Thursday, February 25, 05:15:52 PM

Copie paste from the 80's. They put the plan in a droid and the white smiley face solder look for the droid. but this time they omitted did not say these are the droid you're looking for. Other than that yes same movie. Also this is not a Starwars because of the rule of two that movie has no ground.

Thursday, February 18, 02:54:30 PM

Entertaining, but completely devoid of originality. Ship designs - unchanged (and 40 years have apparently elapsed in the Star Wars universe) Plot - rehashed from 4-6 Antagonist - what a wuss! And why is he wearing that helmet, fashion statement? Darth Vader needed his to live. Exactly what I expected Disney would do with this film. Crowd-pleasing, family-friendly, rehashed story that takes no risks and as a result produces something that is mildly entertaining if only for the visual effects.

Sunday, February 14, 03:21:52 PM

Loved it

Tuesday, February 9, 03:29:53 PM

Oh my god. Its soooo good. I've seen it 4 times. It gets better with each viewing. Don't walk...RUN to your local theater and check it out! Funny, emotional, action packed and just enough nostalgea to satisfy the old school fan but not so much that it alienates new fans. Its awesome!!!

Thursday, February 4, 10:24:36 PM

Still the top three in box office, excellent jobs!

Thursday, February 4, 10:23:27 PM

This is the movie of the year, no doubt at all!

Thursday, February 4, 03:12:41 PM

the best movie I have ever seen.

Monday, February 1, 10:54:32 PM

It was full house when we watched the movie last night.

Monday, February 1, 08:47:38 AM

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 08:47:19 AM

I have watched it for three times already, still want to see it more.

Sunday, January 31, 09:20:35 PM

Real entertainment, Strong Cast, Great Acting and Latest 3D Imax Technology. You have it all!

Sunday, January 31, 09:18:45 PM

More than 2 hours of Happiness! Good Jobs, Disney!!!!

Friday, January 29, 10:40:33 PM

The main actors sucked, the villain was a joke, and it was not original. Good job Disney!

Friday, January 29, 08:24:33 PM

Best of the best, no comparison with the other movie, not even the previous Star Wars, they are not as entertaining as this good one!

Friday, January 29, 08:23:36 PM

The movie is over my expectation, good job!