Tuesday, December 19, 11:29:07 PM

How are people giving this 5 stars??? And 93% on rotten tomatoes?? Easily the worst Star Wars movie thus far. No one on here can defend all the plot holes, terrible jokes, total disregard of the movies and characters that came before it. etc etc... There was so much wrong with this movie I don't even know where to start. Just terrible! And I used to be a Fan. Not anymore. I won't give this franchise another dollar.

Tuesday, December 19, 10:51:12 PM

This movie was half an hour too long. How does Daisey Ridley gain so much weight during this movie from start to finish? Yikes. The plot was very simplistic with no twists and the acting was emailed in except for Po and Snoke.

Tuesday, December 19, 10:40:30 PM

Money grabber. Nothing else. How could Snok move Ray all over the place and make her look pathetic and she could fight Luke like equal? The actor were horrible. How can you give 5 stars for a movie that is the worst of all the episodes? I think it is the moderator that gives 5 stars or paid studio people.

Tuesday, December 19, 08:50:39 PM

I LOVED this movie, although I couldn't stand Rose.

Tuesday, December 19, 03:55:09 PM

Very good movie and the sound effects were really good, but "Star Wars", The Force Awakens" still is #1. I would probably see this movie again but won't be buying the CD.

Tuesday, December 19, 11:24:32 AM

Very good, not the best (ESB is still #1) - A little long but once it got started we wanted more. Kids are still talking about their favorite parts days later. Loved the lightsaber battle, the hyperdrive crash and Luke versus Kylo. Enjoy it again!!!

Monday, December 18, 11:38:42 PM

Once again a rehash of Star Wars/Empire strikes Back. If you didn't see the parallels you and a bag of rocks have much in common. It was enjoyable to watch, but I was certainly underwhelmed. Finn's potential love interest was so poorly cast it borders on the ridiculous. Writing for Luke's character was incredibly juvenile and uninspired, and they didn't even utilize him to train Rey in any way at all. Watchable but a letdown from expectations.

Monday, December 18, 10:56:41 PM

Movie is Awesome go see this movie. 10 out of 5

Monday, December 18, 10:50:48 PM

Where was Han Solo he died in force awakens. I don’t follow Star Wars movies but I saw that one so he would not be in this one. Great movie. Just as good as rogue one. They both blew my expectations away. Going to see this again soon. Can’t wait to own on iTunes. This is a must see. For those people out there they didn’t enjoy this film obviously you haven’t seen a good movie. This is way better then justice trash

Monday, December 18, 07:25:44 PM

Awesome. Spoiler alert. Darth Vader dies and he is Luke's father. Just kidding. Our family really enjoyed this movie. Well put together and a lot of fun.

Monday, December 18, 04:45:20 PM

Jedi can’t fall in love. But this is the new Jedi generation. Hoping she end marrying to pass the force to her kids.

Monday, December 18, 04:43:29 PM

One of the stars reviews still stuck in Freud universe. Lol No idea why the hate towards this movie. The battles were great. The red background made more interesting the lightsaber fight.

Monday, December 18, 04:40:29 PM

This was my first time watching a Star Wars movie and the movie was great. I don’t know anything from the other movies.

Monday, December 18, 04:38:00 PM

We had a SW marathon but we skipped Attack of the Clones. We wanted to watch the whole thing before this movie. Yes it was fantastic. SW in a big screen etc.

Monday, December 18, 04:36:09 PM

Wondering if Ben Kenobi astro projected himself. I think what Luke did was amazing. Leia did not know. The audiences too. Great scene.

Monday, December 18, 04:33:46 PM

I am happy with this movie. Remember troll this is a science fiction story not a real story. Drop the insults.

Monday, December 18, 04:32:11 PM

The audience was oh ah... during the movie. Pe

Monday, December 18, 04:31:32 PM

Luke looked cool after all of this years. Please review no starting using sexual language in here. Gezzzz.

Monday, December 18, 02:41:55 PM

I have seen all of the Star War Movies multiple times. This one is just as good as any of the others. I enjoyed the whole 2.5 hours of entertainment! It is a bit unsatisfying not to find out where Snoke came from, how Maz came to be in possession of Vader's light sabre, a better explanation of why Rey was so powerful with the Force. But we need to remember that movies are made to entertain the audience and to make money for the investors. And I for one was very entertained, and I'm sure the investors are already happy with what the movie has made at the Box Office.

Monday, December 18, 02:03:02 PM

This is my best shot at a fair review. This movie has the biggest plot twist since The Empire Strikes back, speaking specifically of Kylo killing Snoke. A brilliant story line and cinematics. I have probably 8 favorite parts in this movie. I really want to give this movie 5 stars because it does deserve it. It's perfect in every aspect above and beyond what we've ever seen. At least until you hit the final scene, and it's not the ending that bothered me exactly. I almost still gave this movie 5 stars because of how brilliant it was, and it is a great movie to see again. But I feel significantly less interested in episode 9 and I'll tell you why... We all came for Luke Skywalker, and that's it plain and simple. Everyone else is great and incredible actors, but let's not fool ourselves here. We came for the epic light saber battle with Luke. To me the force projection was an amazing Jedi trick and a good lead up to a 3rd film. I can still watch this film a hundred times, I just have no desire to see a 9th one. Anyway, great work Rian Johnson you are a fantastic film maker.

Monday, December 18, 11:42:12 AM

They used the same style of the planet from SW rebels. Very cool.

Monday, December 18, 11:40:49 AM

I can’t wait for the sequel.

Monday, December 18, 11:39:16 AM

An amazing movie. Luke was amazing. The new creatures were fantastic.

Monday, December 18, 11:37:35 AM

No respect for Carrie Fisher. At least she deserved some respect to haters.

Monday, December 18, 11:36:32 AM

We like the movie. SW fans don’t look scores. Let it go lady.

Monday, December 18, 11:06:41 AM

What a terrible waste of opportunity. This felt like watching a $250 million dollar fan-made picture without a hint of professional storytelling abilities. Modern audiences expect compelling drama and emotional involvement. The original 1977 - 1983 trilogy had these ingredients. Not sure what Disney-Lucas film was thinking when they green-lit this screenplay into production? So far, 58% of audiences on rotten tomatoes have noticed the distinction. Too bad!

Monday, December 18, 09:07:54 AM

This movie is fantastic. Not a Star Wars fan at all but I loved this movie and I will go see it again. Can’t wait to own this movie

Monday, December 18, 08:06:51 AM

Ok space adventure flick. Lacks the mystique of the original episodes. Tries to pack in/tie up too much for the one show; it drags in some spots, and is a might long. Could not get excited from seeing it.

Monday, December 18, 08:00:46 AM

This movie left me with so many questions. 1. Did I wander into the wrong theater? 2. Who was that old guy pretending to be Luke? 3. Was Po Dameron demoted for mansplaining? 4. Has this movie ruined milk for a lot of people now? 5. Did Carrie Fishers audition for Mary Poppins at some point? 6. Has Rian Johnson ever seen a star wars movie? If you enjoyed this movie I envy you. I found it to be a perfect example of what not to do to a beloved franchise. At least it made me like the prequels more.

Monday, December 18, 03:54:48 AM

I am not a Star Wars Fan. I only seen the first one years ago and thought it was good. The rest I had no interest. I was reluctant in my mind to go but I did for my husband's sake. He is a huge Star Wars Fan. I thought, 2.5 hrs? Really! I was amazed as it was a flash back of the old and an ending of one era to an exciting new story. Now I want to see the one prior as I did not know what happened to Han Solo. The time flew by and I could have watched more. Great Movie.

Monday, December 18, 03:24:12 AM

A rollicking great yarn! Star Wars at it's best! Lot's of fun and action! A movie that entertains from beginning to end. My condolences to those who didn't enjoy it, makes me wonder what these people do enjoy? Hope all future Star War are as good as this one, it's gonna be difficult! 60 year old kid

Sunday, December 17, 08:11:49 PM

Loved every minute!

Sunday, December 17, 06:28:57 PM

Loved it!, Exciting, sad, hopeful. Great noise shown by silence, can't wait for the next one.

Sunday, December 17, 06:17:00 PM

My two kids thought it was great. I sadly did not. Maybe Star Wars is not for adults anymore.

Sunday, December 17, 05:52:17 PM

It’s like watching empire strikes back but backwards scene wise, the Poe joke at beginning was horrible, this screamed money grab, bad acting, build for a generation of I get what I want now or else and the old generation is worthless not deserving of respect, like the ending of this movie, everything is destroyed, nothing is built just a bunch of people run to the next movie!

Sunday, December 17, 05:20:01 PM

Sadly Star Wars is just not what it use to be. Thinks it's time to call it day with the sequels. Go out on high.

Sunday, December 17, 05:18:55 PM

It was brilliant and sad movie.

Sunday, December 17, 04:41:09 PM

This new run of the Star-War saga lives up to many of the earlier telling of the story with great acting - special effects a few twist & turns here & there that makes the story feel fresh & alive so that the time seems to go by very quickly! Another part of the saga that you would want to see over just to get the parts that you may have missed the 1st time around!

Sunday, December 17, 01:25:24 PM

How can you give 5 star for such a terrible movie? That is like saying Chevy Chevette was beautiful car.

Sunday, December 17, 12:43:38 PM

Boring drivel