Sunday, December 24, 10:03:45 PM

Merry Christmas. :) Movie was for me like a gift present.

Sunday, December 24, 06:29:13 PM

Terrible to say the least

Sunday, December 24, 06:26:17 PM

What the F... just happened

Sunday, December 24, 02:31:09 PM

An amazing adventure. The droids, the force and the Jedi.

Sunday, December 24, 12:28:12 PM

Carrie Fisher last movie. She looked beautiful. So sad she is gone.

Sunday, December 24, 12:26:28 PM

When R2 was playing Leia’s message at Luke was a sweet moment. This movie was full of good things.

Sunday, December 24, 12:25:20 PM

I loved the droid role when the little thing was shooting at the troopers. Lol I love the humor part of this character.

Sunday, December 24, 12:23:20 PM

Kylo was very inmature in the first movie but in this one he looked much better. Well play character.

Sunday, December 24, 12:21:50 PM

The concept of get tracked by the speed light was a very cool new idea. Movie was fine for me.

Sunday, December 24, 12:20:38 PM

The story was interesting and I loved the new changes.

Sunday, December 24, 11:28:13 AM

This movie is more flawed than new Coke

Sunday, December 24, 10:32:52 AM

Loved it. Don't get the fuss. As always the worlds they create and battle scenes are enthralling. Bomber planes converted to bomber star ships!!! Did not like Kylo Renn in the last movie, however, he won me over in this one. Not a nice boy.

Sunday, December 24, 10:25:42 AM

We watched this movie the day of the release and we are planning to repeat this movie today.

Sunday, December 24, 07:55:52 AM

I did not found this movie boring at all. Have suspense, humor and sweet parts.

Sunday, December 24, 07:54:24 AM

Wondering if Luke felt hopeless after he found Han Solo recently death. Luke was a Jedi so I found very surprise he did not know that his best friend had died. He could feel when Han got kill. The movie have some contradictions but was not so bad.

Sunday, December 24, 07:50:18 AM

What would happen if Kylo decided to walk away from the Dark Side? He almost regretted to join the Sith. He still immature and naive.

Sunday, December 24, 07:47:24 AM

I missed the X-Wings but some of the space fights were okay. They should potrayed the Rebels more as a fighters but I don’t regret watching this movie because the story was focusing more on Luke Skywalker.

Sunday, December 24, 07:42:20 AM

Interesting new way to represent Star Wars. The story took a new twist. A Jedi master who learned from his pupil to have some hope.

Sunday, December 24, 07:38:30 AM

The lightsaber fights were amazing.

Sunday, December 24, 02:54:22 AM

People who like this movie are the same people who watch shows like Young Sheldon, Joey, and worse

Sunday, December 24, 02:36:14 AM

Best movie like or not to the down Disney user. lol

Sunday, December 24, 01:26:19 AM


Saturday, December 23, 10:34:42 PM


Saturday, December 23, 09:07:53 PM

The main characters are in the poster. Leia looked like princess she was. Always and forever.

Saturday, December 23, 09:05:25 PM

I think Luke Skywalker was too honest and since he failed to his pupils he just gave up. She was trying very hard to make him come back but... Still once more he saved the Rebels.

Saturday, December 23, 09:01:22 PM

Movie had some sad scenes but funny parts like Kylo decided to Skype her without wearing his shirt. Glad he was not taking bath in that moment. No privacy. Lol

Saturday, December 23, 08:59:07 PM

They gave me a free poster after watching this movie and now is next to the Return of the Jedi. The exactly color for the movie.

Saturday, December 23, 08:57:30 PM

I like some of the outfits and after watching this movie I want to buy one of the ice Fox. They are very funny.

Saturday, December 23, 08:55:56 PM

I wish I could work for Disney. I could go there and play for free. The movie brought back good memories from the oldest days of Star Wars. This is not the typical SW movie. The script did not follow the traditional stories from the originals. I think after all I had a great experience watching this movie.

Saturday, December 23, 08:52:24 PM

Better view of this movie in 3D format but please don’t combine with IMAX. The island looked little off and darker scenes were little distorted. The movie was fantastic.

Saturday, December 23, 08:50:21 PM

We had an amazing time watching the film today. You could see the joy of many and the expectations during the movie. I loved the screen.

Saturday, December 23, 08:48:49 PM

The dark side was around the Island and Luke could not face this time the dark side? This movie was funny.

Saturday, December 23, 08:47:36 PM

The movie was good and the group call Down with Disney is posting in here. They had hack websites and etc. I wish we can go back to normal and able to review movies without get blasted. What happened with the older days when people did not get so offended by a movie? This was a new SW style of movie and from my opinion the movie was fine.

Saturday, December 23, 04:52:33 PM

If you see a 5 Star review just understand it was paid for by Disney. This "movie" was anti-Star Wars in EVERY way. It was such a betrayal I will never watch another Disney's Social Justice Star Wars. I won't pay to have leftist propaganda rammed down my throat for 2 hours. I know most of the OT fans won't either. Don't believe me? Pay to see it, then come back here and leave a REAL review.

Saturday, December 23, 03:03:54 PM


Saturday, December 23, 02:19:10 PM

Amazing story.

Saturday, December 23, 01:48:38 PM

Amazing movie. The Down side with Disney keep bashing this movie. :(

Saturday, December 23, 01:31:00 PM

Good movie, different story portrayal after Darth Vader, Luke and Leia.

Saturday, December 23, 01:13:55 PM

If you grew up loving Star Wars in the 70's do not see this movie. All of your good childhood memories will be destroyed after watching this grave injustice to the franchise. SJW's have won - Disney you suck!

Saturday, December 23, 11:43:30 AM

Excellent film. We can’t wait to see the sequel. My family had a good time watching this movie.