Thursday, December 21, 12:47:46 PM

We need more of the frozen planet but I think the new planet is full of great adventures.

Thursday, December 21, 12:16:29 PM

I think Kylo likes her. Probably love will end changing him to the light side. This movie have almost the same style from the originals movies. One movie hope is gone and the next one a total victory.

Thursday, December 21, 12:14:24 PM

Female characters were potrayed more stronger in this movie but the male characters have more time to analyzing the next moves. I did not like the gambler man. He was boring.

Thursday, December 21, 12:11:56 PM

I missed the X wings from this movie. The battle was some how weak but looking from the point of view of the rebels... they were isolate from the rest of the Galaxy. Hope was gone.

Thursday, December 21, 12:07:31 PM

The next sequel will have new charathers because they need to get out of the planet. I think they will adding the Star Wars Rebels to the next movie.

Thursday, December 21, 11:43:09 AM

Disney has no idea what they're doing with Star Wars!

Thursday, December 21, 11:30:03 AM


Thursday, December 21, 10:30:20 AM

This movie is much better in IMAX but not in 3D. The iimages looked little off. Probably we were sitting to near of the screen. I have not watch this movie in a regular format.

Thursday, December 21, 06:59:56 AM

Rian Johnson executes Order 66 on the franchise. Infected with pc politics, boring and lazy script, And the poster child of Mary Sue's. Maybe if one of snokes guards took off his mask mid fight and revealed himself to be evil Jar Jar it would have made me laugh at least. Only thing worse is the star wars Christmas special.

Thursday, December 21, 06:43:07 AM

This movie was fantastic. Can’t wait for the sequel

Thursday, December 21, 02:03:54 AM

We had the opportunity to watch this movie in an IMAX format. They gave to us the best experience from this movie. Good job.

Thursday, December 21, 01:59:04 AM

The new beginning is an opening for new stories. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Thursday, December 21, 01:57:37 AM

Amazing beginning.

Thursday, December 21, 01:44:52 AM

The movie was funny and sad at the same time. Luke was fantastic.

Thursday, December 21, 01:38:45 AM

A fantastic new experience. :)

Thursday, December 21, 01:36:42 AM

Love the movie and the new direction. New SW stories.

Wednesday, December 20, 10:18:40 PM

People who like this movie: sheep, snap chat filter users, people who talk in emoji, people who say fleek, people who think the force is real, and Seattle Seahawks fans

Wednesday, December 20, 10:02:34 PM

The trailer was better than the movie

Wednesday, December 20, 05:49:58 PM

It was okay, the remakes of these movies are same ole same ole and fortunately, some of us that we here for the originals had the best of it. If I would't have gone, I wouldn't have missed it. Plus the unknown actors are boring, no star breakouts at all.

Wednesday, December 20, 05:38:04 PM

Kylo is a weak Sith. Like the Sith said to him. A child behind the mask. I like the movie.

Wednesday, December 20, 03:36:01 PM

Star Wars is dead. Now we're just watching its corpse being puppeteered à la "Weekend at Bernie's".

Wednesday, December 20, 12:58:28 PM

This was about letting go. This is why some people did not like the story.

Wednesday, December 20, 11:02:52 AM

I love the story and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Wednesday, December 20, 10:42:03 AM

Completely mixed up movie and not at all up to the other Star Wars movies

Wednesday, December 20, 06:26:36 AM

A good fantasy/action movie...really enjoyed it!!

Wednesday, December 20, 02:22:15 AM

Happy with the movie. :)

Wednesday, December 20, 02:20:47 AM

The red color during the fight gave a dramatic touch to the battle. Kylo did not want to put his shirt on. Lol. Very funny scene. I think she likes him.

Wednesday, December 20, 02:18:31 AM

Glad was not the last Jedi. She will continuing with the tradition. Well some how.

Wednesday, December 20, 02:17:16 AM

I can’t wait for the sequel. The next one is going to be amazing.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:47:56 AM

Episode 7 was waaaayyyyyyy better! a lot of non-sense chasing,talking,training and talking! Rogue One was also waaaayyyy better than this!

Wednesday, December 20, 12:32:53 AM

Excellent ending for a new beginning of SW.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:31:06 AM

Jar jar? Lol No way. I am glad that character was not in the movie.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:29:28 AM

I think this movie was trying a new concept. This was not a typical SW movie but it was in the SW universe. The movie was great and I did not have any complains,

Wednesday, December 20, 12:24:34 AM

Amazing how the Falcon still going and never fall apart. I missed Landon.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:22:58 AM

I love this movie. Luke was all gentle but art same time funny. We all have our own demons as Luke Skywalker.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:21:06 AM

Snok like snow. What a ugly looking Sith. Hoping they make movie all about the Sith.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:16:35 AM

Luke had too much responsibly to build a new Jedi order and I think his heart was broken. He was tired. So sad. :(

Wednesday, December 20, 12:15:19 AM

Can’t wait to see more about the ice wolves. SW rebels have those characters. They have a connection with the force.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:13:37 AM

Carrie Fisher looked beautiful and nobody knew that would her last movie. She was always a princess. A beautiful soul.

Wednesday, December 20, 12:07:35 AM

They need to have a story of the planet. They got trapped without a way to get out from the planet. I can’t wait for the sequel.