Wednesday, December 20, 12:02:50 AM

The story was fantastic. The fight between Luke and Kylo was epic. Lady no body is getting pay for reviews or the studio is posting in here. Sounds the same person who acused the studio of Blade Runner to make posts in here. What is wrong with you?

Tuesday, December 19, 11:58:37 PM

Drama. I came here to give my view about the movie and talk about Mark Hamill best acting but I found a troll melting down. I am sure is one person because keeps going in circles like a rooster. Lol

Tuesday, December 19, 11:55:05 PM

Best movie so far.

Tuesday, December 19, 11:35:32 PM

This ruined the Star Wars franchise for me. Not sure who's giving this 5 stars??? It's probably one guy posting 5 star review's over and over again. Look at any forum on the net and you'll see what people really thought of this movie.

Tuesday, December 19, 11:29:07 PM

How are people giving this 5 stars??? And 93% on rotten tomatoes?? Easily the worst Star Wars movie thus far. No one on here can defend all the plot holes, terrible jokes, total disregard of the movies and characters that came before it. etc etc... There was so much wrong with this movie I don't even know where to start. Just terrible! And I used to be a Fan. Not anymore. I won't give this franchise another dollar.

Tuesday, December 19, 10:51:12 PM

This movie was half an hour too long. How does Daisey Ridley gain so much weight during this movie from start to finish? Yikes. The plot was very simplistic with no twists and the acting was emailed in except for Po and Snoke.

Tuesday, December 19, 10:40:30 PM

Money grabber. Nothing else. How could Snok move Ray all over the place and make her look pathetic and she could fight Luke like equal? The actor were horrible. How can you give 5 stars for a movie that is the worst of all the episodes? I think it is the moderator that gives 5 stars or paid studio people.

Tuesday, December 19, 10:20:15 PM

This movie was simply breathtaking

Tuesday, December 19, 09:43:16 PM

Where was jar jar?

Tuesday, December 19, 09:42:34 PM

So 63 percent have no taste, they probably love the Emoji movie. In the battle of who can be most emo Luke won. Please save the franchise Lucas. Disney took his genius and turned it into a disaster. Only real Star Wars fans know that. These bandwagon fans probably also love the Seahawks, golden state, blue Jays and Vegas golden knights

Tuesday, December 19, 08:50:39 PM

I LOVED this movie, although I couldn't stand Rose.

Tuesday, December 19, 07:53:27 PM

I have a taste for this movie because was fun and adventures. I don’t care about one stars bs comments.

Tuesday, December 19, 06:56:23 PM

Want some blue milk? Lol Those were a creepy creatures.

Tuesday, December 19, 06:55:11 PM

The poster is great and have like a clue related with the movie. She touched the dark side and liked the dark side but she stays in the light side. I think she is the new chosen one.

Tuesday, December 19, 06:53:07 PM

They did a good with some of the new characters except with the man from the casino. He was boring.

Tuesday, December 19, 03:55:09 PM

Very good movie and the sound effects were really good, but "Star Wars", The Force Awakens" still is #1. I would probably see this movie again but won't be buying the CD.

Tuesday, December 19, 11:24:32 AM

Very good, not the best (ESB is still #1) - A little long but once it got started we wanted more. Kids are still talking about their favorite parts days later. Loved the lightsaber battle, the hyperdrive crash and Luke versus Kylo. Enjoy it again!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 07:30:25 AM

Castaway Luke, where is WIlson????? Or is it Hobo Luke? Regardless he is hiding in the mountain after trying to kill Kylo Ren himself? What kind of name is Kylo? Sorry this movie is trash, go see Justice League people

Tuesday, December 19, 07:28:50 AM

So yoda gets luke to burn 1000000000 of years of Jedi history, just to teach him a lesson? That would be like God saying meh the 10 commandments I'm done with those. it makes ZERO SENSE

Tuesday, December 19, 01:07:57 AM

The battle against the red guards was amazing. Good lightsaber moves.

Tuesday, December 19, 12:56:52 AM

Luke was wiser but Yoda was more wiser than Luke. Burning the Jedi books was a way to teach Luke the real values of a Jedi.

Tuesday, December 19, 12:51:45 AM

Movie was fantastic I went two times to watch this movie.

Tuesday, December 19, 12:50:40 AM

Something cool about SW is the way comunícate with others especies.

Tuesday, December 19, 12:47:59 AM

Kylo wanted to ran away with her? She should do that. The empire was not so great and rebels were no so stronger like they used to be. Kylo was right.

Tuesday, December 19, 12:45:35 AM

A great movie to watch again. :)

Monday, December 18, 11:38:42 PM

Once again a rehash of Star Wars/Empire strikes Back. If you didn't see the parallels you and a bag of rocks have much in common. It was enjoyable to watch, but I was certainly underwhelmed. Finn's potential love interest was so poorly cast it borders on the ridiculous. Writing for Luke's character was incredibly juvenile and uninspired, and they didn't even utilize him to train Rey in any way at all. Watchable but a letdown from expectations.

Monday, December 18, 11:30:34 PM

10 out of 15? Really? More like 10 out today of 1500! Real Star Wars I urge you not to go. They basically took the essence of Star Wars and turned it into Starship Troopers. 1. Luke looks like the hobo from Castaway 2. Yoda cracking jokes like he's on Comedy Central 3. Kylo Ren is every spoiled millennial 4. Poe gets in trouble for mansplaining 5. The main bad guy is about as believable as the bad guy in new Ghostbusters

Monday, December 18, 10:56:41 PM

Movie is Awesome go see this movie. 10 out of 5

Monday, December 18, 10:50:48 PM

Where was Han Solo he died in force awakens. I don’t follow Star Wars movies but I saw that one so he would not be in this one. Great movie. Just as good as rogue one. They both blew my expectations away. Going to see this again soon. Can’t wait to own on iTunes. This is a must see. For those people out there they didn’t enjoy this film obviously you haven’t seen a good movie. This is way better then justice trash

Monday, December 18, 08:15:31 PM

Kylo is more emo than Toby's Spider-Man 3

Monday, December 18, 08:13:32 PM

I will manaplain it for all: This Movie Isn't Very Good

Monday, December 18, 07:40:51 PM

Where was Obi-Wan kenobi? He did not learn to come back is a ghost? Lol Yoda was great.

Monday, December 18, 07:38:37 PM

No idea who was the lady in command of one the main ships but I like her hair color. I meant I don’t remember her from other stories.

Monday, December 18, 07:25:44 PM

Awesome. Spoiler alert. Darth Vader dies and he is Luke's father. Just kidding. Our family really enjoyed this movie. Well put together and a lot of fun.

Monday, December 18, 06:52:14 PM

Movie was fine. I am in old folk and liked this new version.

Monday, December 18, 04:45:20 PM

Jedi can’t fall in love. But this is the new Jedi generation. Hoping she end marrying to pass the force to her kids.

Monday, December 18, 04:43:29 PM

One of the stars reviews still stuck in Freud universe. Lol No idea why the hate towards this movie. The battles were great. The red background made more interesting the lightsaber fight.

Monday, December 18, 04:40:29 PM

This was my first time watching a Star Wars movie and the movie was great. I don’t know anything from the other movies.

Monday, December 18, 04:38:00 PM

We had a SW marathon but we skipped Attack of the Clones. We wanted to watch the whole thing before this movie. Yes it was fantastic. SW in a big screen etc.

Monday, December 18, 04:36:09 PM

Wondering if Ben Kenobi astro projected himself. I think what Luke did was amazing. Leia did not know. The audiences too. Great scene.