Friday, January 19, 09:19:29 PM

La la la wait until I get my money right

Friday, January 19, 05:04:44 PM

LMFAO - I wish I would have smoked up prior. It probably would have been 2 stars instead of 1. "How bad was it? Bad enough that another movie goer smoked a joint in the theater to alleviate the illness the movie was inflicting upon us all. Doubt it helped at all."

Friday, January 19, 06:38:13 AM

The least of the series by quite a margin.

Thursday, January 18, 07:08:24 PM

If this movie mad anybody smile, they were wasted

Thursday, January 18, 03:37:47 PM

Bad script, acting and special effects. I walked out 40 minutes in.

Thursday, January 18, 12:29:48 PM

How bad was it? Bad enough that another movie goer smoked a joint in the theater to alleviate the illness the movie was inflicting upon us all. Doubt it helped at all.

Wednesday, January 17, 06:43:58 PM

Made me smile. :)

Wednesday, January 17, 05:20:46 AM

A total action pack movie. I enjoyed this movie.

Wednesday, January 17, 03:49:49 AM

Waste of money unless you're a kid.

Tuesday, January 16, 10:28:25 PM

A tragic direction for the franchise to take.

Tuesday, January 16, 10:19:33 PM

If this is indicative of what the next ones will be like I won't be seeing them.

Tuesday, January 16, 07:58:40 PM

Saw this movie for a second time today and this time i really enjoy it. Good movie but i would not give it a rating of 5.

Tuesday, January 16, 07:43:28 PM

This movie is bad but the disnified sheep are rigging the reviews

Tuesday, January 16, 05:48:04 PM

Haven't really cared for the last few Star Wars movies, but this is finally a good one.

Tuesday, January 16, 10:41:59 AM

No the best film but was good enough for me. :) Just simple and fun.

Tuesday, January 16, 10:24:35 AM

Best Jedi thing I didn't see coming.

Tuesday, January 16, 09:43:40 AM

This in movie on 3D format was excellent. Except seating near to a man who was trying to copy the movie with his cell phone on. They asked him to leave. Please don’t use your cell phones during a movie.

Tuesday, January 16, 09:02:36 AM

Movie was a fantasy funny movie. I had a fun time watching and laughing at some scenes. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 08:51:05 AM

Carrie Fisher did an amazing job. Who knows if she was already feeling sick during the production. Very sad when she came back for the first movie and some people made fun of her weight. People change when they get older. She was an excellent actress.

Tuesday, January 16, 04:05:32 AM


Tuesday, January 16, 04:04:18 AM

The comments on this movie seem very polarized but I see why there's a gap. Many adults perceive what they've done to some of the main characters. For example, Luke, a Jedi Master, gets his butt kicked by a woman ( Rey ) with little or no training, yet we're supposed to accept this as consistent even if we've never seen the first six Lucas films. A five year old won't notice this but a family film also has to expect adults to be watching, and yes, we notice this and other annoying inconsistencies.

Tuesday, January 16, 03:51:36 AM

Any child will like the flashy special effects without understanding how the movie fails on different levels.

Tuesday, January 16, 03:22:13 AM

Looked forward to this but it was awful. The special effects as one would expect are decent but that's not enough to make up for a poorly written script.

Tuesday, January 16, 03:09:39 AM

My friends and I had a blast watching this movie.

Monday, January 15, 08:37:04 PM

Sorry stupid made movie. Don't waist your time.

Monday, January 15, 05:29:20 AM

The qualities that made many of the characters heroic and interesting were condescendingly stripped from them in favor of elevating others but won't be noticed by most people under fifteen.

Sunday, January 14, 06:49:36 PM

Lots of Industrial Magic Razzel Dazzel but the story was convoluted.

Sunday, January 14, 06:46:21 PM

I wish the movie was less than two hours but we liked the story.

Sunday, January 14, 04:53:09 PM

Excellent story. The last one for Carrie Fisher. :(

Sunday, January 14, 01:23:24 AM

I wish the force made this movie disappear

Saturday, January 13, 08:13:28 PM

I enjoyed this movie from the begining to the end.

Saturday, January 13, 08:12:10 PM

lol Princess Leia flying. Despite of some ridicules scenes I still like this movie.

Saturday, January 13, 06:16:01 PM

Pure garbage.

Friday, January 12, 04:55:10 PM

Good movie. I had a lot fun watching this adventures story.

Thursday, January 11, 03:33:57 PM

where was jar jar binks!!! no jar jar no good

Thursday, January 11, 03:17:38 PM

My family went to see this movie and I did not want to go because some of the reviews. Finally I was able to watch the movie and the film was amazing. :)

Thursday, January 11, 01:13:32 PM

Watched last movie in 3D and I think the movie have good angles scenes. Story little weak and empty parts but Carrie Fisher made up for the movie.

Thursday, January 11, 12:38:29 PM

I had fun last night despite the rain we got last night in our city. 4 stars because the movie was too long filled with couple odd scenes.

Wednesday, January 10, 10:44:57 PM

I'm not a Star Wars fan. Lets get that out of the way. This was just a terrible movie through and through. Numerous plot holes, terrible jokes, dropping bombs in space, Leia / Mary Poppins flying through space, Rey is a natural born jedi master right out of the box. No training needed. Snoke's the supreme leader. He didn't get to where he is for being a clueless idiot? Kylo Ren is just a whiny / annoying character. The whole casino scene was so stupid and pointless. This movie was beyond terrible! And I didn't list all the issues, just the major ones. On what planet is this 5 stars? If you like the movie (somehow) it was far from perfect. It's like comparing a mint condition sealed box star wars toy to a heavily used one. Wake up guy's It's not a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination.

Wednesday, January 10, 09:57:26 PM

If you went to this more than once you either have too much money or are donald trump