Friday, February 2, 04:34:04 AM

Definitely among the worst movies I've ever seen.

Thursday, February 1, 05:04:44 PM

We liked this movie so much that we are going tonight to the last show.

Thursday, February 1, 12:41:51 AM

Finn who was an integral part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was made to appear foolish, childish, impotent, and at best, misguided. The social justice warriors that wrote this were so intent on making women condescendingly superior to men that they stripped them of any heroic attributes. That alone is enough to give this a movie a zero if it were possible.

Wednesday, January 31, 10:00:33 PM

Plots holes, bad acting, painfully bad jokes, pointless scenes and characters. Terrible in every sense of the word. 5 stars is laughable.

Wednesday, January 31, 05:06:29 PM

Terrible addition to the franchise...nothing in this more was good...excessive humor, no backstories, killing off the one good thing it had going for itself, Mark Hamill. The movie is all over the place like it was produced, written and directed by a toddler. Worst SW movie ever. Wait for Netflix or dvd rental for your money folks. Besides the obvious this movie was filled with political garbage and casted all men as stupid, grumpy and unimportant while females were heroes and the leaders in every situation. Rey is like a god needing no training what so ever. Chewbacca, 3po and r2’s screen time is a min at best...heck B.B.-8 is only in 5 min. Again just awful!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 02:16:25 PM

Visually stunning however the story was absolutely terrible.

Tuesday, January 30, 07:26:53 PM

That is a Great movie that deserves Oscar. Deep meaning and such amazing performance.

Tuesday, January 30, 06:31:58 PM

Even most of the movies I've been unsatisfied with I'd likely give them as much as a 2 but this edition of Star Wars is in a class by itself. There's nothing subtle about the statement it makes yet if it was not present even some of the more bizarre, boring or unnecessary scenes could be forgiven in which case I would be rating this 4 star.

Tuesday, January 30, 09:50:58 AM

Wow...That was one of the worst writing in star wars franchise. -plot holes upon plot holes; -everyone act like idiots; -0 logic; -0 chemestry between heroes of the story; -obscene amount of cringy comedy; -character of Phasma absolutely…

Tuesday, January 30, 09:44:43 AM

Another uninspired copy and paste script. Some absolutely stupid character abilities. No respect for the characters/legacy. A bunch of crappy effortless CGI. Cheap humour. 3 stars for the percentage of the movie I wasn't bored. It's just another dumb movie now - the legacy is dead.

Tuesday, January 30, 08:26:38 AM

Lots of problems with plot and such but overall I liked it. If you are a Star Wars fan like me, go and see it. It's got lots of Star Wars fun. Luke and Leia show up and a load of bad guys attack the Rebel Alliance. Turn off your negativity and just enjoy it for a fun romp in a Galaxy... far far away. Far from perfect, but still worth seeing. 3/5

Tuesday, January 30, 06:52:09 AM

I am not a DIE-HARD Star Wars fan but I have seen all the movies, played both KOTORs, read some literature etc. You can say I'm just an average fan. And maybe it was because of high expectations, fueled by rave reviews, but after the

Tuesday, January 30, 06:35:25 AM

Awful. Save your money. No surprise it's still rated 3 stars. Got to hurt the 5 star troll. Probably the worst ever Star Wars.

Monday, January 29, 10:28:28 PM

Luke is portrayed as a coward through the whole movie and is reluctant and never actually showed up to fight Kylo and this is weak writing. How can that become a cause by fighting via virtual It's better if Luke actually showed up, kicked some First Order butt and then became a sacrifice, ergo uniting everyone and doing the right thing. Man, that would have been such a powerful scene and all could be forgiven (maybe). Comedy scenes included are absurd (comedy is good to have but not this way) and take away the sense of urgency and importance of the fight too much, characters are shallow and cliche, enough plot holes to fill every hole on a golf course, and severe deus ex machina (the Force mostly) used for convenience and lazy/bad writing. Men in this movie are portrayed as idiots or macho. Women are not well represented or respected either and does them a disservice. The people who funded (Disney), wrote and directed this movie must have no morality or clue, therefore the movie had none.

Monday, January 29, 12:10:28 PM

I’m giving this a 1 because me and 3 other people in my group decided to leave the theater after the first part of the movie otherwise I would have given it 0if that were possible.. I have to say that I’m a fan of the original trilogy but except another friend in my group the other two didn’t care about Star Wars very much so they were in just to enjoy a movie together (We are all about 30 years old). I didn’t have great expectations, I’m not a fan of episode VII, I find it inconsistent and not original but overall I think it’s an ok movie, so I tried to have an open mind for this one. I did know about the mixed reviews but nothing could have prepared me for what I’ve witnessed. I’m not going to debate the lore or the direction the story is progressing in these new films, I personally don’t like it because for me Star Wars was something else and I think Disney could have told a new original story for the new generations without the need to destroy the heroes of the old movies and their accomplishments, but , I repeat, this is only my personal opinion. ‘The Last Jedi’ was very good visually but story wise it was ridiculous, rushed, full of plot holes and inconsistecies and I’m not saying that in refer to the original trilogy, but to episode VII and even with itself. The characters choices and many scenes are totally random and don’t make any sense. As if this couldn’t be enough the movie is full of cheap forced “funny” moments and evident political topics that don’t belong in a Star Wars movie at all. We had I think 6 or 7 kids sitting in the row in front of us but I never heard anyone laughing once. I’m completely puzzled about the great reviews this movie is getting. Are good visuals, special effects and cute birds really enough to make a bad movie a great movie?

Monday, January 29, 12:06:22 PM

After seeing The Force Awakens I was extremely excited to see this movie. The Force Awakens was refreshing, magical, and mysterious. Yes there were monitor issues, but it was very entertaining and I hardly noticed them. So, after two years The Last Jedi was released and I was ready to go. Little did I know that I would be walking out of the theater in such disappointment. I couldn't believe it! This film did not deliver the same experience The Force Awakens provided. It felt like it was a tree whose core was rotten. It lacked something. A lot of something. It looked and sounded like Star Wars but it didn't feel like Star Wars. It felt poorly written with no clear direction. Many of my favorite characters had been completely mischaracterized. I could care less for any of the characters. There were so many moments where I found myself being ripped away from the movie and I realized I was sitting in a movie theater. Having to listen to a political lecture really took me out of the experience. I want to forget about life hear on earth and go on a magical journey and see people do impossible and amazing things. This movie was very disappointing and unsatisfying. There were many questions from The Force Awakens that weren't even addressed. The answers we did get were very underwhelming. I have very little hope for the next installment. We'll see.

Monday, January 29, 11:08:14 AM

The story was a sloppy, garbled and confusing mess. The decisions Rian Johnson made with Luke's character were heart-shattering. I think I speak for most fans of the original trilogy: what they did with Luke in this movie was a betrayal of the character that we know Luke is. Mark Hamill said himself he was "insulted" when he read the script. I can only imagine how offended George Lucas is. I can't bring myself to see this movie a second time because it hurts just thinking about Luke. Disney is dead to me. What an absolute shame. What an absolute failure. Done

Monday, January 29, 11:06:20 AM

Hilariously bad movie. There are zero rules to anything happening in the movie, the new order always fails to accomplish anything and the resistance seems succeed out of sheer luck. Also the Plot between Rey and Luke is uninteresting while poorly trying to imitate the excitment of Lukes first Introduction to the force. I could go on ranting about nearly every aspect of this bad movie in detail, but I want to spare myself from reliving to much of this awful experience. I guess after a mediocore Episode VII I will have to accept that Disney isnt capable of capturing the essence of what made Star Wars fun. Generally it doesn't at all feel like a Star Wars movie, and you shouldn't waste your money on going to the cinema seeing this movie.

Monday, January 29, 10:47:23 AM

The film is terrible. The plot and text is garbage and the characters' motivations makes absolutely NO SENSE. The charater development is clearly lacking.

Monday, January 29, 10:43:21 AM

The last Jedi is a bad movie: it is horribly written, full of plotholes, and the lack of character developpement is astonishing. It is also a treason of the Star Wars Universe. The film direction is well done, but it can't hide all these patent flaws. So I will also rate it with a zero, as a sanction. Don't go see it !

Monday, January 29, 10:42:04 AM

The Last Jedi is blasphemy. Rain Johnson does not seem to understand the essence of what Star Wars is about. He cares so much about subverting expectations, that he is willing to steal your joy!

Monday, January 29, 10:40:29 AM

This is without a doubt the worst Star Wars movie in the franchise, and one of the worst movies I've ever seen. No, I'm not saying that because I expected something different and am disappointed. No, I am not saying that because a beloved character dies. I am saying this because the movie has poor pacing, poor tone, completely self-contradictory and illogical plot movements, plot holes everywhere, no character arch, and simultaneously destroys any hope of the new characters being interesting AND the legacy of old heroes. The "gotcha" reversal of expectations moves, which became horribly predictable, were nauseating. The comedy never landed, and destroyed the tone. The feminist and animal activist politics were completely overbearing (and self-contradictory). At every opportunity to create good character development, the movie falls flat. Do we need to talk about alien boob milking, ships that go exactly the same speed for an entire film, useless Canto Bite missions, dying from over-meditation, or any of the other nonsensical events? Do we really need to go there? Because I can. Trust me when I say: this is not the Star Wars you were looking for. Avoid.

Monday, January 29, 10:16:15 AM

It looks really good but the anti-white racist SJW degradation is beyond forgivable. Another classic piece of media destroyed on the alter of a political narrative over the stories lore and good story telling. Good going guys you ruined another cultural staple and turned even more people against you. Another series crossed off the list.

Monday, January 29, 10:16:11 AM

It’s not coincidence that Lucas made Luke literally rescue his father from the Dark Side. Proposing that there’s no absolute good and evil, that both Jedi and Sith were equally wrong because of their dogmatism and that both of those factions used the Force and viewed themselves as good (as a mean to reinforce their power) is treason against the core morality that was deeply embedded in Lucas’ original philosophy, one that he tried to build in the tradition of ancient mythology: he carefully showed how this relativistic “grey view” of good and evil is just a trick used by the dark side. Remember Palpatine’s and Anakin’s conversation at the opera. It was meant to mirror the Temptation of Christ in the desert, the serpent at the Tree of Good and Evil or the conversation between Buddha and Mara. Evil tries to twist the morality of the hero, painting both moral opposites as the same, as relative. A pure Jungian archetype. That’s why Lucas sold his soul. He literally did. He sold a creation that conveyed these ideas beautifully to a company that wants to deconstruct them and negate their validity and use them to further advance the destructive globalist agenda which is aimed at breaking down everything into chaos gray zones, lack of meaning, addiction etc where everything is the opposite to what it was before. I’m sure he’s sad with what Disney is doing with his carefully crafted mythology but this is the perfect depiction of why more and more are reporting being unhappy, depressed, unwanted, not loved…… Not having understood the meaning or ways of navigating in life because it all has been based on big lie. The truth has always been there right there right infront of them. "That evil & good is subjective, lightness darkness is not equal, we need to choose the tree of life" By supporting this movie u are consenting to create "Order out of Chaos from wickedness & suffering"

Monday, January 29, 10:15:51 AM

My wife and I walked out of the theater extremely disappointed. The movie just lacked substance and story. It gave the audience more questions and answered largely anticipated questions horribly...It was also full of plot holes and just ruined long time loved characters from the original trilogy. Episode VII did a good job setting this movie up for success, but this movie just was a dump on the series. When Disney bought Star Wars, I feared they would kill it...and this movie is my fears come true.

Monday, January 29, 10:15:16 AM

The only positive thing I can say of this movie is that there are some scenes that are visually spectacular. On the whole, however, the characters are unlikable caricatures with sloppy dialog. The story itself is a convoluted, meandering mess with nearly a third of the screen-time being utterly pointless. All the lose ends of the previous movie are either ignored or bluntly stated to be pointless. "Mary Sue" Rei Mary Sue's her way through everything as she did in episode 7, leaving no tension or attachment to her boring, vacant character. Add a dash of clumsy political ideological allegory and you end up with two and half hours of my life I wish that I could have back. I will not bother with episode 9.

Monday, January 29, 10:10:45 AM

Terrible film. Even from a basic plot and character point of view it sucked. We got to see the destruction of Luke's Character which was a real low point in my opinion. I think people who like this film simply like pretty lights and visuals and the fact it checks every PC box imaginable. Just a bad film. How did people get paid to make this film? It's like welfare for hollywood types. Show up, create a turkey, collect a paycheck. If you like the original trilogy, avoid.

Monday, January 29, 10:05:15 AM

If it were totally standalone, it would be an average kind-of-enjoyable thing with many plotholes. But like destroys the mythology, and offers nothing except meh-meh to replace what it destroyed. I WANTED to be surprised, but not in such a way that the surprises all ring hollow and/or unconvincing. Let's see why... Luke contemplating killing Kylo...nope. This happens to be a personal obsession of Rian's - "if you met Hitler while still a kid, would you kill him?" Check out his movie Looper for proof of this. And it could have been convincingly placed in this mythology...only it isn't. Something like that has to be earned, not shoehorned in. And yeah, it does character-assassinate Luke, this is simply not him, not even if he changed. An example (only one of the possible ways this could have been made convincing, and no it wasn't my idea to start with, got it from someone on the Net): if Ben/Kylo and all or most of Luke's students got converted by Snoke and rebelled, Luke may have been forced to kill them while crying, then could not bring himself to kill his own nephew.

Monday, January 29, 10:01:09 AM

I really tried to enjoy the movie, i forced myself to like it, but everyday I get angrier at the realization that rian Johnson just made the worst star wars movie. Please Disney, please lucasfilm, stop killing star wars, stop killing something i loved so much

Monday, January 29, 09:59:27 AM

This movie just is poor in general and a freaking disaster as a Star Wars film. First of all 2/3 of this movie is a total mess of insane stupidity and SJW agenda. People of color are all heroes and led by number of empowered woman, First Order are stupid idiotic men who are LITERALLY HITLERS from the 60s cartoons. Do you really think that your viewers are THAT stupid and should be fed with that kind of Top Dog Luke is a old bitter idiot who does not know better cause his student knows its all from the start. Kylo is more bland then in Force Awakens. Whole casino planet is a stupid nonsensical 30 minutes joke that was written to give Fin some artificial and useless story to tell. From the 2.5h of this movie may be 30 minutes were worth it, the rest of it is just a freaking filler crap that should not even be in this movie.

Monday, January 29, 09:59:25 AM

I had an unsettling feeling about this film when the "can you hear me?" jokes started at the beginning of the film. it only got worse from there. Just awful, dreadful movie-making. ONE scene stuck in my memory: that of using a capital ship as a Weapon of Lightspeed Destruction. The rest was easily forgotten. This may be the 1st Star Wars movie I don't purchase or see again

Monday, January 29, 09:50:47 AM

If you watched the original trilogy (episodes IV-VI) and have formed an attachment to those characters (especially Luke) you are going to get slapped in the face. Before the movies came out I kept seeing Mark Hamill interviews where he was trying to tactfully voice decent with the direction the movie was going. In one interview he actually states "I fundamentally disagree with everything (the writers) think about Luke." Man was he right. The Force Awakens left so many enticing questions to be answered, along with a bevy of mysterious characters who we all wanted to learn more about. The Last Jedi, not only fails to answer ANY important questions, it destroys the possibility or reason to ever answer them in a meaningful way (either through cheap and banal plot devices or outright character death). As in The Force Awakens the characters all have fast paced adventures while completely avoiding any interesting or meaningful character arcs. The movie is beautiful, but its all eye candy and no substance. Like eating a pile of real candy the initial sugar rush fades and you are left with nothing but the proverbial tummy ache. The more time I have to reflect on the film the more I think it was 1. Terrible. 2. May actually have fundamentally broken the Star Wars world. Perhaps it can be saved, but at this point I can't see how. It looks like Star Wars will end not with a bang but with a whimper.

Monday, January 29, 09:50:45 AM

This movie doesn't care about the fans nor for anything Star Wars if this is mark hamill and Carrie Fischer last film in Star Wars Disney has done a truly remarkable job in destroying the franchise no matter who directs episode 9 if this movie is canon and not retconned it will be truly be a lost cause for the Star Wars franchise rian johnson ruined Star Wars so spectacularly that I am flabbergasted that Disney would ever consider giving him his own Star Wars trilogy after destroying this one so callously

Monday, January 29, 09:50:41 AM

The one is for the amazing visuals and wonderful backgrounds. The only good thing about that movie. The story is bad, the acting is bad (except of BB-8). And they end up AGAIN on a WHITE planet fighting AT-ATs wit SPEEDERS!!!!! They shoot in a ballistic arch in space and why do Spaceships without fuel make a full stop? Why does the Empire only shot with one cannon on the transporter? Why to the no just send ONE of the Star Destroyer ahead?

Monday, January 29, 09:50:23 AM

Even Mark Hamill said the script was deeply flawed. More than that, it's a disgrace. Rian Johnson and Disney have rounded up the cannon and lore as we know it, kicked it to its knees, and blew its brains out. No longer does Star Wars have a meaning or a message.

Monday, January 29, 09:48:48 AM

Another major disappointment was Leia's character as a whole. She doesn't get much screen time, and when she does it's weak, and ultimately pointless. She feels so much like a side character that she could've been removed altogether (which she should have been), and it wouldn't have made a goddamn difference to the story. Being yet another reason why Episode IX is royally f**ked, you know, having to figure out how to either sustain her or kill her off. The one decent thing I can say for this movie is that it's very pretty. It is hands down the most aesthetically pleasing Star Wars movie to date, but that doesn't help a film much when the story, characters, and even the ending are terrible. The Last Jedi takes everything The Force Awakens built up and says, "F**k it, we don't need it." Being a terrible segway episode and standalone episode. But at least it did it while being pretty, which is the only reason this film is a 1/5 as opposed to a flat out 0/5.

Monday, January 29, 09:36:50 AM

The Last Jedi is an awful movie. EVERYTHING that happens in the movie is awful. The "humor" is awful. the "story" is awful. The "plot" is full of holes. There is a completely waste of 45 minutes in a casino where "rich people r bad" and animals should be free message. NO STORY AT ALL. This is not Star Wars. This was SPACEBALLS or a Parody of a Star Wars movie. The "critics" got red carpet treatment and flat out LIED with giving high praise for this terrible movie.

Monday, January 29, 09:35:19 AM

This is what happens when Social Justice Warriors take over Hollywood as well. They keep are ruining sports, video games and now the most iconic franchise of all time! Can I just enjoy my childhood film and characters for 2 hours!?! I will not get into plot holes, etc. Other users have made it clear this movie only has Star Wars for name.

Monday, January 29, 09:34:27 AM

We all know that Carrie Fisher died last year, and so I assumed this one scene would be here end. But no... How? It is not explained and that is horrible. It feels so misplaced and awkward, it hurts. So she still lives in this movie, and on the other hand she is dead and nobody knows what will be with her in the next movie. This makes no sense at all. Lukes appearance in this movie should have been cut out. The way he is portrayed here makes absolutely no sense to his character at all. This movie is so full of "what the... why?" that it hurts. So I hope Episode 9 starts with Rey waking up, realizing she had a really intense dream and then the story kinda progresses. But like this? No. There was a building up - a tension in this movie where I really thought ok, she will become a sith and Kylo will become a jedi again. But no. And the end of.. Snoke? We don't even know who he is, and apparently he is dead now? or isn't he? This movie just makes no sense. I absolutely dislike how they treated die old characters in this "trilogy"

Monday, January 29, 09:32:41 AM

It seems like the movie was just one big head fake after another at the expense of making a movie that makes sense in the context of what came before. Its as if the director was so concerned with the criticism that the force awakens was just a retread that they decided to throw everything out the window whether it made sense or not. There were some of these surprises that I liked (especially the throne room fight). But overall I think this movie is a mess that destroys more than it builds. Worst of all the destruction has effectively eradicated my desire to see any more of the Disney Star Wars. I really enjoyed Rogue One and i thought The Force Awakens was ok. I even appreciated some aspects of the prequels. But this one just left me confused and disappointed. There is a Youtuber named David Stewart who has a few videos breaking down the issues with this movie (in a better fashion than I can). One of the points he made was that this movie has the aesthetic of a Star Wars movie but it does not have the heart of one. There is no heart here just window dressing.