Monday, January 29, 09:32:18 AM

I really wish they would have finished out episodes 8 and 9 before trying to reset everything. The last point I will make is that the writer/director seemed to go out of his way to subvert every expectation. While I like some surprises i wish they were tied to a better story. I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was being trolled throughout this movie. You expect to find out about Rey’s past? Nope!. You expect to find out how the first order came to be? nope! you expect to find out more about Snoke? Nope You expect Admiral Holdo to act rationally and explain the plan so people know they are not just waiting for a slow death? Nope. Who are the Knights of Ren? Nope! You expect Luke to not be a bitter old man who doesn’t care that his sister is in grave danger? Nope! You expect that Finn will retain some of the character growth he had from the last movie? Nope! You expect Finn to go out and sacrifice himself to save what is remaining of his friends? Nope! You expect Poe to not act like a complete ass twice? Nope! You expect this film to make sense given the existing canon? Nope!

Monday, January 29, 09:31:27 AM

Many people have said there is precedent for Luke going into exile because both Yoda and Obi Wan did the same. I don’t buy this. In this film Luke just gives up and goes into exile to die. Obi Wan went to Tatooine to watch over Luke and try and make sure Vader/Palpatine didn’t find Luke. Yoda went to Dagoba to bide his time and see if there might come a way to undo what had been done. From my perspective they both still carried a spark of hope. Luke just gave up with little explanation as to why. Are you freaking kidding me!?!? ?The next point I will talk about is the overall tone of the movie. The writer seemed to go out of his way to make sure we knew the that all the stuff from episodes 1-7 does not matter from this point on. There were some serious nihilistic undercurrents here. He went out of his way to say it doesn’t matter who Snoke is. It doesn’t matter who Rey’s parents are. The Jedi origins and history don’t matter. By the end of the movie the resistance is basically decimated with 1 ship and about 20 people surviving. I get that Disney probably wants to reset things so they can take the series in some different directions but did they have to go out of there way to tear down just about everything that came before to do it?

Monday, January 29, 09:30:58 AM

While there are many critiques of some of the issues with this movie I will focus on a few that really ruined it for me. The 1st and biggest for me is the portrayal of Luke. in this move we are supposed to believe that Luke just gave up and went to some island to die because Ben Solo started to turn to the Dark Side. This basically undoes all character progression we see for Luke in episodes 4-6. This was just a leap to far for me and really pulled me out of the movie. i probably could have gone along with this plot point if they had spent some time developing this point. Instead all we got to support this was a few short flashbacks and some very short exposition. Maybe they could have cut the pointless Canto Bight stuff and spent some time here). One possible way this could have been down would be if Luke had been married and Ben Solo killed his spouse. I probably would not have liked this but I could have gone along with it.

Monday, January 29, 09:28:49 AM

This movie is utter trash. It completely takes the concepts and plot points originally set up in the first movie and just chucks them over their shoulder. Seriously, the result of Rey holding out the light saber to Luke ends in him just chucking it away. Where to start with this steaming pile of shiet. First, Rey is apparently nobody special. Her parents were junkers who traded her for credits then drank themselves to death and are buried on Jakku in a poppers grave. Snoke is nobody special as he is easily killed by Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren. These are two things that are set up to be major plot points in the first movie that are just chucked out the window in this new movie. The whole point of the movie is killing the past and letting go of your heroes so that "new ones" can rise. **** garbage. This is just an excuse for lazy writing and a very clear "progressive" agenda. There's the scene on the Resistance capital ship where the new admiral doesn't tell Poe her plan which results in him mutinying and setting up a plan of his own that fails because Fin and his new love interest Rose (who is beautiful by feminist standards), are completely inept. Why didn't the femnazi purple haired admiral just tell Poe her plan? I mean if you are planning to stealthily abandon ship and flee to an old uncharted Rebellion base, maybe that's the kind of thing you would want to tell the crew? So that, you know, they can prepare to abandon ship? Anyway, Fin and Rose go to the casino world, complain about capitalism, get arrested, break out, free some animals but not the slave children (Like WTF! you free the freaking animals but not the SLAVE KIDS!!!), partner up with a criminal they met in prison who later betrays them (big freaking surprise). . .

Monday, January 29, 09:25:05 AM

leftist rot. allow me to free associate: lazy writing. cultural decay. socialist praising. capitalist damning. regurgitated FX/ideas. no ben burtt. misandrous. anti-white. destroys everything built nicely by Force…

Monday, January 29, 09:23:15 AM

The New Republic is completely gone. Luke’s Jedi Order is a failure. An evil empire reigns across the galaxy once more. Everything our heroes achieved in the Original Trilogy was ultimately for nothing. Luke, Leia, and Han deserved better.

Monday, January 29, 09:21:14 AM

All the previous "1" reviews were right on the money. There are so many bad plot devices, meaningless diversions, bad character development, poor "physics", bad acting, bad EVERYTHING, that this should not even be considered a part of the Star Wars saga. They should issue an apology and try again.

Monday, January 29, 09:21:00 AM

This film is an utter betrayal to the entire Star Wars mythos. It literally destroys everything we came to love before it and proclaims a new order based on nothing. Luke as a character was utterly betrayed. Whatever potential there was in any of the characters from TFA has been turned to **** Rian Johnson should be tarred and feathered and run out of town, but I'm afraid this is the direction that hag Kathleen Kennedy is determined to take things.

Monday, January 29, 09:20:03 AM

The worst Star Wars movie by far. And also the least 'Star Wars-y' Star Wars movie. The creators have destroyed the soul of Star Wars. Credit to Mark Hamill for speaking out and admitting that Luke Skywalker is not the Luke Skywalker that he knew. Sadly, this will be remembered as the movie that knocked Star Wars from its pedestal among fans. The few memorable moments are only memorable because they are utterly cringe worthy. The new characters are abominations. I can only presume that Disney/Lucasfilm only employ cowards or Yes Men nowadays, because that's the only explanation as to why no-one behind the scenes spoke up and pointed out to the senior people at Disney/Lucasfilm what an absolute atrocity they were creating. The soundtrack is great though, so it gets one star for the soundtrack.

Monday, January 29, 09:15:55 AM

I saw this film on Dec 27th, I shouldn't have bothered. I shouldn't have been worried about plot spoilers and read the user reviews, the critical ones on here are correct so I won't repeat most of what has been said already, other than the film has death star sized plot holes, some of the most ridiculous plot devices, lame humour, hollow characters, pointless side plots, a complete disregard for the previous movies and Star Wars lore, and some of the most blatent political correctness I've ever seen in a movie. I won't be watching any more Disneyfied milking of this franchise if the upcoming movies are this bad.

Monday, January 29, 09:15:26 AM

I rated this movie lower because of how awfully suspect the critic ratings are. This movie was visually stunning and Mark Hamill and Adam Driver had awesome performances. The major problem with this movie is that it ignores basic storytelling aspects. This is supposed to be part of a trilogy which indicates that the story has some internal consistency. If this was a stand alone movie the writer/director can make their own decisions. Rian Johnson cast away every major decision that was laid out in the previous film. Some have likened it the children playing the game add to the story with a sentence until it gets to one who totally changes the story that came from those before. This movie had an inverse of the Empire Strikes Back story. Several of the characters serve no purpose. Major changes in the force made absolutely no sense when you look at previously established movies. People say there are bold choices. It is not bold to totally ignore established plot lines. So much is desperately wrong with this movie and the fact that the studio insults the intelligence of the audience makes it necessary to rate it even lower.

Monday, January 29, 09:15:12 AM

DON'T waste your money on this cheap half assed and pathetic attempt at ripping fans off from their money and Rian Johnson have the audacity to say that "it's too big to fail" well it failed you failed and let down 30 years of story and love for a amazing sci-fi series and Idk if you just wanted it to be too pg13 and we need to make rated R because right now the last Jedi is just a sad joke. It's like you didn't even watch force awakens which I already thought was bad but no let's keep lowering the bar for what we call a "great movie" and then you just try to dismiss fans ratings and just say we are nitpicky and trolling. No you are just a terrible movie producer and you apologize and withdraw this pile of crap. Kill it like Eragon and start over with a writing cast that actually cares about star wars not just wants to make another marvel style money machine.

Monday, January 29, 09:13:00 AM

Rian Johnson is a good director but we can honestly says that he's not shining when it's time to write... It's the perfect movie if you want to put your brain under the water for a bit.

Monday, January 29, 09:12:38 AM

A movie full of action sequences without any weight because there is no care put into adding any depth to the universe, making it feel pointless. There was a wonderful opportunity to go into detail about what happened to the Jedi, backstory of Kylo Ren, Snoke, Luke, the religion of the Jedi, anything. Yet the lazy approach was taken. Luke fails miserably as a Jedi instructor and doesn't even study the Jedi Scriptures to find out his error? Come on. Garbage film

Monday, January 29, 09:12:31 AM

Why critics loved this movie: it subverts and destroys everything that comes before, so it's "unexpected" and jarring. It turns the subtle humor into pure camp slapstick. It invalidates the original's journey of heroes by placing them all in a universe of ultimate failure, deep self-doubt, and sorrow for what could have been. It destroys well-loved characters in meaningless moments. Literally everything about this film is Anti-StarWars. Massive plot holes and ignored history are almost championed as the CGI dazzles your eyes, and the "powerful females" and "heroes aren't real, everyone is their own hero" memes are inserted erratically and without any real emotion. I think BB-8 is a good metaphor for this movie overall: instead of the charming and beloved character you got with R2D2, here you get a constantly spinning mess with no soul or love, and occasionally the head flies off because humor or something. This movie is an insult to movie-making, an insult to fans of the Star Wars universe, and an insult to storytelling.

Monday, January 29, 09:10:56 AM

This movie was the absolute worst star wars movie, and perhaps one of the worst "block buster" movies of the last few years. I was always a really big star wars fan, I first watched the original trilogy and then the prequels. I can understand some of the hate for the prequels, but these movies go so far beyond that. It was hard for me to realize that this wasn't some fan fiction written by a teenager, but was the product of millions upon millions of dollars. This movie had more plot holes than I can count. The political innuendos are all over the place (We get it you like women being in power). Why did the admiral of the rebel fleet have perfect hair, which was dyed purple, and was wearing a party gown? How can I take her seriously... Tons of cheap jokes thrown in randomly so no "serious" seen can be taken seriously. Remember all those theories about Snoke and how mysterious he was? Well apparently he's just a dumbass who got killed like an overly-talkative bond villain. Rey is still Miss Perfect and she even kinda kick's Luke's ass. Luke isn't a powerful jedi master in this movie, he's a depressed old man who failed at life. Coming into this you think you're gonna at least see him do something interesting considering he's supposed to be a legendary Jedi, but instead is incredibly underwhelming. I could go on and on about this pile but I would probably just be reiterating what others have said. I actually believe this movie deserves a score of 0.

Monday, January 29, 09:06:30 AM

The only good thing about this movie is that Episode I is no longer the worst one. I liked some stuff from Episode VII and I expected to see a good film, but Disney definitely ruined Star Wars with this one. I can't believe it's a 2:30 hours movie, I wanted to leave the theatre so badly... I guess it's a movie for children now, they probably enjoy the action, the awful gags and the FXs.

Monday, January 29, 09:05:20 AM

The Last Jedi is an awful Star Wars movie. It's boring, has too many forced jokes, ignores plot lines set up in The Force Awakens, and disrespects all the films before it.

Monday, January 29, 09:05:18 AM

The most offensive, disgraceful film I've ever seen. Utterly unforgivable. This is a giant FU to SW fans, make no mistake. This is a student grade political tirade, hijacking the biggest franchise in film. I'm astonished and speechless. Disney need to be brought down for this.

Monday, January 29, 09:05:11 AM

Superb visuals with no soul, will not watch it again. It is sad to see this might be end of the star wars legacy, for some old fans at least. I guess it suits the taste of newer generations anyway.

Monday, January 29, 08:49:53 AM

Terrible! The movie was disconnected mush - painfully lurching between consumer product placement and future theme park rides. A few sad motivational speeches mixed in. Plot, etc, if any, was laughable. The cinematography was often beautiful, but the end result was garbage: as ridiculous as Space Balls -- just not as funny. I feel bad for all the artists, designers, etc who all must have worked hard on this. Anyway, I'm not an obsessive Star Wars fan, but as a 41 yo, I grew up with these movies. I think this franchise is done for me. Very sad.

Monday, January 29, 08:40:00 AM

I preferred the pacing over TFA. To some extent.TFA was action every couple lines of dialogue. "Yeah I knew Luke." Aaannd aaaction. Rathtar scene, oh my god! The film within the film subplot with Finn and Rose on Canto Bright is dreadful. It slows the whole film down and makes it too long. The Force connection communication Betwen Rey and Kylo Ren is straight out of Twilight. It's not Star Wars. The Leia 'space' moment and she's out for the count for most of the film. Admiral Ackbar Captain Phasma Why did Yoda use the persona (Hmm laugh) he used to test Luke when they first met? That persona was an act. Luke is Luke at the end but it's too late. Wasted and if what happens to him even needed at all? Now that would be different to keep him around. Gandalf him back.I agree it's not what many Star Wars fans wanted or expected. There are so many things wrong with this film that I cannot give it a pass.

Monday, January 29, 08:39:59 AM

I preferred the pacing over TFA. To some extent.TFA was action every couple lines of dialogue. "Yeah I knew Luke." Aaannd aaaction. Rathtar scene, oh my god! The film within the film subplot with Finn and Rose on Canto Bright is dreadful. It slows the whole film down and makes it too long. The Force connection communication Betwen Rey and Kylo Ren is straight out of Twilight. It's not Star Wars. The Leia 'space' moment and she's out for the count for most of the film. Admiral Ackbar Captain Phasma Why did Yoda use the persona (Hmm laugh) he used to test Luke when they first met? That persona was an act. Luke is Luke at the end but it's too late. Wasted and if what happens to him even needed at all? Now that would be different to keep him around. Gandalf him back.I agree it's not what many Star Wars fans wanted or expected. There are so many things wrong with this film that I cannot give it a pass.

Monday, January 29, 08:35:36 AM

Rip, star wars, this movie puts a tombstone on a iconic franchise. Well done disney you messed it up.

Monday, January 29, 08:34:51 AM

The goofy humor and political agenda ruined the atmosphere and was just so unwanted in a star wars film it's not funny.

Monday, January 29, 08:32:18 AM

This movie is a disgrace and an insult to anybody with half a brain. Seriously, Rian Johnson should be ashamed of himself. It completely ruins the franchise, the original trilogy, force awakens and everything you have ever learned about the force. If you are 10 years old, brain dead or something similar and you love some pretty pew pew, cheap humor, don’t care about the logic of the plot, physics, star wars rules concerning how technology works and illogical character behavior than this is a great movie for you.

Monday, January 29, 08:32:14 AM

Ok now I am mad. You have ruined my childhood. There is no plot. Conversations in movie are retarded as all first order commanders. This movies is trash... One of worst movies I have seen in my whole life. Shame that you manage to kill one of the best franchise in history of movies.

Monday, January 29, 08:28:46 AM

Looks great. Story is horrid. No good battle scenes NONE. Should be renamed. Star Wars:Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Politically Correct Jedi tradition man hating edition. They are going to let Rian direct three more of these. Wow.

Monday, January 29, 08:27:45 AM

Remember all the stuff you loved from the original trilogy? All crap. What about all the mysteries and intrigue from Episode 7? We don't care about that either. It's a middle finger to the fans of the originals, and perhaps even worse to the fans of Episode 7. I feel like I just watched two hours of someone throwing all the previous films into a fire. There is no reason for me to care about the next movie.

Monday, January 29, 08:22:46 AM

Not worthy of being part of the Star Wars franchise. It's extreme political correctness stripped the characters of their basic humanity. The villain wouldn't scare a 10 year old.

Monday, January 29, 08:18:28 AM

It’s not a Stars Wars movie, it’s an average superheroes movie with unbelievably bad decisions, characters who doesn’t follow their personalities, bad jokes etc. Nothing to do with jedi. RIP Star Wars franchise as I knew it many-many years. Feels like nobody from the team never watched earlier movies at all.

Monday, January 29, 08:14:46 AM

The Bad: - Humiliated the main old characters - Took huge amounts of time in plot lines that mysteriously went no where - Still loosely structured on the old series of movies - Several critical plot elements didn't make any sense, collapsing suspension of disbelief - The Social Justice themes were way to aggressive (the new Star Trek has progressive elements without being emasculating or humiliating) - The plot was scattered and emotionally confusing and sometimes slow and boring - Ultimately felt commercial and like a segway to the future rather than an exciting work of art like the old movies - Lack of development of characters and resulting events made it hard to care about the outcome - The attempts at humor were more often than not too much and didn't feel real Bottom Line: - Had its moments, but a lot of potential was wasted due to the movies many fundamental mistakes overshadowing its good elements. The Star Wars series is now a high end sci fi movie which is a shadow of its former self.

Monday, January 29, 08:11:03 AM

Rian Johnson's disaster goes out of it way to destroy all of the most popular characters while bringing in the most unlikable new characters that completely lack depth or plausibility. I was snickering through out the movie. Furthermore, it has more plot-holes than the rest of the series put together. Extremely poor writing.

Monday, January 29, 07:43:16 AM

Visuals: 10/10 Sound: 9/10 Plot: 1/10 Dialogue: 2/10 This was NOT a Star Wars movie. The characters motivations to do what they did made absolutely no sense in the context of what we know about them from Eps 1-7. I left the movie feeling completely conflicted. Enjoying the fun visuals, but having no idea what they are even going to do in Episode 9 with no actual remaining conflict besides Rey and Kylo flying around for a movie before they have a battle? What kind of terrible writing do you have to do to kill off all the interesting characters, character assassinate the other interesting ones and then end the movie with no where to go? Boring boring boring boring. No rewatches required. This made JJ's Episode 7 look like a solid 8-9/10 and the prequels actually worth rewatching. Garbage. Burn it with fire. Not canon.

Monday, January 29, 07:37:32 AM

I enjoyed TFA and loved Rogue One, but after this, I see they are sacrificing everything that made Star Wars what it was to push radical politics and make a quick cash-grab. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't give this hack director (who was solely responsible for this mess of a story) his own trilogy! He quite clearly does not know how to write or direct Star Wars, and judging by this, shouldn't even write or direct a television commercial. Avoid this movie and disregard Disney's decree to wipe most of the Star Wars canon if you even liked the franchise a little. You have eight good movies and a ton of books, comics, and games that are both cannon directly from Lucasarts and EU. Avoid this movie if you are even a casual fan of any type of entertainment and don't feel like wasting your money.

Monday, January 29, 07:33:08 AM

I have never bothered to write an online movie review in my life before this. This is how strongly I feel about how disappointing TLJ was. I loved the Force Awakens. This movie was utter garbage. Looking forward to JJ Abrams returning to the helm for the next movie. I think switching directors hurt this film greatly.

Monday, January 29, 07:24:34 AM

Disney has clearly strong armed or threatened the critics into writing positive reviews for their cash cow. This is not merely a terrible Star Wars movie, it is a terrible movie period.

Monday, January 29, 07:08:09 AM

When Episode VII came out I was under the impression they were setting things up to portray the old heroes as nothing but losers... I wish I could say I was prepared for what they had in mind for us this time around. No way I could have foreseen to which degree they would degrade the heroes of old (particularly Luke Skywalker) and the Skywalker bloodline in this movie. When The Last Jedi ended I thought at first that I would leave the movie theather feeling sad or even angry about it, but, in the end, I didn't. I felt indifferent. I don't care about it anymore. Nor does my girlfriend, my mother and nor does my 12 years old brother. Star Wars is over, this new Disney stuff is a joke and we the fans are the clowns.

Monday, January 29, 07:05:33 AM

So many gaping plot holes! Terribly written. I had no specific expectations other than it would be great. I was so disappointed! Boring subplots, disposable characters, desecrated 40 years of Star Wars history. Just sad what Rian Johnson was allowed to do here. The Force Awakens set up such great mysteries, but they all just fall flat. Rian Johnson has ruined Star Wars.

Monday, January 29, 07:01:44 AM

This movie will end the love of the franchise for a lot of people and will eventually put fans of the series to the test, whether or not they will go see or buy anything that has the Star Wars logo printed on it. As a fan of the movies, books, comics, etc. this film got a lot of things very wrong. Now, fans are left wondering how the force or physics in the galaxy far, far away are even supposed to work. The Last Jedi destroys the hero of the series, makes the end result of episode 7 seem pointless, and manages to really back the franchise in a corner by implying that there will be no more Jedi, which is a major drawback to the future of interest in this galaxy. At first watch I think people will be entertained by this film but not long after the show is over it is far too easy to find glaring mistakes in the plot that are infuriating to any hardcore fan.