Thursday, January 4, 08:59:12 PM

My family hated it

Thursday, January 4, 07:28:24 PM

Fun and sad. I liked but is my own opinion.

Thursday, January 4, 06:22:31 PM

This movie is BADASS

Thursday, January 4, 10:22:49 AM

Great Saga movie

Thursday, January 4, 01:51:15 AM

My family had a blast watching this movie.

Wednesday, January 3, 09:47:13 PM

This battle scenes were pretty good,the rest was ehhhhh.

Wednesday, January 3, 09:08:30 PM

I wish the force would make this movie vanish

Wednesday, January 3, 07:37:48 PM

No totally a super movie. The dialogue between the ex trooper and the woman was pointless. The rest of the movie was totally okay.

Wednesday, January 3, 12:57:09 PM

Well that was a waste of time. My 8 yo liked it because the birds were cute. That was about the entirety of the "likes". I'm sorry, I tried to like this one but I came away feeling cheated and confused. Gone are the strong leading roles that have been replaced by confused immature characters. I think I'll skip the next installment.

Wednesday, January 3, 10:37:44 AM

Excellent; should win a lot of Emmys.

Wednesday, January 3, 02:32:04 AM

Excellent story bad seating area.

Wednesday, January 3, 01:41:00 AM

It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, it was messy and disappointing but I didn't hate it. "Meh" was pretty much my reaction as I left the theatre. While nothing will be as bad as the prequels, nothing will be able to capture the magic of the originals. Star Wars is a new entity now, and going to see the movies will never satisfy.

Tuesday, January 2, 11:34:35 PM

Good movie but too long.

Tuesday, January 2, 09:23:07 PM

Trump make America great again and building a wall around this terrible movie

Tuesday, January 2, 08:22:50 PM

Kylo emo

Tuesday, January 2, 03:49:36 PM

Nope ! This was horrible on all levels. If I could rate this less than one star I would. It had it's moments but not enough to save this 180 minute snore fest of a head shaker. Even the new era strong woman characters and mindless over emotional male sidekicks are not convincing. The Supreme leader is shocking in appearance and still over acted - even for a Disney CG Character. Kylo Ren is the biggest waste if time. He's more of a comedic target, bumbling fool and emotional mess than a Darth Vader replacement. And that shirtless scene - really ?? This Disney-fied mess of Bantha droppings is an insult to the series. Even more so than Star Wars Vol 1 - 3. They rehashed previous scenes and then dragged them out worse than a SNL sketch. Even the cute bird things couldn't save it, even the appearance of the Master couldn't save it ... Luke - certainly couldn't save it and Carrie Fischer (Rest in Peace) looked a hundred years old tried - but failed to save it. Then there that whole - flying in space without a suit ... Oh well. At least they didn't cross over with the Thor movies or have Capt Jack Sparrow show up.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:47:13 PM

1 star is far too generous of a score. 5 stars is laughable. Plot holes the size of craters littered throughout this 2 1/2hr mess of a movie. Terrible, in every sense of the word.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:05:03 PM

Story was well done. Kudos to the director.

Tuesday, January 2, 02:44:16 AM

A fancy story with ligthsaber fights and one princess.

Tuesday, January 2, 02:19:37 AM

Excellent movie. 🌸🌸

Tuesday, January 2, 02:18:51 AM

I am trying to grasp the exactly meaning of the mix of Greek and Latin words like some one was using a blender to make green potion. The last Jedi might a not master piece of film but brought some of the older actors plus a good time.

Tuesday, January 2, 02:05:17 AM

Star Wars is not a religion and I am not neophytes person. Word came from the Latin language that meant converted. Seriously? I am reviewing this movie without looking in my Greek dictionary. Simple English. Movie was fun.

Tuesday, January 2, 02:00:31 AM

A new Jedi order? A new Sith. Wondering what will the next movie name?

Tuesday, January 2, 01:58:33 AM

Lucas was an excellent director and writer but he changed a lot things in every single movie he directed. People were complaining about him. Now he is not longer directing SW and people still complaining. You can’t please everyone. This movie was not the best but at least was a science fiction movie.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:32:09 AM

My family found the movie too long but they enjoyed the movie. They should stop making movies of over two hours. Ouch.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:30:08 AM

No so bad from a movie directed from a man who did not have too much experience writing science fiction stories. Watch out for our college dean to come here to test everyone else reviews.

Monday, January 1, 09:54:16 PM

Pedantic neophytes wouldn't understand the general lacking of hubris and pithy social commentary of trivial every day gregarious gestures in this remake

Monday, January 1, 09:11:35 PM

One wouldn't expect a child or someone with a childlike mind to perceive the obvious intentional emasculation of the male characters in the movie or understand the concept of promoting an agenda as described in my previous statement. In view of the comments that primarily come from one individual with grade school reading comprehension perhaps when they grow up they'll acquire a level of reasoning to grasp what I'm saying. Lucas set a standard of excellence that hasn't been equaled since his last film in 2005.

Monday, January 1, 09:02:29 PM

Fantastic film. Please ignored Down with Disney. Old Luke Skywalker looked amazing.

Monday, January 1, 09:00:38 PM

😜. Good movie. Always.

Monday, January 1, 05:56:17 PM

An interesting film with provocative topics. Brilliant movie. Still I like to see JJ back to direct the next movie.

Monday, January 1, 05:54:14 PM

The new saga will continuing this year. I will love to see what is coming next.

Monday, January 1, 05:53:24 PM

We saw this afternoon the film and after watching the movie we celebrate the movie.

Monday, January 1, 05:15:17 PM

My family and I hated it

Monday, January 1, 04:47:14 PM

We all had an amazing time so no complaints from me and my family.

Monday, January 1, 04:40:31 PM

As fans we love Star Wars and the actors who are not longer in the movies will get remember forever. This movie was the preview of a new generation. Still unknown territory but promising a much better stories.

Monday, January 1, 04:37:08 PM

The introduction was interesting but confusing. They needed to explain how they got there. The silent explosion in the movie remind me the Attack of the Clones. Great movie.

Monday, January 1, 04:35:07 PM

Carrie Fisher 🌸🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹 You will missed.

Monday, January 1, 04:30:42 PM

Entreatining movie. No a master piece as Lord of the Rings but enough to give good time to my family.

Monday, January 1, 04:19:51 PM

I regret wasting 13.50 on this. It's starship troopers meets space balls