Monday, January 29, 03:38:58 AM

About 2hr 30 min after, watching TLJ, I left the theater confused, (I understand why people had to watch TLJ 2 or 3 more times. And not in a good way). I slept it over. Woke up the next day. Thought about TLJ. Became more and more angry as I thought about TLJ. Slept again. Today, 2 days after watching TLJ = MORE ANGRY as I think about TLJ. Critique of TLJ = Really weak story, plot holes after plot holes after plot holes, weak characters with little development (Sadness here - Rey, Fin, Poe deserved to shine in this episode...WASTED!), characters introduced who are inconsequential, storylines that go nowhere, forced SJW-3rd wave feminist messaging almost every other scene. (There has ALWAYS been strong men AND women in the sw universe but now only women are strong, smart, courageous, wise....okay....), forced out of place/oddly timed humour (Oh my god the phone joke!), brisk pacing for a 2hrs++ movie which remarkably lacks substance or depth ending up with heroes I am uninterested cheering for, villains that are not threatening. Then, how TLJ handled an iconic character which has been celebrated for pass a good 40 years....disrespectful. Excellent visuals and music though, which seems to be what matters these days. Ultimately you start to have the feeling that the director/writer of TLJ is giving you, star wars fans and the star wars mythos the middle finger all throughout the movie. Self indulgent, self satisfied, talentless hack. Who the f**k gave the greenlight for Rian Johnson to touch the star wars ip? People need to get fired for this. Thank god Rian Johnson was nowhere near Blade Runner 2049. As a fan of star wars for almost 30 years, literally almost all of my life (as of this writing), I'm done with star wars. I'm NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN EPISODE 9. WHO CARES? As an asian observer, if americans dont even care about their own cultural treasures then why should I? Star Wars is dead.

Monday, January 29, 03:38:29 AM

A massive let down where every potential story thread and character arc is thrown in the trash compactor to make room for Kathleen Kennedy's political agenda. Also Luke Skywalker gets replaced with Jake Skywalker, because there is no way that was Luke in TLJ.

Monday, January 29, 03:34:32 AM

I'm not part of the target audience that enjoyed this catastrophe and is willing to pay for more. I've lost interest in many other beloved franchises before, but never felt so conned and so betrayed like this. As time passes though, comes indifference, and I just can't be bothered. Like many others have expressed, I've no more room for Star Wars in my entertainment, be it past or upcoming features. An X-Wing replica still sits on my desk, but it feels strangely distant now. The Last Jedi is a bitter full circle, and I'm done with Star Wars.

Monday, January 29, 03:34:27 AM

theprionJan 10, 2018 I knew something was wrong when I reached for my watch and thought "this is taking too long". Never before I felt this way while watching an entry of my favorite movie saga ever. Up to that point I was mildly entertained - lots of eye-candy - but the over-the-top humor and a growing length that for some reason wasn't paying off were already red flags. When the credits rolled I was confused out of my mind. Since then I don't go a day without thinking how bad the whole experience was, and I just had to come over and join the almost three-thousand voters' consensus. One could point three main reasons why The Last Jedi is atrocious: 1) It's technically an awful movie: bad writing, bad pacing, bad acting, bad dialogue, bad decisions, gaping plot holes, no character development, no real journey, no accomplishments, disjointed plot; 2) It actually strives to spend the maximum screentime as possible delivering political undertones that have nothing to do with it's universe at all; and 3) shamelessly disrespects and disregards the saga's lore, world-building and legendary characters. I never thought it would come to this, since The Force Awakens was a serviceable nostalgia ride and Disney usually manages to keep the quality standards in their projects. But it's not just about nostalgia, as most of the critics are bashing the disheartened fans. The changes they defend about The Last Jedi are not thoughtful steps forwards that build on the saga's foundation. They're market-calculated decisions designed to appeal a smartphone-dumbed and twitter-minded younger audience, coupled with really shallow and trendy moviemaking. And to that merit, Episode VIII accomplishes it infamously. Also, that is where The Last Jedi does feel like closure, at least to me. I'm disgusted enough to have paid a cinema ticket to watch it, and I'll not indulge this Coca-Cola-ish brand anymore.

Monday, January 29, 03:32:53 AM

- Forced social commentary. Every male character is full of "toxic masculinity" and therefore must be broken down into a heap of crap, whereas every woman is utterly perfect and infallible. Hint: the entire story team behind Disney's Star Wars is a group of women who specifically forbids men from joining the story team. How is this equality? Leia and Amidala were strong characters who happened to be women. Their gender was almost immaterial. That was all Lucas's doing. In Disney's Star Wars, being female is a prerequisite to being a hero, while being male is a prereq to being an incompetent toxic-masculinity patriarchal devil. Don't even get me started on the ham-fisted "capitalism is evil" casino planet nonsense. Capitalism is evil? Then how about Disney starts charging $0 admission to their stupid theme parks!

Monday, January 29, 03:32:50 AM

This movie gets a 1 strictly due to the high-quality visuals. But I'd take lower-quality visual effects if it came with a better story than this pile of garbage. I created an account specifically to review this terrible movie. I'm not a bot, nor am I a Crimean spy. I'm also not a Disney employee (hint hint). I'm a very disappointed moviegoer. Here are the major problems with TLJ: - "Humor". It just wasn't funny. No one in the theater laughed at the parts which were clearly supposed to be funny. It was cringeworthy. This was a blatant attempt to copy Marvel films, and it failed miserably. - Trashing the legacy characters. Are the filmmakers so full of themselves that they think they can change how the audience feels about characters they've adored for 30 years? Luke is a murderous coward. Leia is Superwoman. Chewie is a vegan. Come on! You've been gifted one of the single greatest cinematic characters EVER in Luke Skywalker. Just show him being wise, with that signature Luke optimism, and let him kick butt with his lightsaber. But no, Luke is a man, which brings me to the next point...

Monday, January 29, 03:31:17 AM

Worst Star Wars film ever. Unbelievable scenes "Leia Superman" with the lacking of originality: (EX: WW2 inspired bombers action, Medieval weapons with an energy setting on it). It gets worse. The wisdom and eternal fight of good and bad is…

Monday, January 29, 03:30:04 AM

the second act is the plot of Battlestar Galactica 1978, someone old enough to remember? This is not an iconoclastic play some trying to sale. Bad script, bad directing,bad continuity, the actors give his best but had a traitor behind the camera.

Monday, January 29, 03:28:32 AM

star wars ruined forever. nothing that has happened before matters. Rian J. obviously wanted to tear everything built before him down.

Monday, January 29, 03:21:39 AM

This movie is an absolute slap in the face to real Star Wars fans. The prequels now look great in comparison. RIP Star Wars.

Monday, January 29, 03:21:31 AM

Comedy in Star Wars has always been present. However, this take an entirely unpolished approach. Instead of the usual one or two characters making a joke every now and again, jokes are shoehorned into nearly every scene. Every character turns into a wise-cracking joke teller. In addition to poor delivery, the jokes are borderline satire with a YOLO swagger mixed in - making this a better sequel to Space Balls than an entry in the Star Wars saga

Monday, January 29, 03:19:00 AM

Worse SW movie, looks very nice but lacks any heart that makes a SW film, hence the one star. Rey is now a super Jedi with no proper training. Poe is an idiot, Finn does nothing. Leia and Luke's characters are just treated badly with no continuity with previous canon films regarding the Force, especially Luke. How they took an iconic character who's motivations we know from the previous films and then crap all over that history and expect people to accept it? I left the cinema stunned and the more I thought about what I saw the more I grew to dislike and now I absolutely hate the film. No Solo, EpIX or any future Disney SW for me.

Monday, January 29, 03:18:49 AM

The guy who directed this thing killed the whole Star Wars saga in one movie. And it doesn't seems lack of warning, since Hamill himself tried to tell the director he might be in (completely) wrong way. At least I will save my money never buying Star Wars products again.

Monday, January 29, 03:15:34 AM

My only hope now is that all of EPISODE H8 was a comatose Finn’s fever dream. How kickass would that be? LOL. Biggest punking in cinema history. Yes, I hated EPISODE H8 with a burning passion. Left the cinema extremely bummed. Saw it twice, just to be sure. Hated it more the second time. Peace out, franchise!

Monday, January 29, 03:15:31 AM

Boring SJW festival. Terrible writing and no logic. Boring heroes and villains. Was disappointing. Will not watch episode 9 or give any money to Disney whatsoever

Monday, January 29, 03:13:30 AM

This movie was massacred by the director's poor writing skills. Not to say that the film wasn't visually stunning, but what it had in visuals it lacked in plot and logic. The film is filled with inconsistent plot points and a completely illogical storyline. This is certainly NOT a true Star Wars film in my opinion. The Director/Writer and Disney completely miss the mark here. This is the last Star Wars film I will be seeing.

Monday, January 29, 03:12:26 AM

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there was story that inspired and brought a sense of wonder to a generation of people. A modern myth was created and was passed down to new generations of fans who were also inspired by and moved by its story of heroism, self-sacrifice, and friendship. Was it perfect? No, but even with it's flaws it still captured the hearts of millions. What happened? I sat in the theater with my children hoping that they would be inspired by the same magic that inspired me when I first saw Star Wars many years ago. What we got was a bleak, lifeless and hollow tale. Did it look good? Sure. It was visually appealing but the beautiful imagery masked a hollow plot filled with empty and uninspiring characters who did pointless things for illogical reasons. It was a meandering tale that seemed to exist in a space of it's own, never building on what came before. "Let the past die" was the battle-cry of this shallow movie masquerading as a Star Wars tale and that is what it accomplished. But what the writer and director of this movie failed to realize is that great things are built on the shoulders of giants. Epic stories build on what comes before. In subverting all of the themes, plots and characters that preceded The Last Jedi, the creators pulled the rug out from Star Wars itself. That, more than anything else, describes how I felt at the closing credits. The deconstruction of Star Wars in The Last Jedi was so complete that there is nowhere to go now. To quote a far greater writer who looked on the bleakness and nihilism of the modern age and despaired: "This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper."

Monday, January 29, 03:10:56 AM

If this is what stimulates the new generation - god help us. The only thing that could save this franchise now is for Sheev to come back and lay waste to the entire galaxy with force lightening, put this fanatical sick disney mouse to rest, and let the midichlorians of the galaxy create life anew (apparently this is now possible as Yoda demonstrates in this abomination of film by setting fire to things). That or perhaps let Marcia Lucas edit another Star Wars film, but even then she could probably not do much with the content being created under Kathleen Kennedy.

Monday, January 29, 03:10:48 AM

Shameful, absolutely shameful. I have never felt compelled to leave a movie review, much less on a Star Wars movie. I pains me to do this but Rian Johnson and Disney must be held accountable for this sick, insulting, offensive abomination. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Monday, January 29, 03:06:22 AM

To say this movie was a disappointment is a great understatement. My disappointment is not based on any "betrayal" of what Star Wars is or is "supposed to be"; any real story teller and artist ought to be able to explore their imagination and give a new interpretation or spin on things. My disappointment is in the fact that this film is quite simply a poorly made film. It lacks almost any sense of narrative integrity- cause and effect relationships are overlooked in favor of action sequences, that while visually beautiful, have absolutely no sense of gravitas. Basic concepts such as the connection of motivation and action have no place in this film. In the end it feels like only so much fluff and dazzle. I can accept one, two or even three jumps in logic or plot holes, but this film takes it to a new level. The narrative collapses repeatedly. To find myself not caring at all about what happens to characters that I have loved since childhood only underlines the truly monumental lack of care and haphazard way this film was made. I cannot imagine a great film maker such as Spielberg or even Peter Jackson making something as poorly constructed as The Last Jedi. I am sad to say I won't be watching another film directed by Johnson. I am baffled by the critics who have praised his work- and can only think that they only hold this film to the standards that they would hold a commercial or a shoddily written Saturday morning cartoon. To me the worst Star Wars film ever made and enough to evaporate any interest in following the franchise any further. It feels like a great loss- but it's Disney's right to do whatever they want. I just don't have to follow.

Monday, January 29, 03:05:25 AM

Absolutely terrible. completely ruined everything interesting from the previous movie, while also ruining the character of Luke, the Jedi legacy, and anything related to the force. This movie should never have been made.

Monday, January 29, 03:03:46 AM

Gorgeous visuals, but truly atrocious storytelling!! Such wasted potential!

Monday, January 29, 03:03:04 AM

Committed character assassination, redefined the force and had mostly useless characters. They might say it's new and modern but it isn't. It is horrible what they have done to this amazing 40 year old epic journey.

Sunday, January 28, 02:04:10 PM

I walked out 30 min into the movie. I couldn't take it anymore. Same old, nothing new. They are just banging out these new Star Wars movies to rake in as much money as they can.

Saturday, January 27, 02:44:54 PM

Lacking the George Lucas story line, this by far the worst Star Wars I have seen, Jedi training was a joke. Terrible writing.

Saturday, January 27, 08:11:28 AM

Wanted to like this but found it a waste on money and time.

Saturday, January 27, 07:36:30 AM

It was boring in many parts and was too long.

Saturday, January 27, 06:19:59 AM

Only reason this didn't go down in flames is the Christmas release.

Saturday, January 27, 05:51:22 AM

An uninspiring show that is only carried by the respected name of its creator.

Saturday, January 27, 04:46:49 AM

Looks like the writer of this fiasco is reading the reviews in order to correct one gaping problem with this movie. In this way there will be an excuse for how lame Luke Skywalker was made to appear.

Saturday, January 27, 04:25:05 AM

If I had to list everything that is wrong there's no doubt it would be misunderstood. Suffice to say it was a disaster of epic proportions.

Saturday, January 27, 04:17:50 AM

A poorly created movie with the subplots being a nuisance rather than enhancing the experience.

Saturday, January 27, 03:53:28 AM

This movie was the epitome of the disenfranchisement of half our society. Fortunately the agenda doesn't affect whether or not children can enjoy the usual visually stunning scenes that are common in this genre.

Saturday, January 27, 12:03:03 AM

Poor vision and misuse of a once great franchise.

Saturday, January 27, 12:00:35 AM

A failed movie. Maybe they'll do better next time.

Friday, January 26, 02:59:04 PM

Awful movie full of plot holes, bad jokes, and terrible pacing. Rian Johnson is a hack who somehow managed to bungle a movie that should have been a slam dunk.

Friday, January 26, 06:59:35 AM

Terrible. However they should have ratings and reviews for children and adults separated.

Friday, January 26, 05:33:35 AM

This show made me think of what we've lost since Lucas was forced out.

Friday, January 26, 05:28:28 AM

One of the worst films ever except for the special effects which we expect to see in any movie today.

Friday, January 26, 05:08:49 AM

High expectations but was disappointed with the weak story.