Tuesday, January 16, 10:19:33 PM

If this is indicative of what the next ones will be like I won't be seeing them.

Tuesday, January 16, 07:58:40 PM

Saw this movie for a second time today and this time i really enjoy it. Good movie but i would not give it a rating of 5.

Tuesday, January 16, 05:48:04 PM

Haven't really cared for the last few Star Wars movies, but this is finally a good one.

Tuesday, January 16, 10:41:59 AM

No the best film but was good enough for me. :) Just simple and fun.

Tuesday, January 16, 10:24:35 AM

Best Jedi yet...one thing I didn't see coming.

Tuesday, January 16, 04:05:32 AM


Tuesday, January 16, 04:04:18 AM

The comments on this movie seem very polarized but I see why there's a gap. Many adults perceive what they've done to some of the main characters. For example, Luke, a Jedi Master, gets his butt kicked by a woman ( Rey ) with little or no training, yet we're supposed to accept this as consistent even if we've never seen the first six Lucas films. A five year old won't notice this but a family film also has to expect adults to be watching, and yes, we notice this and other annoying inconsistencies.

Tuesday, January 16, 03:51:36 AM

Any child will like the flashy special effects without understanding how the movie fails on different levels.

Tuesday, January 16, 03:22:13 AM

Looked forward to this but it was awful. The special effects as one would expect are decent but that's not enough to make up for a poorly written script.

Monday, January 15, 08:37:04 PM

Sorry stupid made movie. Don't waist your time.

Sunday, January 14, 06:49:36 PM

Lots of Industrial Magic Razzel Dazzel but the story was convoluted.

Saturday, January 13, 06:16:01 PM

Pure garbage.

Friday, January 12, 04:55:10 PM

Good movie. I had a lot fun watching this adventures story.

Thursday, January 11, 03:33:57 PM

where was jar jar binks!!! no jar jar no good

Thursday, January 11, 03:17:38 PM

My family went to see this movie and I did not want to go because some of the reviews. Finally I was able to watch the movie and the film was amazing. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 10:44:57 PM

I'm not a Star Wars fan. Lets get that out of the way. This was just a terrible movie through and through. Numerous plot holes, terrible jokes, dropping bombs in space, Leia / Mary Poppins flying through space, Rey is a natural born jedi master right out of the box. No training needed. Snoke's the supreme leader. He didn't get to where he is for being a clueless idiot? Kylo Ren is just a whiny / annoying character. The whole casino scene was so stupid and pointless. This movie was beyond terrible! And I didn't list all the issues, just the major ones. On what planet is this 5 stars? If you like the movie (somehow) it was far from perfect. It's like comparing a mint condition sealed box star wars toy to a heavily used one. Wake up guy's It's not a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination.

Wednesday, January 10, 03:54:59 PM

I'm a huge Star Wars fan and willing to forgive a lot, even Christensen and Jar Jar... but this one fails to the point I cannot forgive it. I felt betrayed by the poor use of Luke and the Kylo man child. It was a fitting farewell to the Princess who looked and sounded a 100 yr old. (RIP Carrie) but the introduction of the new "heroes" has me doubting the future of this franchise. I'm fine with the strong female leads. Our society demands it and the movie pulls it off reasonably well. But the metro-sexual male leads add a real shallowness to this cast. Laura Dern needs to petition to have all copies of this movie be pulled from the theater and burned. But I guess Star Wars is the latest revolving door celebrity guest shot series... unfortunate. Whatever they decided to do with Yoda was a huge error in judgement. This is by far the worst of the series.

Wednesday, January 10, 12:44:21 PM

Surprisingly mediocre for Star Wars. It was great to see her but the princess role was stoic and had few lines. Skywalker did little, Yoda still looked like a puppet. Special effects were just ok. There was nothing new except the bad guy character and he was just ok too and some cute little bird-like characters who were the highlight. Disney out-disney'ed themselves. A real let down.

Wednesday, January 10, 10:06:23 AM

Low points First of all it is a Star Wars movie But instead of luke and yoga talking like Jedis they are talking like Disney characters In a kids movie Stupid Plus kylo Ren Is cool with the helmet on and the voice Like darth vadar but terrible when you see his face Bad actor High points Rey And Poe With Honourable mentions to With Luke and Finn s love interest Entertaining for the most part

Tuesday, January 9, 11:09:53 PM

Not even a fan of Star Wars but this action packed thriller has me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Excellent special effects and score.

Tuesday, January 9, 04:52:18 PM

Ranking all the star wars from highest to lowest: Phantom Menace with Jar jar at 1 then Return Of the Jedi then Empire Strikes Back crap crap crap crap clone wars crap crap to this one at the bottom.

Monday, January 8, 09:37:47 PM

While not my favorite Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi held my interest and offered several surprises. A worthy continuation of the saga.

Monday, January 8, 07:54:05 AM

Loved this movie better than its predecessor enjoyed seeing Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in this thought the younger cast did very well.Good fantasy story reminded me of some of the older Star Wars films.

Saturday, January 6, 01:00:03 PM

You have to remember to put all of the movies together. each one roles into the others and not in order. Things that went on in IV were explained in VI things that happened in III were explained in VII. So this one may not have been the action packed film some expected it was a good story and the plot holes talked about are either connected to another one of the films or will be linked in upcoming films. You just have to wait and see. Star wars is a SAGA. If your there for action go see a Marvel or DC picture.

Saturday, January 6, 04:44:07 AM

Too long, full of plot holes, just overall disappointing.

Saturday, January 6, 04:11:55 AM

If you keep stuffing your face with popcorn you probably won't notice the massive plot holes. You'll forget the movie before you walk out of the theatre.

Saturday, January 6, 03:00:11 AM

I loved 1 to 6 but this one outch i dont think i need to explain why i realy was disapointed every negative review here explaines it i agree whit all of them I noticed allot of 5 stars here but nun explaine what they liked about it I gess its like all those popular mag revues its a superb movie just because its a big bujet walt disney flic Oh but i do think like lucas its a beautifully made movie great sound great visiual effects stuning for the story he dident coment cuz there is no story to coment about the carectors ar at the exact same point in the story as they were at the bigining like noting append bravo johnson great epic fail

Friday, January 5, 08:01:01 PM

Poor characters. Not much action. Weak story.

Friday, January 5, 05:14:20 PM


Thursday, January 4, 06:22:31 PM

This movie is BADASS

Thursday, January 4, 10:22:49 AM

Great Saga movie

Wednesday, January 3, 09:47:13 PM

This battle scenes were pretty good,the rest was ehhhhh.

Wednesday, January 3, 12:57:09 PM

Well that was a waste of time. My 8 yo liked it because the birds were cute. That was about the entirety of the "likes". I'm sorry, I tried to like this one but I came away feeling cheated and confused. Gone are the strong leading roles that have been replaced by confused immature characters. I think I'll skip the next installment.

Wednesday, January 3, 10:37:44 AM

Excellent; should win a lot of Emmys.

Wednesday, January 3, 01:41:00 AM

It wasn't great, it wasn't terrible, it was messy and disappointing but I didn't hate it. "Meh" was pretty much my reaction as I left the theatre. While nothing will be as bad as the prequels, nothing will be able to capture the magic of the originals. Star Wars is a new entity now, and going to see the movies will never satisfy.

Tuesday, January 2, 03:49:36 PM

Nope ! This was horrible on all levels. If I could rate this less than one star I would. It had it's moments but not enough to save this 180 minute snore fest of a head shaker. Even the new era strong woman characters and mindless over emotional male sidekicks are not convincing. The Supreme leader is shocking in appearance and still over acted - even for a Disney CG Character. Kylo Ren is the biggest waste if time. He's more of a comedic target, bumbling fool and emotional mess than a Darth Vader replacement. And that shirtless scene - really ?? This Disney-fied mess of Bantha droppings is an insult to the series. Even more so than Star Wars Vol 1 - 3. They rehashed previous scenes and then dragged them out worse than a SNL sketch. Even the cute bird things couldn't save it, even the appearance of the Master couldn't save it ... Luke - certainly couldn't save it and Carrie Fischer (Rest in Peace) looked a hundred years old tried - but failed to save it. Then there that whole - flying in space without a suit ... Oh well. At least they didn't cross over with the Thor movies or have Capt Jack Sparrow show up.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:47:13 PM

1 star is far too generous of a score. 5 stars is laughable. Plot holes the size of craters littered throughout this 2 1/2hr mess of a movie. Terrible, in every sense of the word.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:05:03 PM

Story was well done. Kudos to the director.

Monday, January 1, 12:13:24 PM

Bad dialogue and lifeless comedic license left me feeling grateful when the credits arrived.

Monday, January 1, 03:50:42 AM

Agonizingly slow. Very little plot. Not up to Star Wars standards of first movies.