Wednesday, December 27, 10:52:28 PM

Garbage.... Want a good movie go see "Darkest Hour"

Wednesday, December 27, 08:26:00 PM

The soundtrack starts playing the introduction and so on makes your hair go up because Star Wars brings me up memories from the one in 1977. Good film.

Wednesday, December 27, 07:16:53 PM

My favorite Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back. Great depth of character with interesting twists (while remaining true to the characters). Also plot twists in the story that kept the focus on a more human level without a stupid (SPOILER ALERT) god damn death star/equivalent.

Wednesday, December 27, 06:47:12 PM

Enjoyed the movie a lot. Luke and Leia were back again. Leia sadly will not go back. :(

Wednesday, December 27, 06:23:54 PM

Great action picture. The planet was pretty cool with all those amazing creatures going around. I loved the kids story too. They are also the future of a new hope.

Wednesday, December 27, 06:15:13 PM

Good story. Amazing characters. We are repeating this film tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 27, 06:08:23 PM

George Lucas, they need your help, garbage

Wednesday, December 27, 06:07:40 PM

Crap story

Wednesday, December 27, 06:05:57 PM

Imagination you have not, go back and write a better script so cheap

Wednesday, December 27, 06:04:21 PM

You call that jedi training who ever wrote that script should be fired

Wednesday, December 27, 06:03:16 PM

Really lame

Wednesday, December 27, 06:00:58 PM

The movie had a good story, however failed in many areas of great battle scenes of today, and the Jedi training was horrendous. My rating 2.0 a Star Wars failure, this was the worst I have watched. George Lucas please come back

Wednesday, December 27, 05:26:06 PM

A total action pack movie.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:36:21 PM

Great film. The tiny droid was amusing and courage. Brought some good laughs.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:06:02 PM

The sequel is going to be fantastic. New stories and probably more characters.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:03:02 PM

My favorites characters were there. :) Luke and Leia.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:01:28 PM

Full of action and fun scenes.

Wednesday, December 27, 03:47:49 PM

I loved the action and the emotion!

Wednesday, December 27, 02:53:41 PM

Great BIG picture -entertaining and action packed-better than the last Star Wars movie! Enjoyed seeing Luke and Leia again??

Wednesday, December 27, 01:21:35 PM

I like this movie. :)

Wednesday, December 27, 11:50:18 AM

Good movie. 💥💥💥💥💥 Many fights and explosive fights.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:48:33 AM

It’s just a movie. A movie not a real story. I seeing too much drama in here. Good reviews so far.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:45:40 AM

Kylo was the scary child of the story but Luke gave him a good lesson. Amazing movie.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:44:32 AM

JJ should directed this movie. The one who directed this movie decided to do too many odd changes. Still I am given 5 stars for trying to direct a difficult complex movie. Star Wars.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:41:28 AM

We saw the entire and movie and the same user who left earlier did not have an idea what the movie was about it. Poor soul.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:39:55 AM

R2 will was there as Luke. Luke Skywalker the chosen one who turn down the emperor. He looked tired and he knew his days were almost over.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:37:19 AM

My whole family decided to watch this movie before Christmas and my little ones liked. We watched as movie and drop the all the bs from some people. Movies are to have some good time not make as a drama.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:34:57 AM

Movie was little longer but no problems for us. We had a blast watching this movie.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:33:51 AM

Movie was nice and sweet. Star Wars will always be in my heart.

Wednesday, December 27, 11:07:15 AM

The most boring movie I have seen in years. Actually, got up and left abut half way through. I believe the high money earning is that people, like me, thought it would be spectacular. Sorry to say, when the word gets around the attendance will drop off.

Wednesday, December 27, 09:46:10 AM

Anger is the path of the dark side. I remember Luke worry about her to turn to the dark side.

Wednesday, December 27, 09:44:52 AM

New generation of SW with new stories.

Wednesday, December 27, 02:37:20 AM

The worst of all Star Wars series, but I have seen worse movies.

Wednesday, December 27, 02:15:36 AM

Not worth it. 5 stars belong to great movies so whoever gave 5 star rating to this so called "STAR WARS" is either not too smart or little limited.

Tuesday, December 26, 11:27:47 PM

Hoping JJ directa the movie next time. George Lucas was the one who started this story. Called the Star killer if I am not wrong. He still my favorite producer but we need to get the chance to new talents.

Tuesday, December 26, 11:24:12 PM

I enjoyed this film. I really like the story and how everything was handle. Movie could use less time but that problem did not bugged me.

Tuesday, December 26, 11:15:15 PM

👍 fun movie. Is only a movie to a galaxy far far away. I never got traumatized by Disney.

Tuesday, December 26, 11:13:54 PM

Great Star Wars movie. We shared some of the hilarious reviews from one star at JCB. 😜

Tuesday, December 26, 08:51:44 PM

One word.... TERRIBLE!! I did how ever get a good laugh watching some of the reviews on youtube lol. If you hated the movie like me check out this guy's review on youtube - Voxis Productions - LMFAO.

Tuesday, December 26, 08:48:13 PM

Spock could take down the force in 3 mins