Sunday, December 31, 11:54:06 PM

The usual laser gun biz.

Sunday, December 31, 08:09:19 PM

When you see the rating that is either 5 star or 1, but never in between, its because the movie sucked. Yes the movie SUCKED BIG TIME!!!

Sunday, December 31, 08:04:15 PM

Saw the film with 2 adults over the age of 40 and one 11 yearold kid. The kid thought is was ok, but for the rest of us we were shaking our head in disbelief how bad the film was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 31, 07:58:49 PM

I cannot believe star wars would turn out so bad! Special effects and actions were good, but the story is the main problem!! I looked up the director and he is not qualified to direct this film.

Sunday, December 31, 07:54:40 PM

The movie was awful, the story might appeal to kids under 10, but not to older adults.

Sunday, December 31, 02:29:43 PM

Not as good as the previous movies

Sunday, December 31, 11:00:46 AM

I loved it

Saturday, December 30, 09:39:13 PM

What a great movie. Really enjoyed the story. Great work from all the actors. My only drawback is 25 minutes of wasted time watching all the advertisements before the movie. Why can't they just start the movie?

Saturday, December 30, 09:00:38 PM

Somebody with terrible grammar is repeatedly posting 5 stars, you just cannot hide the fact that IT IS A TERRIBLE FILM. Go watch the film anyway and join the majority who are shocked that SW could turn out so bad!!!

Saturday, December 30, 08:57:05 PM

This is unexpectedly a terrible film! Just didn't expect that from SW...

Saturday, December 30, 03:18:02 PM

Terribly made movie! We all walked out it was so stupid. Will never go see another Star Wars movie. Do not waste your time with this ridiculous movie.

Saturday, December 30, 12:37:21 AM

Awful. Soulless and formulaic, totally lacking in any sense of wonder or originality. Also if you're a fan of Luke Skywalker, be prepared to be disappointed by his screen time and how his character is portrayed.

Friday, December 29, 09:59:48 PM

It was an good movie. I went to watch a movie for entertainment. Bad Jedi training? What was training in Empire Strikes Back? Luke hopping around with a muppet (Frank Oz voiced Yoda) on his shoulders is better Jedi training. The first order spent the entire movie waiting for the rebel alliance to run out of gas and pull over to be destroyed. Liked Mark Hamill part in the film until the ending.

Friday, December 29, 09:59:29 PM

Wow... it was utter garbage!!! Some people are easily pleased with only the visuals, but for the rest of us who actually follow the story, are dumbfounded how a film like Star Wars be so poorly written. The director who also wrote the story by looking at his previous work he is not qualified to do SW, the film overall felt like it was written by an amateur.

Friday, December 29, 09:37:15 PM

How do I get back 2.5hrs of my life back from this dreadful piece of garbage. 5 stars LMFAO!!

Friday, December 29, 12:22:51 PM

So people are rating this pile of excrement 5 stars because they liked an outfit and liked one 30 second scene in a 2 1/2 hr movie because it was touching. (it was) 5 Stars and a complaint about trouble getting a ticket - really - why are you even here ?? 5 stars because the little guys were funny and cute and the director added new creatures to the Star Wars world - yeah !! This movie was horrible on most levels. It was slow and ponderous, the acting was thin and bad. Kylo Ren needs to be hit by a fast moving death star. Luke was a waste of time, Yoda was deformed and a waste of time. Jedi training that was 2 days of discouragement and a 10 second lesson and bingo - she's a master !! Total and absolute DREK !!

Friday, December 29, 11:53:38 AM

so they turned Luke Skywalker into grandpa simpson. great.

Friday, December 29, 11:51:31 AM

As a SW buff, I'm totally shocked at what they did to Luke's character. He was the series hero. Story built around him. In this movie he looked like a disheveled drunk living in isolation. no purpose no power, lifeless. Its outrageous to reduce the heart and soul of the SW series to this.

Friday, December 29, 09:39:41 AM

Worst movie this year by a long shot. All the people casting 5 star votes - the cat's out of the bag. People already know it's a terrible movie, you can stop it already. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air and interact with real life human beings.

Thursday, December 28, 02:36:22 PM

As disappointing as the Phantom Menace was.

Thursday, December 28, 12:21:40 PM

Could have been better. So loooonggg! The fight with the guys in red was obviously staged and sucked. There were times one of the red guys waiting his turn could have totally killed either Ren or Ben lol. Cheesiest moment: Leia in space. OMFG. I did like the twist of Luke stalling the First Order at the end.

Thursday, December 28, 11:18:10 AM

I wanted to like it, because I liked the three originals and The Force Awakens, but I was really disappointed. When everyone laughed at Kylo Ren appearing shirtless, I knew it was just going downhill from there. The only thing I liked was Carrie Fisher as Leia, I loved how her character grew through the series. Luke was a major disappointment. How did he go from that young, impetuous, enthusiastic youth to this? And what was with his disappearing act? Who let Rian Johnson write this? Why weren't other writers there to keep the spirit of Star Wars alive instead of this disjointed mess? Not looking forward to future Star Wars movies, unfortunately.

Thursday, December 28, 10:42:43 AM

Oh my God this was horrible !! Long and slow and - dumb. The story board was just a re-hash from previous movies. Characters were shallow and stupid. the action scenes were ok - at best. They even managed to screw up Luke and that little green guy who could have been the best part. The acting was the worst part and for the love of all that's Star Wars how many more "Come to the dark side" / "I sense the good in you" scenes are they going to shoot ? It worked once but not 4 times in the same freak'n movie. And someone call Jim Henson - they found his Muppet rejects. Why, in the age of light speed, do you still have ponderously slow "bomber" crafts dropping bombs ?? I could go on and on but I would rather just sit in the dark and try to forget this disaster

Thursday, December 28, 10:26:05 AM

This was bad. Bad on all levels. Luke is a broken has-been who sort of does - something. But it is the best scene in the movie. Ther Jedi training is a 5 minutes pep talk and suddenly she's all in. There were at least 3 scenes that just regurgitated previous movies including the slow, painful and predictable meeting with the supreme leader. The Kylo-Ren character is even worse than Christensen playing Anakin - think about that for a second. Laura Dern is a step away from a zombie film, the late Carrie Fisher tries - but fails. Good effort I guess. Oscar Isaac is annoying and not the replacement for the undisciplined hero that was Han Solo. The Casino scene is useless and the alien creatures look like the puppets from The Dark Crystal (Milking a walrus / cow - really ??) In the end it's boring and stupid and not what we needed, It's a re-boot / re-set for the series

Thursday, December 28, 09:47:18 AM

So Luke Skyewalker went form being Maverick Top Gun to the old lady in Titanic. WOW they ruined him

Thursday, December 28, 09:46:42 AM

kYLO wasn't sure of himself? Is this STAR wars or Teen Mon 2 OG? What was with that shirtless scene? Funny how many complain about Wonder woman's skirt but are more than okay with Emo errrrr Kylo parading around shirtless.

Thursday, December 28, 05:56:44 AM

If you see a 5 Star review just understand it was paid for by Disney. This "movie" was anti-Star Wars in EVERY way. It was such a betrayal I will never watch another Disney's Social Justice Star Wars. I won't pay to have leftist propaganda rammed down my throat for 2 hours. I know most of the OT fans won't either. Don't believe me? Pay to see it, then come back here and leave a REAL review.

Wednesday, December 27, 10:52:28 PM

Garbage.... Want a good movie go see "Darkest Hour"

Wednesday, December 27, 07:16:53 PM

My favorite Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back. Great depth of character with interesting twists (while remaining true to the characters). Also plot twists in the story that kept the focus on a more human level without a stupid (SPOILER ALERT) god damn death star/equivalent.

Wednesday, December 27, 06:08:23 PM

George Lucas, they need your help, garbage

Wednesday, December 27, 06:07:40 PM

Crap story

Wednesday, December 27, 06:05:57 PM

Imagination you have not, go back and write a better script so cheap

Wednesday, December 27, 06:04:21 PM

You call that jedi training who ever wrote that script should be fired

Wednesday, December 27, 06:03:16 PM

Really lame

Wednesday, December 27, 06:00:58 PM

The movie had a good story, however failed in many areas of great battle scenes of today, and the Jedi training was horrendous. My rating 2.0 a Star Wars failure, this was the worst I have watched. George Lucas please come back

Wednesday, December 27, 05:26:06 PM

A total action pack movie.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:36:21 PM

Great film. The tiny droid was amusing and courage. Brought some good laughs.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:06:02 PM

The sequel is going to be fantastic. New stories and probably more characters.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:03:02 PM

My favorites characters were there. :) Luke and Leia.

Wednesday, December 27, 04:01:28 PM

Full of action and fun scenes.