Monday, December 25, 08:27:00 PM

The fleets of the rebels could not defeated the empire but this remind me The Empire Strikes back when an entire based went down. I think is part of SW.

Monday, December 25, 08:25:00 PM

A fantastic science fiction movie. Never happened.

Monday, December 25, 07:45:12 PM

If the force is so powerful why don't they use it to defeat emo errr kylo in 3 seconds?

Monday, December 25, 07:06:12 PM

The empire always use me with British accent and fighter pilots did not have enough time to shave. Lol They are at war.

Monday, December 25, 07:00:40 PM

We came out from a galaxy far far away. :)

Monday, December 25, 06:15:21 PM

This Star Wars Movie was O.K. The entire Rae/Luke segment could have been cut in half to significantly shorten this dragged out movie. l wonder why in this, and in all "Star War"movies, why all the 'bad guy' leaders look so young, geeky and incompetent AND why all good guy fighter pilots look like they haven't shaved in a week. 2 1/2 - 3 Stars... RAN

Monday, December 25, 01:40:54 PM

The empire officer got some much punishing during the movie that he is going to think twice to not make again the same mistakes. Kylo almost killed him.

Monday, December 25, 01:39:09 PM

I found very funny the little droid fighting like a big guy. I did not know that tiny droid was a good fighter. Don’t mess with the droid. Star Wars have always funny moments.

Monday, December 25, 01:37:06 PM

Best movie so far.

Monday, December 25, 12:49:21 PM

Disappointing movie

Monday, December 25, 08:06:34 AM

Now the story completed some of the missing links from the previous movie we might are going to seeing the born of a new hope.

Monday, December 25, 08:04:55 AM

Amazing coreografía during the lightsaber fight. We did not see that from last movie. Force bla bla sucks. This one improved the story.

Monday, December 25, 08:02:18 AM

Interesting movie. We can’t wait to see the sequel.

Monday, December 25, 02:18:38 AM

Beautifuly made great cinematics great sound great action but no story nun at all the heros and vilans are at the same point at the end as they were at the start Carectors die whitout us knowing enytung about who they were or were they came from and how they fit in to the story making there buildup in ep7 a waste of time very bad righting im just happy jj abrams is taking back the helm and wirking hard to fix this in ep 9

Monday, December 25, 01:21:59 AM

Popcorn for the next review please. Lol Movie was not so bad. Let it go.

Monday, December 25, 01:07:49 AM

Cool movie. Next time please reduce the time. Over two hours was tooooooo long, Movie was excellent but not the time.

Monday, December 25, 01:05:58 AM

DBOX was very cool screen to watch this movie. Chairs were moving. We loved the action.

Monday, December 25, 01:04:17 AM

The movie was fun and seriously I don’t take too personally if some one gives one star. We all are adults in here. Right? Is a movie. A science fiction movie.

Monday, December 25, 01:00:29 AM

I like Star Wars. My parents used to take me to watch the classic ones. I still like and I am sure the next one will start with a new beginning.

Monday, December 25, 12:58:24 AM

I can’t wait to buy the DVD when this movie comes out. I want to see the delete scenes.

Monday, December 25, 12:56:56 AM

The world of Star Wars is complex and full twists . This is why I like this movie.

Monday, December 25, 12:55:27 AM

Wondering if any of the rebels knows the force. We will know in the next sequel.

Monday, December 25, 12:51:50 AM

One star or 5 stars will not taking away my love as a fan for Star Wars. Star Wars is all about magic and wonderful stories. I don’t care the one star review. I think is silly and immature. Lol

Monday, December 25, 12:49:04 AM

Movie was little too long but it worked fine for us. We did not like some of scenes but it was Star Wars. We like the saga.

Monday, December 25, 12:47:22 AM

I love the princess dress when they reached the planet.

Monday, December 25, 12:46:24 AM

Someday people will stop bashing others for reviewing a movie. The movie was great. Crying babies who never rich full maturity.

Monday, December 25, 12:44:46 AM

Ice Foxes were well designed. They helped the rebels to ran away from the empire.

Monday, December 25, 12:43:35 AM

Kylo was very cool in the movie. His acting got much better.

Monday, December 25, 12:42:50 AM

Loved this movie. :)

Monday, December 25, 12:42:08 AM

Fast scenes and amazing movies. The light saber fight was the best.

Monday, December 25, 12:40:42 AM

I will save humanity from this crap. So old man geezer Luke is crying like a baby and playing hide and seek. Another baby kylo is upset because he's not getting his way. The end

Monday, December 25, 12:40:28 AM

I did not find this movie boring at all.

Monday, December 25, 12:39:08 AM

Star boooooooooores

Monday, December 25, 12:20:12 AM

I would've given this movie negative infinity stars if that had been possible.

Monday, December 25, 12:19:30 AM

This movie feels like the makers were just like, let's just make a movie and get it out for the sake of making a movie. It was so uninspired and awfully long and boring.

Monday, December 25, 12:17:57 AM

The poster of this movie is so awful and unoriginal

Sunday, December 24, 10:32:10 PM

Pretty cool poster. IMAX format gave us the best view of this movie.

Sunday, December 24, 10:31:23 PM

I don’t mind given 5 stars. We a had a blast watching this movie today before our Christmas dinner. We enjoyed the film.

Sunday, December 24, 10:29:53 PM

Battle ships scenes were intense. You could see how hard they were fighting even though they could end dead. Great movie.

Sunday, December 24, 10:28:19 PM

She probably is the chosen one because she could touch the dark side and come back.