Tuesday, January 21, 07:32:04 PM

Perfect movie.

Tuesday, January 21, 05:37:42 PM

A movie everyone will love.

Tuesday, January 21, 04:45:50 PM

objectively bad film...plays like a video game fetch quest and ruins the force...disney is guilty of murdering star wars as they have most everything they touch...

Tuesday, January 21, 03:17:11 PM

Had me on the edge of my seat. Did not disappoint! Great!

Tuesday, January 21, 02:54:27 PM

The most fun at the movies since Terminator Dark Fate.

Tuesday, January 21, 12:50:26 PM

Love this movie. ??

Tuesday, January 21, 12:43:33 PM

I liked it, I’m a big fan of Star Wars, often being disappointed with the Disney Star Wars movies thinking the saga was the best but this one was fantastic

Tuesday, January 21, 04:04:03 AM

Excellent and super cool movie.

Tuesday, January 21, 12:31:10 AM

GREAT I SAW IT TWICE AND CAN't wait to get my copy so i can watch again and again

Monday, January 20, 11:28:59 AM

I already watched this movie 3 times under three different formats. Very cool movie.

Monday, January 20, 11:22:13 AM

I loved the whole thing it’s amazing everyone must see it I seen it 2 times already!

Monday, January 20, 05:17:17 AM

I am adding this movie to my Star Wars collection. :)

Monday, January 20, 02:49:42 AM

A new classic with a classic ending.

Monday, January 20, 01:20:57 AM

Star Wars fan since 1977.....Loved it! want to see it a 3rd time

Monday, January 20, 01:07:53 AM

Remarkable movie.

Sunday, January 19, 11:56:57 PM

Amazing scenes and good after effects. Glad JJ directed this movie. The previous director ruined the story.

Sunday, January 19, 11:47:59 PM

Fantastic story.

Sunday, January 19, 07:29:31 PM

Only way Disney rights this is by doing a STAR WARS/AVENGERS crossover movie. That would be so cool.

Sunday, January 19, 04:52:14 PM

We had a blast watching this movie. The soundtrack was also perfect.

Sunday, January 19, 04:16:56 PM

Great CGI but that is the only reason for giving it two stars. I have been a REAL Star Wars fan for a long time and this new series has been an abomination. Personal opinion.

Sunday, January 19, 01:59:26 PM

why all the kuffuffle-better as a TV moving for Saturday morning-lame real lame-but hey its for children of all ages

Sunday, January 19, 01:46:47 PM

it dose a lot to make up for the dumpster fire that was the last movie

Saturday, January 18, 02:33:40 PM

IMAX was the best format to watch this movie. :)

Saturday, January 18, 02:16:47 PM

Excellent story.

Saturday, January 18, 12:37:59 PM

Ben or Ren, ineffectual in either guise.

Saturday, January 18, 06:47:24 AM

This was the Skywalker’s story. Love and hatred. They defeated evil and brought balance to the force.

Friday, January 17, 10:44:03 PM

Excellent movie. Who was Ren? I am confused. 🤣

Friday, January 17, 10:30:45 PM

A new high for the franchise. 5/5

Friday, January 17, 09:48:55 PM

Good movie and the ending was almost exactly as the New Hope first scenes.

Friday, January 17, 04:24:36 PM

Awesome movie!

Friday, January 17, 03:50:55 PM

They need to do a sequel. The last one about the Skywalker’s but who knows. The new generations of Star Wars or old stories of the Republic.

Friday, January 17, 03:48:52 PM

Movie was fantastic.

Friday, January 17, 01:46:21 PM

GLAD this was the last one , I couldn't endure taking my children to watch junk like this anymore. this was as exciting as watching the power rangers.

Friday, January 17, 12:33:36 PM

worst star wars movie ever made so glad this is the last one!

Friday, January 17, 10:57:54 AM

Money well expend in this movie.

Friday, January 17, 10:53:10 AM

After 42 years, finally got an ending...Loved it!!

Friday, January 17, 08:41:57 AM

What a waste of money as well as time. Almost fell asleep a few times.Wish I had.

Thursday, January 16, 01:37:57 PM

The Saga ended on a perfect finally. 😊

Thursday, January 16, 11:33:10 AM

The napping user comes who always say falling zz in the movies. The movie was amazing and fun. No time to take a nap. Lol

Thursday, January 16, 11:30:21 AM

Very interesting movie. Action pack adventure.