Tuesday, August 15, 11:39:30 AM


Tuesday, August 15, 11:11:23 AM

This film was inspiring. If you thought Hidden Figures was good, this film was perfect. It captured the essence of adversity while offering hope.

Tuesday, August 15, 11:04:48 AM

I give kudos to the director for this wonderful real life inspirational documentary about three African American girls growing up in high school connecting through struggles and adversities with the chaos their lives were at Baltimore. There were moments of tears and elation of hope watching this documentary film. Great film. Must watch.

Tuesday, August 15, 10:34:38 AM

Inspirational movie, real life stories, show you what the power of dance and music can heal and help you in difficult situations

Tuesday, August 15, 09:54:56 AM

very good

Monday, August 14, 03:59:56 PM

A well made doc and a must see by all. Great reviews from Sundance Film Fest & Full Frame Doc. Film Fest. Pass the word....

Thursday, April 20, 03:33:31 PM

This movie shows the challenge of everyday women who are struggling in a city that never cared. "Step" shows we do care and support each other and for the brighter future