Saturday, December 23, 03:43:18 PM

Good to see that most of the Profits from this movie are going to the Actual Victims that went through the real Pain from this Bombing event, Most actors and Studio's wouldn't give anything back to the actual Victims. Oh wait..... they're not giving Anything to the Victims, What a surprise !

Wednesday, October 11, 10:03:42 AM

Unlike the others, it is worth the time and money to watch it twice as it delivers a healthy message to all of us.

Wednesday, October 11, 10:01:23 AM

A very positive movie, well done!

Wednesday, October 11, 04:40:59 AM

This is a great story and well-delivered....but the swearing was excessive and did it really reflect those people involved? I know few people who swear as much as those in this movie.

Monday, October 9, 09:00:14 AM

Very good movie.

Thursday, October 5, 10:29:34 PM

Loved the movie and the story, but absolutely hated the filthy language throughout. It ruined the movie for our whole group, and was not necessary.

Thursday, October 5, 07:05:07 PM

I think the acting was terrific. Such a difficult subject to cover. I was a little uncomfortable with some of the language but I think it was a very honest film.

Saturday, September 30, 09:54:57 PM

Awesome! Different from the other movies in the theatre now, this is the best movie that you should really spend money and time to see it. Highly recommended.

Friday, September 29, 10:06:05 PM

Best Movie on Theatre this round, no movies better than this one.

Friday, September 29, 10:04:05 PM

Great Movie, make you STRONGER!

Thursday, September 28, 09:34:42 PM

Very emotional, inspirational, and character building movie.

Sunday, September 24, 01:45:52 PM

This movie was outstanding ...strong performance by jake gyllehaeel..the best true story I've ever seen so far .I gave it 5 out 5 stars ..

Sunday, September 24, 12:54:16 PM

Very interesting movie.

Saturday, September 23, 04:31:44 PM

Extremely powerful. I've seen several movies that Jake has done and this is probably the best roll he's ever had. I would give this movie way more then the 5 starts!!!!

Friday, September 22, 09:30:20 PM

Fantastic movie ! Jake G does an awesome job portraying the range of emotions a trauma survivor would go through . Bring lots of kleenex , you'll thank me later haha

Friday, September 22, 06:55:38 PM

Jake Gyllenaal was amazing portraying Jeff Bauman. Tiatiana Maslany was great as his friend. Miranda Richardson also acted well throughout. A superb film and you can really feel for the characters in this story. The acting all around was terrific.

Thursday, September 21, 10:01:28 PM

Being from Boston I lived through this, this is real.