Friday, July 19, 07:08:18 PM

It was beautiful

Friday, July 19, 09:52:50 AM

Don't listen to the negative reviews this movie's is really good.

Thursday, July 18, 11:30:21 PM

If a dumber, no story movie was ever made I have never heard of it. This movie is simply awful.

Thursday, July 18, 06:25:59 PM

Laughed like crazy. Bautista's comedic timing and delivery were impeccable. Great from beginning to end??????

Thursday, July 18, 09:02:45 AM

Loved this movie. Very funny and excellent acting.

Tuesday, July 16, 11:44:19 PM

Excellent movie! Worth seeing

Tuesday, July 16, 07:29:04 PM

Vey funny...there were loud laughs and guffaws. Yeah, it was "violent". but what cop movie isn't. It had some twists, especially the ending and I would recommend it as it had all kinds of action and comedy.

Tuesday, July 16, 07:24:56 PM

Excellent entertainment. I laughed out loud from start to end. Good writing. Loved it and highly recommend it.

Tuesday, July 16, 12:33:43 PM

One of the year's ten best.

Tuesday, July 16, 07:54:44 AM

I love this movie its the best

Monday, July 15, 08:14:55 PM

Terrible was empty and I wondered why. :( Bautista needs to stick to super hero movies.....annoying ,loud mess. 1 out of 5.

Monday, July 15, 12:29:02 PM

I liked the comedy aspect of the movie but the violence and cursing was over the top. Bautista and Nanjiani were exceptionally good. Length and storyline were also good.

Sunday, July 14, 01:46:33 PM

I thought it would be a little dumb, but it wasn't. It was really funny. It had some story to it. In the short time allowed it showed action, friendship, betrayal, some tragedy, relationships in the modern times, father daughter relationships, bad guys good guys and not sure which guys. It is modern and could actually happen these days. I loved it.

Saturday, July 13, 08:59:37 PM

1 like Dave Bautista he it funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny

Saturday, July 13, 07:26:50 PM

not funny verry violent at begining walked out bad acting

Saturday, July 13, 06:37:30 PM

very funny

Friday, June 21, 09:49:59 AM

Great film, Dave Bautista was hailourius