Wednesday, February 21, 07:15:02 AM

what were they thinking crap

Friday, November 17, 03:27:19 AM

We once had Hitchcocks, Welles, Ford, Scorcese, Bogart, Hepburn, Cecil B. DeMille, Vivien Leigh, Good writers, story tellers.........and now.............we have things like this, Clooney, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Weinstein, and the rest of the perverted twisted sociopaths known as Hollywood. This movie is the summit of their efforts. The top piece on a pile of dung.

Thursday, November 9, 09:54:41 PM

It was just hyped up so much but it was one if the worst movies I've ever seen. It was very confusing. The best thing about the movies was that they did have a lot of props that helped make the movie in the era of around the late 50's to 60's.

Wednesday, November 8, 10:15:21 PM


Wednesday, November 8, 05:13:11 PM

I enjoyed this movie! Kept me interested and I thought the acting was good, especially the young son who surely will be up for an award! Had twists and turns that were unexpected. I couldn't help but think that while racial tension is happening that perhaps you should watch your white neighbours instead!

Monday, November 6, 10:05:23 PM

A true suspense movie in the finest Alfred Hitchcock tradition. A little slow to begin, but then ever so slowly, piece by sordid piece is gradually revealed. Matt Damon and Julianne Moore were terrific, but young Noah Jupe was brilliant and should win an Oscar for his performance. RAN

Monday, November 6, 08:59:57 PM

Not an enjoyable movie.

Sunday, November 5, 10:57:04 AM

A very clever, twisty film with great acting from all of the main characters. This film has many of the same elements as "Fargo". Lots of twists and turns with a heavy dose of dark humor. I loved it. Not a movie for people with short attention spans or low IQs.

Saturday, November 4, 07:47:06 PM

Loved the 50s Cars , clothes and furniture . I didn't love anything else.

Friday, November 3, 03:00:21 PM

Terrible waste of time!! Clooney and the Hollywood bunch can't just make a good, enjoyable movie... always have to show white people are all racists!! Sad... by the way, I'm an Asian American. getting tired of all the political statements in movies...

Wednesday, November 1, 07:17:54 PM

It was just a different take on Fargo. The stepfather figure is replaced by an uncle, perhaps the only good white person in this story. Last piece of the recipe, George Clooney added historical elements with a family of black people being massively harassed by a white neighborhood... they were actually inspired by the true story of the Myers, the black family that moved into Levittown, a Pennsylvania suburb, in 1957.

Wednesday, November 1, 10:56:30 AM

really enjoyed show.... definitely sad and dark at times but unfortunately that is the way life is at times. nice to see a movie without today's social media and technology through out it all like the way many of us grew up

Wednesday, November 1, 09:53:56 AM

A T.V. movie at best. Other than that it belongs in the scrap heap.

Tuesday, October 31, 08:16:18 PM

Excellent movie, throwback to movies made 50 years ago. Well acted, good story. Nice change from today's fare that is geared to young people.

Tuesday, October 31, 12:38:57 AM

Horrible movie..filled with violence with a very racist view. Had no plot, extremely poor acting . Dont waste your time or money. Another one of Clooneys flops, he's apparently desperate, choosing to produce this piece of trash.

Monday, October 30, 11:35:52 PM

We loved it, but If you don’t get situational humor or enjoy dark comedy this probably isn’t the movie for you. Well acted, great script, over the top satire.

Monday, October 30, 04:43:54 PM

Not what I thought it would be. It was pretty awful, by the end I just wanted to leave the theater as soon as possible.

Monday, October 30, 04:33:22 PM

Waste of time and money.

Monday, October 30, 04:32:16 PM

Complete waste of time, slow, stupid, excessive violence for no reason, if they were trying to make a point, they missed the mark.

Monday, October 30, 04:31:23 PM

This is a horrible waste of time, it makes no sense, it glorifies murder and violence, including a child. It is not funny. It incorporates violent racism.....I don't know what they were going for, but I do not recommend it, was even considering asking for my money back.

Monday, October 30, 07:52:34 AM

Very entertaining movie,loved the dark humour ! The acting was great,especially the little boy who played Matt son. Lots of twists and turns which kept it interesting!

Monday, October 30, 12:27:05 AM

This was the worst movie that I have seen in my lifetime. Save your money and see something else.

Sunday, October 29, 05:39:45 PM

Great film. Very hitchcock-esque. Don't listen to the poor reviews. If you want to be entertained for a few hrs go see it.

Sunday, October 29, 01:20:23 AM

Weird movie , like a cross between the movie Fargo and a Hitchcock flick . It didn't live up to the trailer ,I thought it would be better .

Saturday, October 28, 06:42:49 PM

An unbelievably stupid movie, absolutely no point to the very little content. What is even more unbelievable is that Matt Damon played a role in this movie.

Saturday, October 28, 01:18:31 PM

Boring movie don’t waste your time and money. Go see kingsmen the golden circle instead

Friday, October 27, 08:27:26 PM

Disappointing movie from the Coen Bros. Expected more.

Thursday, October 26, 11:49:03 PM

Boring, slow and all around bad movie.