Tuesday, April 24, 10:07:54 PM

This movie was the worst I have seen in many years. Anyone that gave this movie a 5 star is not real, this movie is awful, don't bother even watching it on TV for free, waste of your time. Worst movie review I ever gave.

Tuesday, April 24, 08:48:14 AM

There won't be a funnier movie all year.

Monday, April 23, 05:34:56 AM

FINALLY, a sequel that actually improves on a great original!

Sunday, April 22, 07:06:45 PM

Super bad

Saturday, April 21, 09:25:07 PM

Just as good as the first one!

Saturday, April 21, 04:34:57 PM

Complete cow dung!

Monday, October 30, 02:14:37 PM

omg the first one was kicked ass this one will be just as funny