Saturday, September 19, 11:27:05 PM

Incredible but I wish I could see the last nine episodes in Canada 🇨🇦 there’s only 60 episodes

Tuesday, August 11, 02:06:25 AM

Anyone here who watched episode 61 to 69?

Thursday, June 11, 02:21:56 AM

Long but great!!

Saturday, May 30, 08:20:45 PM

Does anyone know where i can watch the last 9 episodes as they are not on netflix???

Saturday, May 23, 03:54:51 PM

Excellent acting, epic masterpiece.

Monday, April 27, 03:16:33 AM

Amazing show

Monday, April 13, 12:50:49 PM

Started off really good until after episode 20 and thereafter became nothing more than a soap opera in a prison with so many illogical plots and sub plots with characters killed off and new character’s introduced. The mist annoying characters are the two female reporters unreasonably empowered and detective Duran who seems to be the only detective in Colombia pursuing every case.. it becomes even more unrealistic be Near the end when plots and dialogue are loose and hurried. Forget series 2 - the producers have drained out all the narco angles.

Monday, February 17, 09:34:39 AM

I can't wait for season 2, I hope there is one

Sunday, February 16, 10:40:21 PM

I live in Ireland I had to read the whole lot of it how he kept him self alive threw out his sentence I want to c serious 2 I watched it in a week I couldn’t sleep I just wanted to keep on watching kJ is a very intelligent

Wednesday, February 12, 11:22:24 AM

It was just too good! We need season 2 ASAP?

Friday, January 24, 08:39:42 PM

come on Netflix ,,,,,,,,, where is season 2 ? " Plata El Plomo " The choice is yours .

Tuesday, January 21, 07:09:06 PM

Una cosa de locoo 👍😁

Monday, January 13, 02:58:37 PM

Brilliant can't get enough

Wednesday, January 8, 07:59:42 PM

Season 2 needs to come out!

Sunday, November 10, 08:22:26 PM

I would like to see season 2, I likes the first season would like to know more about Popeyes

Tuesday, September 17, 03:10:08 PM

Love this series hope there is more I really want to see more of the life on JJ gots me very curious and shows how life in Columbia is what it was like for someone in his shoes love it😍🤗

Saturday, September 14, 02:31:21 PM

new seson pls man

Monday, August 26, 11:13:53 PM

Love it if u enjoyed it watch Rosario Tijeras

Thursday, August 15, 10:16:33 AM

Good series. Hopefully there is a 2nd season coming. Wikipedia says there are 69 episodes in the first (and only) season. I only had 60 episodes available. I wonder if they "screen out" some episodes by geographical area of the world? Or if for some reason Netflix opted to not carry nine of them.

Saturday, August 3, 09:03:24 PM

This series is amazing. I could not stop watching I am on the internet searching for the announcement of season 2. Great acting, story line , music.....everything And I do t like subtitles but I loved this one!!!!!!

Monday, June 3, 08:27:28 PM

Tell us the release date of Season 2 . Can’t wait

Thursday, May 23, 04:36:41 AM

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Tuesday, May 21, 07:48:48 PM

Best series going!!! Must watch 2019!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 06:10:41 AM

A++ written and acted out show. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. I hope there's a season 2

Monday, April 1, 09:39:43 PM

I've been waiting almost 2 years now 😭😭😭

Wednesday, March 20, 10:28:58 AM

it's great ! exciting! these actors can really act !

Wednesday, March 20, 05:26:48 AM

Can’t wait for season 2 please release it

Wednesday, March 13, 10:50:27 PM

Wow, great show, I hope there is more.

Sunday, March 3, 08:33:50 PM

An amazing series, I would never watch a movie with subtitles but I found myself hooked on this and it's led me on to other Spanish speaking programs, it's a brilliant show and highly addictive, I found myself binging on episode after episode, lucky there's loads of episodes 😁 just wish season 2 would hurry up and be released 😩

Thursday, January 31, 09:48:18 AM

Great series, hoping for season 2

Tuesday, December 18, 03:38:48 AM


Monday, December 3, 12:02:24 AM

I've been waiting all year and no season 2 😪

Thursday, November 29, 10:09:26 PM

I love this series' I'm hooked!

Thursday, November 22, 10:41:28 AM

I've been intrigued by this filming of "Surviving Escobar". The actors are excellent. Especially the Star, Juan Pablo Urrego. I would like to see this actor in more films, please! Every actor plays their parts with seriousness and I feel like they are so very true in this filming. EXCELLENTE!!!!

Friday, November 9, 06:10:30 PM

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Tuesday, November 6, 02:56:13 AM

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Monday, October 8, 11:15:18 PM

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Friday, October 5, 10:07:24 AM

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Tuesday, October 2, 09:01:24 PM


Monday, October 1, 12:02:32 AM

I love this show. I’ve stayed up a couple nights just to finish this great show.