Thursday, November 15, 06:37:18 PM

Not a horror story. Not a very suspenseful film. And ultimately, not very entertaining. Had potential, but it must be on the cutting room floir.

Wednesday, November 7, 02:18:47 AM

Ugh. A total disappointment.

Saturday, November 3, 07:10:42 PM

Dull and dreary. This ain't SUSPIRIA, no matter what the title says.

Saturday, November 3, 01:46:10 PM

DISTURBING AS HELL!!! It's really quite the experience. The more I think about it the more I like it after sitting with it for a few days. The choreography is hauntingly beautiful and the acting is phenomenal. Check it out if you are tired of seeing the same old mainstream narrative.

Thursday, November 1, 02:58:26 AM

Good art house film! No were close to the original!