Tuesday, September 8, 06:52:59 PM

Another great smaller budget movie. No CGI, with a great story, great acting. This has changed the type of movies I see. I don’t always have to see the big budget movies which are turning out to be garbage so far this year. This movie was made in Canada, not Hollywood and was fantastic.

Monday, August 24, 05:46:39 AM

I thought this movie was well done, very good acting. Great to be back at the cinema!

Monday, August 17, 01:21:14 AM

Compelling story based on the investigative reporting of Victor Malarek, later of W5 fame. The story depicts "Canadian Federal Police", which is actually CSIS. It leaves the question of how long Daniel Leger remained in prison unanswered. This 2 hour film didn't drag for a second.

Wednesday, August 12, 02:43:24 AM

the aforementioned flashbacks were confusing at first, but any movie watcher can figure it out. I heard the story and of Malerek before, so was drawn right in...

Tuesday, August 4, 01:08:59 PM

Various plot lines and flashbacks were confusing