Thursday, January 4, 02:31:36 PM

This movie was amazing!Almost the entire theater went infront of the movie screen and was just dancing and having the best night of their lives up there 10/10 highly recommend for swifties unable to get tickets!

Sunday, December 31, 07:46:57 PM

This young woman is energy itself. She's a dynamo! It's so much fun to watch her interact with the audience. Her back-up singers and dancers are incredible too! Song after song after song, with many set and costume changes. Their energy is marvelous. The film is well-edited and well-produced, and it gives you better seats/view than you could ever have at a live show, even if you were first row on the floor. All-around awesome! I'm planning to see it again. Definitely recommend.

Sunday, December 3, 03:14:30 AM

The Best Picture of the Year.

Saturday, November 25, 12:18:37 AM

Makes you feel like you're right up there on stage with Taylor Swift! To her detractors, let me say this: If the music's too loud, yer too freakin' old!

Friday, November 24, 06:20:21 PM

taylor swift and her music is a gift from heaven. if you don’t absolutely love her, you don’t deserve her. so shut up all you one star reviewers. the show is the absolute best thing ever.100000000/5

Friday, November 24, 06:15:54 PM

don’t listen to all the one stars. those are all the people who don’t know what they are talking about. it is the best thing and idea ever. beyoncé stole taylor’s idea.

Friday, November 24, 06:09:38 PM

taylor swift is the best. this movie is the best. spectacular performance. spectacular cast. super entertaining.

Thursday, November 23, 05:18:25 PM

Her left wing liberal bias is apparent in her horrible songs

Saturday, November 18, 03:15:41 PM

Yeah. I said drival..

Saturday, November 18, 02:26:10 PM

She needs a song.

Tuesday, November 14, 09:32:10 PM

I LOVED everything

Sunday, November 12, 02:27:10 PM

Extremely talented artist, enjoyed the movie but it was too long, many songs were very similar.

Sunday, November 12, 09:48:45 AM

Almost like being at a concert with imax.

Saturday, November 11, 07:11:21 PM

It's Taylor Swift, and either you're a fan or not, but this "movie" is hardly that - just more of the same singing we all know. Beyoncé has one coming too - are we now to look forward to self-indulgent singers or pop-singer-factories providing us with movies? I sure the hell hope not... barely 2/5 (it was really a 1.5 but I rounded up for the Swifties). Just save it for streaming or something.

Saturday, November 11, 05:42:05 PM

Just all-around terrible

Saturday, November 11, 12:52:51 PM


Friday, November 10, 10:48:22 AM

As a swiftie who couldn't go to the tour live, it was amazing to be able to experience it with all my other swifties!

Sunday, November 5, 04:48:39 PM

This is your chance to see a stunningly charismatic performer at the top of her game in the biggest arena concert of all time. Excellent close-ups and seamless editing make this experience arguably superior to seeing the live show.

Saturday, November 4, 12:52:00 PM

Best Movie Ever!!!!!

Friday, November 3, 08:54:32 PM

I have a new favourite Halloween movie!

Saturday, October 28, 12:17:38 AM

I forgot to mention in my first review, that I'm going to see it again this weekend, YAY!! Swiftie for LIFE and I'm 65 years young

Saturday, October 28, 12:13:55 AM

I saw it once. It was amazing. She's so talented, and she didn't get where she is by auditioning on some stupid talent show on TV. She has worked so hard to get to the level of an entertainer that she's become. We are gonna see more. She has a lot more to show the world.

Wednesday, October 25, 07:52:00 PM


Wednesday, October 25, 11:13:59 AM

So entertaining!

Sunday, October 22, 05:15:10 PM

It wasn’t was I expected, just another Barbie doll movie

Sunday, October 22, 03:41:57 PM

I went twice and it was so gooddd I can’t I LOVE Taylor SOOOO MUCH OMG I couldn’t go to the concert cause of price and location but this was the next best thing omgggg! A REAL MUST SEE EVEN IF UR NOT A SWIFTIE!!

Sunday, October 22, 12:26:53 PM

Jealousy and the toxic masculinity all up in this reviews. I’d note it! Taylor Swift is a joy and a true mastermind. Leave it to toxic Yakima who is known to get maga land and the most toxic town in the state of Yakima to spread hate. Notice the hateful reviews before the movie came out? Do better crakima

Saturday, October 21, 10:38:36 PM

Great from hello to goodbye

Saturday, October 21, 05:56:05 PM

Difficult to understand words to music.

Saturday, October 21, 03:46:49 PM

It was like standing next to her on stage, ide prefer watching this over going to her concert. It was like I was on stage with her. Going a 2nd time! Love the music and performance she put on. SO WORTH $19.00

Saturday, October 21, 10:08:31 AM

This was a very good movie All of my favorite songs were in here

Friday, October 20, 11:49:46 PM

A new benchmark for the concert film genre. Can't wait to see it a fifth time, in IMAX, of course!

Friday, October 20, 09:11:48 PM

She can’t sing worth a darn and dresses terrible. What a loser!!! What a waste of time and money

Thursday, October 19, 05:50:05 PM

Barbie doll does it yet again--she's a product, not a person. American propaganda mill on steroids as is an audience now craving more of the same junk food for the mind--self fulfilling prophecy. You can count on cineplex for brain numbing experiences and a constant reproduction of the assinine! Bring on the popcorn...while ensuring that the democratic world continues to elect morons because we are morons being brought up on a diet of mindless entertainment. MAGA!

Tuesday, October 17, 07:59:56 PM

Beyond your expectations! She radiates love and confidence. Definitely A FIVE star show you don,t want to miss. Non stop songs, dancing & much more. So many costumes. WOW! 😊

Monday, October 16, 09:48:30 AM


Sunday, October 15, 06:16:41 PM

If this doesn't sweep the Oscars there's something seriously wrong with the voting.

Sunday, October 15, 03:22:46 PM

I loved everything about this! It’s a Must See and for best results see this in the movie theater! I saw it in an IMAX so the sound and everything was over-the-top fantastic. The music, the band, the BG singers, the staging, the scenery, the sets , the digital effects -was like nothing I’ve ever seen! And Taylor Swift is in a class of her own. You can’t help but love and respect her even more after seeing this!

Sunday, October 15, 07:35:54 AM

Wow just Wow! More than a concert, definitely an awesome show production!! The stage, the costumes, choreography, drop the mic! Good Job Taylor Swift!

Saturday, October 14, 10:01:38 PM

You will not regret the gift that is Taylor Swift . We were blown away with how amazing she is. Leave it to crackama to have haters. It it’s MAGA land after all. 🤮 If you want to know why people love her, go to see this show. Again, there’s a reason she has haters and it isn’t a lack of her talent. The person who said she is nasty…. Let’s have a look at you. Jealous much?