Thursday, June 28, 08:26:25 PM

tooo funny!! ted 2???

Thursday, June 28, 03:59:30 PM

this movie was pretty funny. seth macfarlane is great as ted and mark wahlberg proves he can be a comedic actor to add to his resume.

Thursday, June 28, 03:37:44 PM

movie is worth seeing twice...will be recommending this movie to my friends. ted looks so much like snuggles, a teddy bear that my cousin won in a contest when he was a child. wonder whether snuggles will come to life one day? hope he is as much a good friend as ted!

Thursday, June 28, 01:22:39 PM

enjoyed it a lot. mark walburg was very good. i'm glad they didn't go the evil doll thing. very good indeed. mila kunis is quite an actress. i actually felt sorry for ted at times.

Thursday, June 28, 01:16:24 PM

i thought ted was quite entertaining, lots of laugh even though i didn't get some of the ted's remarks. the imagination of the story was unique and mark walberg suited the part of john.

Thursday, June 28, 01:05:32 PM

we were disappointed in the juvenile humour--as big fans of "family guy" we expected more!!

Thursday, June 28, 12:19:20 PM

snuggle 2.0? haha that bear was so funny! peter griffin + suggle bear = ted :) great movie to watch with friends, better leave the kids at home!

Thursday, June 28, 12:18:23 PM

fabulous movie! laughed out loud for so many scenes! definitely worth the watch if you're looking for great comedy!

Thursday, June 28, 12:17:34 PM

super funny movie about a boy and his teddy bear - definitely worth the watch, great laughs and great chemistry between mark and mila!

Thursday, June 28, 10:37:54 AM

the family film of the year!

Thursday, June 28, 10:18:49 AM

this movie was hilarious! it is amazing how a teddy bear can have so many different humanistic expressions! i was laughing the whole time!

Thursday, June 28, 10:13:26 AM

if you like family guy, then this is the movie for you. the 80s references were great as well.

Thursday, June 28, 09:51:41 AM

great funny movie!

Thursday, June 28, 09:37:48 AM

very witty and funny all the way through

Thursday, June 28, 09:35:47 AM

what made this movie for me was the unexpected replies within conversations, which were really funny because they either came out of left field or were things that you would think but never say out loud.

Thursday, June 28, 09:31:03 AM

i had to force my husband to go - he ended up loving the movie. smart, funny, interesting - a very enjoyable film. the acting was great - with a couple of surprizing 'guests'.

Thursday, June 28, 09:30:55 AM

mark wahlberg is a great comedic actor - he should do more comedies. i didn't know he could be this funny - only seen him in serious roles.

Thursday, June 28, 09:27:10 AM

funny idea -- but funny parts spread out too much -- it feels slow at some parts. i had higher hopes for the film!

Tuesday, May 22, 08:42:23 PM

i give the trailer alone 5 stars. i will watch the movie when it is in theatres, and i will enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 22, 08:41:40 PM

i give the trailer alone 5 stars. i will watch the movie when it is in theatres, and i will enjoy it.

Monday, April 9, 05:04:52 PM

i can't wait to see it.