Saturday, November 3, 10:23:17 PM


Sunday, August 12, 08:01:33 AM

aweful movie...

Monday, August 6, 10:46:02 PM


Saturday, August 4, 02:20:12 AM

The year's best action movie.

Thursday, August 2, 02:27:30 PM


Tuesday, July 31, 08:31:01 PM

Can't wait for Thanos to finish the Teen Titans.

Sunday, July 29, 02:21:21 PM

I loved this movie so much! It's a HILARIOUS movie. Don't listen to the people who hate the movie. Get out of your house and go see Teen Titans GO! To the Movies! You won't be wasting any of your time or money! It was a good story and all the characters were really funny. It's a great funny movie kids and anyone who loves the Teen Titans.

Friday, July 27, 10:53:53 PM

Perhaps loved this more than my 7 year old niece. If you know the tv show even better, but this is just great if it’s your first time. Will Arnett is great and it’s just a fun movie with some hilarious jokes for the adults. Teen Titans Go!

Friday, July 27, 10:47:04 AM

Best Stan Lee Cameo!