Monday, September 28, 01:03:34 AM

Took a bit to understand, but with good reason. So intense and exciting! Gonna go back and watch again

Saturday, September 26, 12:22:51 AM

I couldn’t keep up and was lost the whole movie. I kept wondering when it was going to end. Good Camera work though.

Friday, September 25, 06:41:54 PM

if inversion was real i would of got my money back and my 2 hours would of been save from sucking the will out of my life watching this over kill going back words movie, it was a good thing i was at the drive in to watch other film because if i wasn't i would of got my money back for real

Wednesday, September 23, 08:14:32 PM

A nonsensical plot that turned over stones for no apparent (or explained) reason. It didn't provide adequate character development that would help the audience tolerate the insufferable numbers of holes in the premise. It's a shame. The film was well acted but they could only work with what they were given.

Wednesday, September 23, 12:19:05 PM

long and dull at times

Tuesday, September 22, 08:27:24 PM

Remember Inception. Same director. Layer after layer, but well told and easy to follow. Good characters, story telling, and music. This is the complete opposite. Lightening does not strike twice. The actors are B grade, the story is beyond appalling, and the music by some heavy metal stoner is deafening. Save your money.

Tuesday, September 22, 08:25:04 PM

Loud, confusing, and tedious. But if you're desperate enough, you'll go see it, but few stick around to the end, because by that time the popcorn is gone and you no longer care to watch.

Tuesday, September 22, 01:43:27 PM

Loved everything about it. Lots of content that keep you wondering and thirsting for more.

Sunday, September 20, 01:20:49 AM

The movie a ground breaking concept in same fashion as matrix was but needs work putting it together, plus difficult to understand characters unfortunately portion of dialog they are in mask. The Visual effects and location are incredible, but some piecing of th film needs work.

Saturday, September 19, 09:29:19 AM

BAD MOVIE!!!! I dont understand the high ratings!!!!!!! 6 people went to see it and all 6 says its horrible!!

Saturday, September 19, 09:25:28 AM

I’m sorry this movie was, is and will be forever horrible. Basically it’s a heist movie to prevent a war but they introduced a plot twist who’s premise just doesn’t work. And it’s poorly executed at the same time. At this point the advertising media are trying to bump up the ratings because it’s losing a lot of money at the box office. I feel cheated by Hollywood movies these days.

Wednesday, September 16, 08:34:39 AM

Twisted story line...ear shattering...but good action that held my interest!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 05:51:14 PM

It's pretty confusing and the sound is really loud for some reason but still really cool visuals and action.

Sunday, September 13, 11:47:17 AM

great twisted story.

Saturday, September 12, 06:40:01 PM

Excellent! It will drive ou wild. A meandeing tale with check mate after check mate to your usual expectations. A roller coaster ride without tracks, anew kind of coherence,

Saturday, September 12, 01:29:56 AM

I'm very forgiving about movies BUT, way too loud ( & this was in a regular theater) too complicated , & soundtrack poorly mixed in what I think could have been a great movie. However, some of the locations filmed were beautiful.. If the volume is turned down, it might be more watchable . It was just too offensively loud. There were many complaints about this particular movie I spoke to them more than once about overly loud soundtracks. RH ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION AMC?

Friday, September 11, 04:44:18 PM

Tenet was a peculiar movie. Tenet was an ambitious movie. But even more than that, Tenet was an intriguing movie. Yes, there’s issues with the sound mixing so some dialogue gets drowned out (more so in the opening scene), the main villains Russian accent is a little cartoony and over the top to the point where what he’s saying is incomprehensible, and they hit a few philosophical points a little too on the nose, but the core plot of the movie is solid, and the performances are great. It may be confusing for a first time viewer, but I think it was intended to be. If you need any help understanding the main mechanic of the movie, I like to explain it as “pulling a U Turn on the timeline.

Thursday, September 10, 07:17:50 PM

weak characters, weak plot, awful sound mixing

Thursday, September 10, 12:45:41 PM

Save your money and time.Ultra confusing plot from the beginning to end.

Wednesday, September 9, 11:55:05 AM

Concept in theory sounds great but execution not so much. Movie was loud and confusing like watch a Micheal bay transformers movie you didnt know what the hell is happening.

Wednesday, September 9, 09:42:56 AM

Cofusing plot, between accents and masks the dialogue was hard to understand, to long , would not recommend this , glad I went on a Monday and only paid $5.00

Wednesday, September 9, 07:55:35 AM

hard to hear the dialog, overly confusing plot. wasn't worth risking to get the virus just to see this

Tuesday, September 8, 11:33:18 PM

One of the last films I saw with my dad was "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace". After we came out from that, he said "I watched it. There were lots of things to see, lots of things look at. But I couldn't get involved in it." In brief, I feel much the same about "Tenet". Poor sound mix, no room for character development amidst all the noise, too confusing. That three-stars is actually two-and-a-half for the first Christopher Nolan film I don't want to see again.

Tuesday, September 8, 04:55:33 PM

No character connection, plot was poor and tried too hard.

Tuesday, September 8, 03:00:13 PM

Weak, loud, and badly cast.

Tuesday, September 8, 02:59:01 PM

Probably the loudest movie I've ever been too, I had to leave before the end. At one point, it was physically assaulting. I took out my phone with a decibel measuring app, and it registered at 113 db at one point. It was horrid music to boot.

Tuesday, September 8, 02:04:40 AM

the movie kept me interested, loved the sound effects, my husband it not like it, but I did.

Monday, September 7, 01:21:54 PM

For a 2.5 hour movie, it is extremely fast-paced so visit the restroom at your peril. The premise of the film elevates what would otherwise be fairly standard fight/chase scenes to a visual achievement that few directors even have the ambition to attempt. This world is so rich in storytelling potential, I cannot help but want to see more. Trilogy? TV show? Miniseries? Count me in.

Monday, September 7, 03:21:02 AM

Very hard dialogue to follow, some of the dialogue was in audible. The story line was very confusing and the concept of time traveling never was really explained out very well. All this combined made for a very boring experience.

Sunday, September 6, 06:44:59 PM

Awesome movie! Mind-twisting premise. Pay close attention.

Sunday, September 6, 06:29:58 PM

really weird and to much inversion going backwards that took me out of the film.....couldn't wait until the movie was done, Christoper Nolan does good movies but i would say this is the rotten apple out of the basket try to hard to make this different ....and no i dont give spongebob 5 stars

Thursday, September 3, 11:50:12 PM

I thought the action scenes were great, I even liked the music, the actors did a good job BUT the movie lost itself in the plot....tried to be too twisty, too complicated and yes the dialogue is tough to hear and understand because it seems out of focus. It was a good attempt at a great movie, you are seeing things not done in movies which is cool....but really the plot is just one guy building a bomb to end the world and the only way to stop it is the time travel stuff....that's it??? Way too much hype for such a lackluster very disappointing.

Thursday, September 3, 08:52:29 PM

Loved it. If you’re negatively rating this, then you’re the ones giving spongebob 5 stars and Tenet 1star. That should say enough of those negatively rating this amazing movie worth every minute

Thursday, September 3, 06:25:23 PM

This a snooze fest movie gets boring fast. Might as well sleep and not watch it.

Thursday, September 3, 04:49:27 PM

It's a mind thinking movie.

Thursday, September 3, 10:08:23 AM

This was my first film in a theater since March and I was looking forward to it, but was disappointed. This movie went nowhere for me and it was much too long and I actually got distracted by Elizabeth Debicki, as I had found out she would be playing Princess Di in The next season of The Crown and I kept saying to myself...she really will be a good Princess Di. The reason I gave 2 instead of 1 star was because of the two leads, Washington & Pattinson.

Wednesday, September 2, 05:09:55 PM

A one trick pony so badly executed that I just wanted it to end. Good start, some gem ideas but then the same trick over and over which didn’t add to the story. 20 minutes of watching people running around in masks wondering where the main characters were. Terrible exposition which you couldn’t hear over the wind, engines or gunfire. An ending I called five minutes into the movie. Cliche and sexist dead beat dad plot dragged out and beaten some more. Bad cuts left characters teleporting from location to location without sense. Just a disaster.

Wednesday, September 2, 01:36:23 PM

Garbage the kind of movie that should be burned so people never have to waste their time watching such CRAP

Tuesday, September 1, 08:34:34 PM

This is a movie that's hard to fathom and it expects you to rewatch it over and over again to figure it out. It's up to you to decide if it's worth the effort. It's nowhere near as good as Inception. Puzzle movies have something more than the puzzle to keep people engaged.

Tuesday, September 1, 05:20:43 PM

Apparently, they counted on people being desperate to get out in order to sell tickets to this movie. A most unsatisfying evening. Don't bother, it's a bargain bin quality at best.