Saturday, October 19, 12:55:12 PM

I almost ended taking a nap. Nothing new or amazing from this movie.

Saturday, October 19, 09:29:30 AM

To much demonic activity for younger children.

Friday, October 18, 03:00:06 PM

Enjoyable and funny. Ignore the 1 ratings below. All done by the same person.

Friday, October 18, 02:15:34 PM

A person should not compare a modern day cartoon to a TV series. The only real thing they have in common is the name and characters. Just go and watch it for fun.

Friday, October 18, 07:43:02 AM

Lousy movie.

Wednesday, October 16, 07:01:31 PM

Our kids enjoyed this movie. I did as well.

Sunday, October 13, 04:09:46 PM

This movie was well done. Its a fun movie all around for both adults and kids to enjoy. The voices and characters are amazing.

Sunday, October 13, 12:41:12 PM

The movie starts some how good but after 12 minutes you can see how is going to end. Boring and lousy movie.

Sunday, October 13, 12:20:07 PM

Funny! If you did not like this movie, you were never going to like it. It is exactly what you would expect. An entertaining, animated, kids movie.

Saturday, October 12, 09:56:39 PM

Terrible. The movie was too predictable plus boring.

Saturday, October 12, 11:11:41 AM


Friday, October 11, 03:34:30 PM

This movie i loved great movie for the family very funny and well done me and my niece were loving it

Friday, October 11, 02:53:00 AM

This was a pretty good movie to see liked the story and the Acting

Thursday, October 10, 01:57:19 PM

Stupid plot. Remake of a remake of a remake.

Thursday, October 10, 01:39:00 AM

Love the movie

Thursday, July 18, 07:36:52 PM