Wednesday, January 29, 10:26:12 PM

I liked it. Why must everything be so much drama. .plot's a silly story and spooky fun

Sunday, November 17, 09:13:08 AM

good entertainment for my 5 year old grandson. It was not at all scary as some raters have said. I could have taken my younger grandson too if I thought he'd sit still that long. Good moral message about being yourself and not just conforming to your own set.

Tuesday, November 12, 02:13:37 PM

I took my nieces to this movie. It was horrible. I kept waiting for something to happen, it never did. My advice is avoid this and go see Frozen 2 in a couple weeks.

Saturday, November 9, 06:34:33 PM

Plot no good..... Very very sad!!

Sunday, November 3, 11:02:13 PM

Its what you exspect in a cartoon version i liked it 6 out of 10

Sunday, November 3, 11:47:10 AM


Saturday, November 2, 05:08:28 PM

Zero stars if I could give it that. Don't waste your time

Friday, November 1, 03:50:40 PM

A fun time for everyone

Friday, November 1, 02:14:54 PM

Having grown up with the Addams Family Show, I thought it might be fun to take my five year old grandson. He was scared until the movie reached about the midpoint. I was disappointed with the whole move!

Monday, October 28, 11:04:46 AM

Fun to see these characters in animation. It was an interesting plot, but the script could have used more gusto. Not a children's movie as I noticed many families with little ones in theater. It seems that violence in all levels is placed as a box office draw. Does that tell our kids to use force and negate kindness????????

Sunday, October 27, 11:54:33 PM

The best thing about this movie was the theme song and the popcorn!

Sunday, October 27, 11:29:21 AM

I saw the movie last night with a friend of mine we had liked it. we had a good laugh

Friday, October 25, 11:55:16 AM

This movie was so cute! I love the old movies too but this one was more comical and just cute overall. Great Family movie.

Wednesday, October 23, 08:33:55 PM

The older movie was much better than this one the new one was boring with nothing exciting or scary in it so I would say don't watch this movie its a waste of your time.

Wednesday, October 23, 03:30:21 PM

Awful movie, bizarre plot, no thought to drawing the characters, voices were wrong, waist of money and time for kids and adults. This is a LEMON. Bad Movie.

Tuesday, October 22, 10:38:29 AM

Definitely not for small children! Perfect example of the Dumbing Down of America...Typical of the usual All Inclusive Hollywood Liberal Crap!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 12:44:03 AM

This movie was not like a movie. I felt the movie was more appropriated to one day TV show. Lame movie.

Monday, October 21, 09:36:04 PM

This was a great movie to watch and had a good time watching it and the music wad great too. =)

Monday, October 21, 10:54:47 AM

Really cute. Who does not like Gomez and Morticia Addams?

Saturday, October 19, 12:55:12 PM

I almost ended taking a nap. Nothing new or amazing from this movie.

Saturday, October 19, 09:29:30 AM

To much demonic activity for younger children.

Friday, October 18, 03:00:06 PM

Enjoyable and funny. Ignore the 1 ratings below. All done by the same person.

Friday, October 18, 02:15:34 PM

A person should not compare a modern day cartoon to a TV series. The only real thing they have in common is the name and characters. Just go and watch it for fun.

Friday, October 18, 07:43:02 AM

Lousy movie.

Wednesday, October 16, 07:01:31 PM

Our kids enjoyed this movie. I did as well.

Sunday, October 13, 04:09:46 PM

This movie was well done. Its a fun movie all around for both adults and kids to enjoy. The voices and characters are amazing.

Sunday, October 13, 12:41:12 PM

The movie starts some how good but after 12 minutes you can see how is going to end. Boring and lousy movie.

Sunday, October 13, 12:20:07 PM

Funny! If you did not like this movie, you were never going to like it. It is exactly what you would expect. An entertaining, animated, kids movie.

Saturday, October 12, 09:56:39 PM

Terrible. The movie was too predictable plus boring.

Saturday, October 12, 11:11:41 AM


Friday, October 11, 03:34:30 PM

This movie i loved great movie for the family very funny and well done me and my niece were loving it

Friday, October 11, 02:53:00 AM

This was a pretty good movie to see liked the story and the Acting

Thursday, October 10, 01:57:19 PM

Stupid plot. Remake of a remake of a remake.

Thursday, October 10, 01:39:00 AM

Love the movie

Thursday, July 18, 07:36:52 PM