Monday, October 2, 11:15:21 AM

Amazing movie, so much better than what I expected. Jaeden and Jacob are so cute and such good actors, I totally believed they were brothers and loved their relationship. I wish all siblings could be so close and understanding.

Thursday, July 13, 09:07:10 PM

Barely credible, maudlin film takes elements from diverse films like LITTLE MAN TATE, RADIO FLYER, HOME ALONE, and of all things, BLOWN AWAY and blends them together rather unsuccessfully. Good actors are wasted here. Somebody needs to tell Hollywood that prodigies are not good characters for stories.

Thursday, July 13, 03:09:59 PM


Thursday, June 29, 11:40:15 AM

Brilliantly crafted movie about a mother's coming of age. Naomi Watts at her best, and genius performances from both children. Riveting, touching, and original. Outstanding!!! bob

Tuesday, June 27, 05:25:39 PM

Would the iDio tWould the idiot who "reviewed" the movie without seeing it stop rating movies you never see. I don't want to see you snivel about how you don't like certain actors.

Saturday, June 24, 03:02:12 AM

Thought about going to see it but then I noticed Sarah Silverman was in the movie. She`s a horrid person. Can`t separate her off camera vitriol from the movie. Sorry.

Friday, June 23, 01:31:00 PM

Excellent, entertaining, creative

Wednesday, June 21, 11:52:50 AM

Great movie.

Sunday, June 18, 01:01:33 AM

Glad I do not always follow a review of a movie in a paper..... I enjoyed this movie and would see it again if a chance comes up. I recommend seeing this film - great acting, interesting story line with twists.

Friday, June 16, 10:36:21 AM

Strains credulity more than a few times.

Wednesday, June 14, 10:30:43 AM